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One of the most important port cities of the Western Black Sea Region, Zonguldak is also the second largest city in the area. Known as the coal capital due to its rich coal deposits, the town is also a very active place for maritime trade. It has 18 beaches across various borders; however, it is more developed in mining and marine trade than tourism. Being an important port city in Turkey, Zonguldak is considered the gateway to maritime trade between Turkey and other Black Sea countries. Together, let's explore the mining capital of Turkey and find out its most attractive and tourist-friendly locations. Explore Corendon Airlines' affordable and flexible Zonguldak flights and book your flight to this magical city right away.

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An important port city / On the Black Sea cost


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June to August, the least rainy period / Average temps around 24°C (75°F)

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Zonguldak Airport


Viisit the landmarks of the city / try some local food

Zonguldak has witnessed many different eras of history and you can see this just by looking at the ancient city of Filyos dating back to the 7th century B.C. The cultural mosaic arising from the combination of the rich historical heritage it hosts with the Black Sea culture puts Zonguldak at the top of the list of places to visit in the Black Sea. Search Corendon Airlines for the most suitable flights to Zonguldak now and discover this beautiful city.

What Is Zonguldak Best Known For?

Zonguldak owes its fame mostly to its natural beauty, in which blue and green embrace, and its calm urban life. Even a week spent in Zonguldak, both with the calm days spent in nature and the pleasure of watching the waves hitting the rocks in this charming coastal city, can manage to take you through the dream world and erase all the tiredness of city life. If you want to escape from the aggressiveness of city life and have a rest or witness the natural beauties of the Black Sea, you should definitely add Zonguldak to the best places to visit in Turkey list. To experience this magical city for yourself, make sure to book the next flight to Zonguldak from Corendon Airlines and start your journey.

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  • Nature

Zonguldak Beaches

Zonguldak Beach Filyos Beach
Zonguldak Beach Filyos Beach

Filyos Beach

Ideal for enjoying the Black Sea during the summer months, Filyos Beach stretches for 2 kilometers with its fine sandy beach and is similar to the Aegean and Mediterranean beaches in terms of the water temperature. Filyos Beach is rich in tourism opportunities and is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

Zonguldak Beach Kapuz Beach
Zonguldak Beach Kapuz Beach

Kapuz Beach

Kapuz Beach, located in front of a wide forest area, is among the blue flag beaches of the Black Sea region. This calm beach, where you can go early and have breakfast under the trees and enjoy the cool waters of the Black Sea, is also suitable for families with children.

Zonguldak Culture

Zonguldak Culture Ancient City of Teion
Zonguldak Culture Ancient City of Teion

Ancient City of Teion

This ancient city, founded as a Miletus colony by a priest in the 7th century B.C., is located in Çaycuma district of Zonguldak and is the only ancient city discovered in the Black Sea region. Today, the Ancient City of Teion, which has witnessed history for ages and has been used by many civilizations, is one of the must-see places in Turkey.

Zonguldak Culture Zonguldak Lighthouse
Zonguldak Culture Zonguldak Lighthouse

Zonguldak Lighthouse

Built in 1908, the Zonguldak Lighthouse was established to guide boats and ships within the region. The lighthouse has been operating for many years and can only be visited for touristic purposes today. You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a view of the Black Sea at Zonguldak Lighthouse's restaurant on the ground floor.

Zonguldak Nature

Zonguldak Nature Cehennemağzı Caves
Zonguldak Nature Cehennemağzı Caves

Cehennemağzı Caves

Cehennemağzı Caves are within the borders of Süleymanlar District of Ereğli in Zonguldak. The caves are located approximately 50 kilometers away from the city center. You can access the caves by private vehicles following the Ereğli sign on the west side of the coastal road or by taking the Ereğli minibusses departing every half an hour from the bus station. One of the popular natural sightseeing spots of Zonguldak's Ereğli district, the Cehennemağzı Caves contain three caves within its borders. The average length of the caves, which also bear many lakes of various sizes and with rock columns, is 85 meters. The inner parts of the caves contain long walking paths illuminated with lights. These cool and refreshing caves are open to visitors at any time of the year.

Zonguldak Nature Gökgöl Cave
Zonguldak Nature Gökgöl Cave

Gökgöl Cave

Located within the borders of Üzülmez District, Gökgöl Cave is approximately 5 kilometers away from the city center. By following the Zonguldak - Ankara road with a private vehicle, you can reach the spot in about 5 minutes. It takes an average of 15 minutes to get to the cave from the city center by cab or Üzülmez minibuses. Gökgöl Cave is one of the longest caves in the region and stands out among the natural beauties that must be seen in Zonguldak. The cave contains a walking path of 850 meters in total, where stalactites and stalagmites are among the details that attract the visitors' attention. The walking trail is illuminated with different colors.

Zonguldak Nature Harmankaya Waterfalls
Zonguldak Nature Harmankaya Waterfalls

Harmankaya Waterfalls

Consisting of a combination of three waterfalls, 12 kilometers from Zonguldak, Harmankaya Waterfalls is a place that attracts nature lovers from all over the world. It is also famous for its endemic plant species and wildlife richness. You can take wonderful photos every season of the pine forests. Setting up camp is another activity option around the waterfalls, surrounded by well-arranged walking paths.

Zonguldak Nature Kızılcapınar Dam Lake
Zonguldak Nature Kızılcapınar Dam Lake

Kızılcapınar Dam Lake

Located in the Ereğli district of Zonguldak, Kızılcapınar Dam Lake is approximately 55 kilometers from the city center. You can follow the Zonguldak - Ereğli highway to the lake by private vehicle. Also known as Erdemir Dam or Ovaköy Dam, the Kızılcapınar Dam Lake is among the areas used as a recreation area by the locals. Kızılcapınar Dam Lake is located next to the dam established in 1994 and stands out with its natural beauty, greenery, and quiet nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Zonguldak

Where can I find souvenirs and similar shopping items in Zonguldak?

In case you want to end your joyous Zonguldak trip with some souvenir shopping, you can visit the local markets and purchase some of your favorite local and, most importantly, organic products. Herbs specific to the region, homemade jam, and chestnut honey are some of the most popular items you can buy as gifts or souvenirs from the local village markets while doing Zonguldak shopping.

When is the best time to visit Zonguldak?

The best times to visit the city are June, July, and August, when the days are the sunniest and the Zonguldak weather is the warmest.

What is Zonguldak famous for?

Zonguldak is a well-known and touristically acclaimed Black Sea city in Turkey, famous for its pioneering in the mining sector and delicious cuisine.

Where can I find cheap flight tickets to Zonguldak?

Click here for Zonguldak cheap flight tickets and start planning your Black Sea vacation today.



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Zonguldak History

Before indulging in the Zonguldak history, it's best to examine the city's unusually formed name. The name Zonguldak is actually created by the combination of the words "zone" in French and "Göldağı" in Turkish. The French first operated the coal mines in and around Zonguldak. During this period, the French chose Göldağı, the highest mountain of the region, to denote the coal basin, and added the word "zone," meaning "area, "region," to its beginning. The word "Zone Göldağı" has evolved into Zonguldak among people over time.

The common view as a result of the historians and archaeological surface studies in the region at various intervals proves that the prehistoric name of the area, which includes the provinces of Zonguldak, Bartın, and Kastamonu, is Paphlagonia. It is also believed that the ruins of the Tieion Ancient City in Zonguldak Filyos indicate that it was built on the ancient foundations of a Miletus settlement. According to the archaeological evidence, the Hattians, and later the Hittites, were the first to settle in the region, which has a history dating back to 2500 BC. The area's first inhabitants were the Phrygian tribes of Mariandin and Migdon. Commercial ports were established throughout the region during the Greek colonization process from Western Anatolia to the Black Sea in the 7th century BC. Zonguldak remained under the rule of the Persians until 334 BC and then was ruled by Macedonian officers for a short time after Alexander the Great's campaign in Anatolia. Zonguldak was also a part of the Pontus State, established in the Western Black Sea Region by the Persian Shatra Mithridates with the support of the local people. Their reign lasted until the Roman Empire destroyed the state in the 1st century AD, and after the division of Rome into two, it became an Eastern Roman territory. Zonguldak's Ereğli district has gained the title of being one of the places where Christianity first spread.

Zonguldak Geography

The Black Sea borders Zonguldak in the north, Bartın in the northeast, Karabük in the east and southeast, Bolu in the south, and Düzce in the west and southwest. There are ancient cities and historical monuments around the city, which have attracted attention ever since ancient times. With its impressive caves shaped over thousands of years, waterfalls that can be visited in all seasons, and a plateau ideal for hiking and camping, Zonguldak is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, still waiting to be discovered. Each district of the city has its own unique natural beauties, symbolic products, and local festivals. Its eight districts are named Zonguldak (provincial center), Kilimli, Alaplı, Çaycuma, Devrek, Gökçebey, Karadeniz Ereğli, and Kozlu.

Zonguldak Cuisine

Zonguldak has a rich cuisine inspired by the Black Sea and Anatolia. Fish is a very popular ingredient in the Zonguldak cuisine, and most seafood dishes are made using wheat and corn flour. Lamb chestnut, one of the most beautiful chestnut varieties in the world, is produced in the pine forests around the city, and the salting made with these chestnuts is among the first delicacies you should try while visiting. You will mostly encounter vegetable and grain-based dishes in Zonguldak, with its most popular dishes consisting of Ereğli pita, nettle dish, goce soup, bulgur wheat soup, "zılbıt" with cheddar, keşkek, stuffed anchovies, and chestnut jam. Ereğli Pidecisi, Panorama Restaurant, Fener Restaurant, Çatı Kebab, and Düş Molası Restaurant are some of the most popular Zonguldak restaurants frequently visited by tourists.

Zonguldak Population

According to the latest reports, the current Zonguldak population is 213.544.

Zonguldak Weather

Zonguldak, which is under the influence of the Black Sea climate, is quite open to cold air currents, unlike other Black Sea cities due to its geographical location. The winters are very cold and rainy, whereas the summers are quite cool. The sea temperature exceeds 20 degrees during the sunniest summer months, yet it still rains almost every season.

19 C Scattered Clouds
TODAY Apr 14, Sun
  • Apr 15, Mon 23 Few Clouds
  • Apr 16, Tue 26 Clear Sky
  • Apr 17, Wed 28 Overcast Clouds
  • Apr 18, Thu 20 Light Rain
  • Apr 19, Fri 13 Light Rain

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