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Flights to Izmir

Discover Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean

Beach, Cuisine, Culture, Nature, Night life

Izmir is due its rich culture, various art activities, history and touristic regions one of the most favored cities in Turkey. Holidaymakers who are interested in city culture, the districts of Izmir have rich options to visit and explore. In Izmir, the Aegean traditions and culture can still be experienced and have become the center of attention for history lovers.

Feature/ Location

Turkey’s third largest city/ On the Aegean cost


Turkish lira (₺)


May - Sep clear sky and sunny / Prime time for beachgoing

Time zone

GMT+03:00 Time zone in Izmir


Adnan Menderes Airport / ADB


Beach, sightseeing

Entertainment is the heart of Izmir's active social life. The city has many social activities, hosts various festivals that are a highlight of any visit to the region. Izmir is a city with deep-rooted culture and history. The most important example is the Ancient City of Ephesus. It's home to many historical ruins and places from the Roman Empire period.

What is Izmir best known for?

In Izmir you have the opportunity to discover colourful cultural activities such as music and cuisine that appeal to everyone's individual tastes. The city offers you the chance to step back in time with its historical background. Another reason why local holidaymakers and tourists prefer Izmir is that the city is the owner of Turkey's most beautiful beaches.

  • Beach
  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Night life


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Ayayorgi Bay

Ayayorgi bay, is the most popular beach in Izmir and contains not only Turkey's most luxurious and lively beaches, but also many beach clubs and entertainment venues. Music and entertainment starts in the early hours of the morning and continues uninterruptedly on the beach and boats late into the night. Due to its various enjoyable activities, it has become the favourite place and one of the most preferred bays of many tourists in summer.

Foça Bay

For a more relaxed holiday Foca is the place for you. Throughout the area the beaches are known for their natural beauty and peaceful surroundings. It’s the perfect place to spend time with your family thanks to its family friendly beaches. In addition the restaurants and Old Foca Harbour create a welcoming atmosphere making it the perfect place to enjoy quality time.


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One of the first things that come to mind when we talk about the food in Izmir is Boyoz, which is a must for breakfasts. Boyoz is one of the unleavened pastries introduced to İzmir cuisine thousands of years ago. The original one is plain and consumed with eggs and tea. During this period of time, this pastry is enriched with traditional flavors such as aubergine, bacon, spinach, tahini and chocolate, and appeals to different tastes.

Seafood and special herbs

One of the indispensable flavors of the Aegean cost is seafood and diverse herbs. Fish markets located in different districts of Izmir enrich your table with a variety such as calamari and shrimps. In addition to this, Izmir’s kitchen which is full of completely different flavours you have never heard of before takes first place in terms of special herbs and vegetable varieties in Turkey. Artichoke, blessed thistle, cibez, sea beans and many different roasted herbs is guaranteed to give anyone a mouthwatering experience.


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Concerts and theatre

While the existence of five universities in Izmir decreases the average age of the city, it increases at the same time the demand for entertainment. For this reason, all seasonal beginnings and holidays of the year are welcomed and celebrated with enthusiastic concerts and festivals. In addition, the cosmopolitan nature of the city allows theaters and exhibitions to continue without slowing down during the whole year.


Another beauty that nature has bestowed on İzmir is the ideal soil for the grapes of the most beautiful wines. The production type that determines the quality of the wine is essentially identified by the manufacturer himself. Manufacturers who keep their family fortunes for hundreds of years provide and deliver Turkey's most delicious wines from this region. Wine lovers can visit districts as Şirince and Urla, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the city center and taste their famous wines. We recommend you to take an enjoyable walk around and explore the vineyards and cultural village centers of these two districts.


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There are great opportunities for those who want a relaxed and calm holiday in the virgin nature of Izmir. There are many camping areas open to the public and close to the sea as in Delikli Bay. There is also the opportunity to camp at high altitudes where the oxygen level is the highest. For this, Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Zone is one of the most preferred places.


Karagöl, which is one of the primary choices of those who want to spend time with their family, provides the opportunity to get away from the daily routine stress by walking in nature in the natural park. Having pleasant walking routes, İzmir offers the chance to experience many natural beauties.

Night life

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In the city center of Izmir and holiday regions such as Çeşme, nightclubs are highly popular with all kinds of music styles. They guarantee all visitors local and international an amazing and unforgettable night out. Here, the music never stops and the entertainment continues late into the night.

Taverns - Bars

City centre Taverns in Cesme and west of Izmir are filled with traditional culture and a warm atmosphere. They offer you a unique experience to try Turkish cuisine accompanied by Greek music. The bars in Izmir serve world famous beers like black Irish and Czech beers and Portuguese wines giving them much more flavour than other places in Turkey along with many other options of nightlife on offer.

Weather in Izmir

In terms of climate, İzmir's summer months are hot and dry. The warm weather is replaced by the sweet breeze in the evenings to let its visitors enjoy the pleasant summer evenings. Winters are rainy and mostly warm.

7 C Clear Sky
TODAY Mar 26, Sun
  • Mar 27, Mon 20 Clear Sky
  • Mar 28, Tue 15 Few Clouds
  • Mar 29, Wed 9 Scattered Clouds
  • Mar 30, Thu 13 Few Clouds

Direct Flights to Izmir

Non-stop flights to Izmir from many cities in Europe offer visitors the opportunity to travel quickly and easily from the number one metropolis of the Aegean to all surrounding and districts. There is a serious increase in demand, especially in the summer months for flight tickets to Izmir. Corendon Airlines operates direct flights from Izmir to the cities Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Maastrciht / Aachen since June 1, 2019. Izmir-Hannover flights are scheduled by Corendon Airlines on Fridays and Saturdays, whereas Izmir-Düsseldorf flights are organized three days a week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Passengers who are traveling from Germany to Izmir and want to explore Izmir's surroundings can benefit from the privileged travel services of Corendon Airlines. Although there are direct flights from Izmir to many Dutch cities, Corendon Airlines' first direct flight from the Netherlands to Izmir was Maastricht. Thanks to its expanded and growing portfolio of Corendon Airlines more and more visitors get the opportunity to meet with Izmir's unique culture, traditional flavors and natural beauty every year.

Destination Airport: İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB)  
Düsseldorf - İzmir flight duration   3:15 hours
Munich - İzmir flight duration  2:45 hours
Hannover - İzmir flight duration  3:05 hours
Cologne Bonn - İzmir flight duration  3:10 hours
Stuttgart - İzmir flight duration  2:50 hours


Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Izmir

As one of the biggest cities of the Aegean, İzmir flight tickets attract great interest throughout the year. The city is a popular destination and the airport hosts an average of 12 million passengers a year. Izmir flight deals offer excellent value for money to those who want to explore the city during the holiday season. If you're searching for cheap Izmir flight tickets, then be sure to benefit from Corendon Airlines’ flight deals. We pride ourself as an airline that your holiday starts when you board one of our aircrafts and that we will offer suitable flight deals for our customers to travel to Izmir and all other destinations we offer. Izmir is also convenient for those wanting to travel from Europe to other cities within the Aegean region of Turkey such as Manisa, Afyon, Aydin, Bodrum and Denizli. While searching for cheap flights to Izmir, don't forget to take advantage of the services provided by Corendon Airlines travel extras. When buying a last-minute flight ticket to Izmir, you have the opportunity to reserve your seat, add a meal of your choice and extra baggage at extremely affordable prices.

Airport & Transportation

Izmir Airport ADB, also called Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, is Izmir's gateway to the world and processes huge passenger traffic every year. Izmir Airport hosted 10 million 500 thousand passengers in the ADB Domestic Flights terminal in 2017 and 2 million 300 thousand passengers have entered from international flights. These numbers are the result of a growing trend every year. Flights departing from Izmir provide the fastest and most practical way to go to many cities in Turkey and Europe. Corendon Airlines flights to Izmir take off from many different points, including Germany and the Netherlands. Izmir airport transportation includes a wide scale of possibilities. Departing from Izmir Airport ADB, you can reach the city center as well as several other cities by taking the metro called IZBAN, bus, taxi or renting a car. You can get the Izmir public transport card from the kiosks located on the opposite side of the Airport arrivals door. The famous holiday regions of the city are reached in a short time by the rail system or bus. However, if you prefer to follow your own route and want to travel freely around, you can take advantage of Izmir Airport’s car rental services. At the airport there are several car rental companies offering a rich choice of cars to suit different budgets.

Accomodation in Izmir

To keep your holiday to Izmir as cheap as possible why not book your flight tickets first and then spend time comparing deals for your accommodation. Depending on the amount of nights you want to stay, you may be able to benefit from big discounts. Izmir is one of the most developed cities in Turkey which offers a lot of accommodation options to suit its visitors, their budget, needs and wants. The hotels located in the city centre create an ideal base for those who want to explore the culture and daily life of Izmir.


If you have booked your flights in advance then use this time to find the perfect accommodation. Hotels offer great deals outside of peak season and midweek prices are often much lower. If you're travelling in peak season then booking early can secure you your favourite hotel at a reasonable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Izmir

How can I find the cheapest flight ticket to Izmir?

You can start searching the cheapest flight tickets on the Corendon Airlines website by entering the Izmir flight ticket page. On this page, the most suitable offers for you will be listed in boxes. If you want to find the most affordable flight ticket departing from any destination you want to go to Izmir, take a look at the offers listed on the page of the destination where your flight will take off. When looking for ticket prices, discounted please remember that the variable seasonal demands, the departure and arrival times and travelling days affect the prices. Making an early reservation often allows you to buy your chosen ticket at a lower price.

When is the best time to go to Izmir?

Located on the west coast of Turkey, Izmir has a climate dominated by hot weather most of the year. If you want to enjoy hot sunshine, you should definitely travel to Izmir in the summer months and in the first weeks of autumn. Numerous coastal towns on the Aegean coastline are among the popular holiday destinations of Izmir. Therefore, the best time to visit Izmir is the summer season. You can also enjoy the city in spring where temperatures are milder but pleasant enough to still enjoy your holiday and everything Izmir has to offer.

How many hours before should I arrive at the airport to travel to Izmir?

Corendon Airlines recommends you arrive at the airport for check-in 2 hours 30 minutes before your scheduled flight time. Please note that the baggage, security and passport controls may take longer than expected due to high volumes of passengers in peak season. For this reason, you should plan the time you will spend at the airport accordingly and schedule your arrival at the airport at least 2 hours 30 minutes before your flight time.

How can i get to Izmir city center?

There are a few options to choose from. You can use the IZBAN metro, the local airport bus, taxi or you can choose to rent a car from one of the many car hire companies available in the arrivals terminal.

How many airports are there in Izmir?

There is currently one airport in Izmir and Corendon Airlines operates from this airport. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is known by the ADB code and serves due to the district it is located as a gateway to Izmir and its surrounding regions.

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