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June to August, the least rainy period / Average temps around 24°C (75°F)

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Viisit the landmarks of the city / try some local food

Zonguldak History

Before indulging in the Zonguldak history, it's best to examine the city's unusually formed name. The name Zonguldak is actually created by the combination of the words "zone" in French and "Göldağı" in Turkish. The French first operated the coal mines in and around Zonguldak. During this period, the French chose Göldağı, the highest mountain of the region, to denote the coal basin, and added the word "zone," meaning "area, "region," to its beginning. The word "Zone Göldağı" has evolved into Zonguldak among people over time.

The common view as a result of the historians and archaeological surface studies in the region at various intervals proves that the prehistoric name of the area, which includes the provinces of Zonguldak, Bartın, and Kastamonu, is Paphlagonia. It is also believed that the ruins of the Tieion Ancient City in Zonguldak Filyos indicate that it was built on the ancient foundations of a Miletus settlement. According to the archaeological evidence, the Hattians, and later the Hittites, were the first to settle in the region, which has a history dating back to 2500 BC. The area's first inhabitants were the Phrygian tribes of Mariandin and Migdon. Commercial ports were established throughout the region during the Greek colonization process from Western Anatolia to the Black Sea in the 7th century BC. Zonguldak remained under the rule of the Persians until 334 BC and then was ruled by Macedonian officers for a short time after Alexander the Great's campaign in Anatolia. Zonguldak was also a part of the Pontus State, established in the Western Black Sea Region by the Persian Shatra Mithridates with the support of the local people. Their reign lasted until the Roman Empire destroyed the state in the 1st century AD, and after the division of Rome into two, it became an Eastern Roman territory. Zonguldak's Ereğli district has gained the title of being one of the places where Christianity first spread.

Zonguldak Geography

The Black Sea borders Zonguldak in the north, Bartın in the northeast, Karabük in the east and southeast, Bolu in the south, and Düzce in the west and southwest. There are ancient cities and historical monuments around the city, which have attracted attention ever since ancient times. With its impressive caves shaped over thousands of years, waterfalls that can be visited in all seasons, and a plateau ideal for hiking and camping, Zonguldak is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, still waiting to be discovered. Each district of the city has its own unique natural beauties, symbolic products, and local festivals. Its eight districts are named Zonguldak (provincial center), Kilimli, Alaplı, Çaycuma, Devrek, Gökçebey, Karadeniz Ereğli, and Kozlu.

Zonguldak Cuisine

Zonguldak has a rich cuisine inspired by the Black Sea and Anatolia. Fish is a very popular ingredient in the Zonguldak cuisine, and most seafood dishes are made using wheat and corn flour. Lamb chestnut, one of the most beautiful chestnut varieties in the world, is produced in the pine forests around the city, and the salting made with these chestnuts is among the first delicacies you should try while visiting. You will mostly encounter vegetable and grain-based dishes in Zonguldak, with its most popular dishes consisting of Ereğli pita, nettle dish, goce soup, bulgur wheat soup, "zılbıt" with cheddar, keşkek, stuffed anchovies, and chestnut jam. Ereğli Pidecisi, Panorama Restaurant, Fener Restaurant, Çatı Kebab, and Düş Molası Restaurant are some of the most popular Zonguldak restaurants frequently visited by tourists.

Zonguldak Population

According to the latest reports, the current Zonguldak population is 213.544.

Zonguldak Weather

Zonguldak, which is under the influence of the Black Sea climate, is quite open to cold air currents, unlike other Black Sea cities due to its geographical location. The winters are very cold and rainy, whereas the summers are quite cool. The sea temperature exceeds 20 degrees during the sunniest summer months, yet it still rains almost every season.

11 C Broken Clouds
TODAY Feb 27, Tue
  • Feb 28, Wed 15 Clear Sky
  • Feb 29, Thu 17 Overcast Clouds
  • Mar 1, Fri 18 Broken Clouds
  • Mar 2, Sat 13 Overcast Clouds
  • Mar 3, Sun 10 Light Rain

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