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The Capital of Bavaria, In the south of Germany




The weather is pleasant and dry from May to September. Munich has a continental climate.

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Visit FC Bayern Munich's stadium; see Neuschwanstein Castle

Munich Weather

Munich boasts a continental climate where summers are pleasantly warm and winters are cold. Munich is close to both the sea and the Alps, which means the weather in Munich can be very cold in the winter; in fact, it is often one of the coldest cities in Germany. Summer months are pleasantly warm; however, due to its location near the Alps, it is prone to rain and thunderstorms in the summer months, as well as the Föhn, a warm and dry wind that can increase temperatures, and Munich weather can become very humid. To experience this beautiful Bavarian city for yourself, make sure to book the next flight to Munich from Corendon Airlines and start your pleasant journey.

Munich Cuisine

Bavarian dishes tend to be rich and full of calories but perfect for giving your body some fuel and comfort. Be sure to try a few during your visit. Knodel, a Bavarian dumpling, is made from old bread soaked in milk and seasoned, then boiled or steamed. In some restaurants, you can try Knodel as a side dish to your goulash, which is very popular with the locals. A visit to Germany would not be complete without trying some German sausage, so we recommend trying the legendary Weisswurst (white sausage), one of the city's well-known dishes. A pork and veal mix is eaten without the skin with sweet mustard and a pretzel, and of course, when in Munich, it must be accompanied by a beer and typically eaten for breakfast. A popular staple in Munich is the pretzel, sold in every food market and anywhere you can buy a beer. However, unlike Pretzels from other places, the pretzel is a soft bread with a chewy ring sprinkled with salt; the idea is that thanks to the salt, it means you will be thirsty for more beer. While you visit one of the many local Munich restaurants, you will find Käsespätzle on the menu, a succulent dish of egg noodles with beautiful German cheese and caramelized onions baked in the oven topped with parsley or chives, a highly recommended dish. Search Corendon Airlines for the most suitable flights to Munich now and discover this beautiful city with all these mouth-watering tastes.

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TODAY Jun 12, Wed
  • Jun 13, Thu 17 Light Rain
  • Jun 14, Fri 18 Overcast Clouds
  • Jun 15, Sat 15 Broken Clouds
  • Jun 16, Sun 14 Light Rain
  • Jun 17, Mon 25 Scattered Clouds

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