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Flights to Alanya

Enjoy the great trio in Alanya: Sun, sand, and sea

Beach, Culture, Nature

Alanya is a densely populated tourism town of Antalya, Turkey. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey and always ready to make your time unforgettable.

Feature / Location

Beaches and nature / A beach resort town in Antalya, Turkey


Turkish Lira (₺)


Summers are hot, dry and clear; winters are cloudy and wet

Time Zone



Gazipaşa - Alanya Airport / GZP


Relax on the beaches, enjoy sun, experience nightlife

Located at the Southern coast of Turkey, Alanya is a lively holiday town. Relax on the magnificent beaches, taste delicious, local food, enjoy nightlife.

  • Beach
  • Culture
  • Nature

Alanya Beaches

Alanya Beach Damlataş Beach
Alanya Beach Damlataş Beach

Damlataş Beach

Damlataş Beach is located on the eastern part of Kleopatra Beach. It hosts great facilities for eating, drinking and relaxing. Its water is so clean that it is one of the best places for snorkelling in the region.

Alanya Beach Kleopatra Beach
Alanya Beach Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra Beach

It is considered by many as the best beach in Turkey. Located near the historical Alanya Castle, it is blue flag beach and known for its cleanliness and white sands. Both for visitors and locals, it is a great place to eat, drink, sunbathe and swim. A must see!

Alanya Culture

Alanya Culture Alanya Castle
Alanya Culture Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle is a medieval castle and it is one of the foremost landmarks of the town. The bigger part of the castle was built in the 13th century. It was built on a rocky peninsula to protect the city from three sides. Today the building is an open air museum which gives a fascinating view of the town from the top. It is a must-see place while your are in Alanya.

Alanya Culture Red Tower
Alanya Culture Red Tower

Red Tower

Red Tower is actually an extension of Alanya Castle. It was originally built as a water tower and a lookout post. It is octagonal and approximately 30 metre high. Today it serves as an ethnological museum and offers a beautiful view from the top. From the top of the tower, you can also see the walls connecting the tower to the Alanya Castle.

Alanya Nature

Alanya Nature Damlataş Cave
Alanya Nature Damlataş Cave

Damlataş Cave

Damlataş Cave is a very old stalactite cave that is believed to be shaped 10.000 – 15.000 years BC. It is near Kleopatra Beach. It is a pretty small cave and can be visited in about half an hour. It offers a brief time of authentic atmosphere

Alanya Nature Dimçayı
Alanya Nature Dimçayı


It is a little river at 5-6 kilometres outside of Alanya town centre. This river comes from the mountains and goes through 60 kilometres. There are lots of cafes and restaurants situated around it. It is a very popular destination among locals and visitors. You can enjoy a nice meal at the heart of the nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alanya

Is Alanya worth visiting?

Yes, Alanya is worth visiting with its beaches, nature and climate.

What is Alanya known for best?

Alanya is best known for its beaches.

How many days do you need in Alanya?

You need at least 2 days to cruise the coastline and relax on some beaches.

What is the best time to visit Alanya?

The best time to visit Alanya is between May and September.

Alanya flight ticket

Cheapest flight ticket Airport Flight duration Cheapest date
Cologne-Bonn → Alanya
flight ticket: 29.99 EUR
Gazipasa-Alanya Airport 4 hr 35 min 13 Jun 2024


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Destination airport: Alanya-Gazipaşa (GZP)  
Billund - Alanya flight duration   4:15 hours
Copenhagen - Alanya flight duration  3:50 hours
Cologne Bonn - Alanya flight duration  3:35 hours


Transportation in Alanya

Most of the worthwhile sights and attractions are within walking distance. But also there are different types of transportation options for every taste. The local minibuses (local name is ‘dolmuş’) are among the most quick options to get around the city. There are also buses from different corners of the town. With them you can visit the city centre or other nearby towns. Taxis and car hiring are the other available options in Alanya.

Accommodation in Alanya

You can decide where to stay in accordance with your budget and preferences. Lots of different alternatives can be found but it is a big advantage to stay as close to the centre of the town as possible. At the centre, you can find lots of alternatives for shopping, entertainment and food. You should book your place as early as possible to have the chance of choosing from a ton of available options.

Weather in Alanya

The summers are hot and humid while the winters in Alanya is cloudy and wet. Over the course of the year, the temperature varies between 9 and 33 Celsius degrees. The hottest month of the year is August and the coldest month of the year is January.

16 C Light Rain
TODAY Apr 21, Sun
  • Apr 22, Mon 20 Broken Clouds
  • Apr 23, Tue 21 Scattered Clouds
  • Apr 24, Wed 25 Overcast Clouds
  • Apr 25, Thu 23 Overcast Clouds

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