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The Black Sea Region is among Turkey's most popular travel routes with the beauty of its nature and variety of flavors. Samsun, one of the region's most crowded and historically important provinces, is one of the unchanging addresses of this route. Let's explore this special city dating back thousands of years, home to many different civilizations.

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Historical importance for the Turkish Republic / On the Black Sea Region


Turkish Lira


Humid Subtropical Climate. Warm and wet summers with cold and snowy winters.

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Samsun Carsamba Airport


Visit the historical landmarks; eat local food; enjoy the nature

The history of Samsun dates back to the Ionians in ancient times. The city's first name was Amisos, which was used until the Selçuk dynasty conquered the city. Samsun, which attracts thousands of tourists annually and is also known as the city of Atatürk, has 17 districts. Geographically Samsun is adjacent to Çorum, Tokat, Sinop, Ordu, and Amasya.

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Samsun Cuisine

Samsun Cuisine Kuymak

Kuymak is one of the most popular dishes in the black sea, especially eaten at breakfast. If you love cheese then you will love Kuymak. Local cheese is grated in piping hot cornmeal until it's stringy and then butter or Kaymak (Turkish version of clotted cream) is added. It must be eaten hot and the best way to eat it is by dipping your Turkish bread into it and scoping it up. Definitely something to add to your Samsun Turkey things to do list.

Samsun Cuisine Corn bread
Corn bread

A Turkish version of Cornbread is especially popular in the Black Sea. The bread is usually hard and dry and the flavour enriched with cheese, dill, sesame, poppy and nigella seeds. Usually, it's broken into chunks and then eaten with butter, cheese, fruit jams or sauces on the side. Very popular in the Black Sea is to cook sardines in the cornbread dough and eaten with yoghurt as a normal meal.

Samsun Culture

Samsun Culture Amisos Hill
Amisos Hill

Amisos Tepesi or Amisos Hill was the site where a large collection of treasure was found known as the Amisos treasure in 1995 during a construction project. The treasure is believed to have belonged to the Pontus king Mithridates Philopator Philadelphus. The treasure was of numerous items of Jewellery made of pure gold. There is a tumulus (burial mound) that has two chambers to explore that are accessed by a quaint wooden boardwalk under the pine trees that look out to the Black Sea. The wooden walkways offer fantastic scenic views of the rolling hills and the black sea.

Samsun Culture Onur Anıtı
Onur Anıtı

The Statue of Honor (The Onur Aniti) is also known as the Atatürk Monument. The Monument was designed by an Austrian sculptor Heinrich Krippel. The statue represents Atatürk's arrival into Samsun that is said to mark the start of the Turkish War of Independence. The Turkish war of Independence is of historical importance in Turkey. A definite to add to your Samsun Turkey things to do list.

Samsun Nature

Samsun Nature Şahinkaya Canyon
Şahinkaya Canyon

The most beautifully breathtaking sight in Samsun is the Şahinkaya Canyon on the Altinkaya Dam Lake. The second largest canyon in Turkey and declared a tourism region by the minister of tourism, the Canyon is 2.5km long, formed by a mountain formation and river erosion. The water can be as deep as 106 metres and a height of 340 metres. The most popular natural attraction of the area draws in tourists both local and international especially in the summer months. A definite to add to your Samsun Turkey things to do list.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Samsun

Which Samsun hotel is the best for accommodation?

If you are visiting for educational purposes, you can choose a hotel or a hostel close to Samsun University. However, suppose you are mainly here for the city's tourist attractions. In that case, booking a hotel close to the city center is best, where you can find a transportation method to the most popular sightseeing locations easily.

Where can I shop in Samsun?

Samsun shopping sprees usually center around Mecidiye, Samsun's largest and most popular bazaar. The bazaar is crowded at all hours of the day and has almost everything you would possibly think of. The main street and the streets leading to the avenue are filled with large and small shops that offer a range of products and souvenirs.

Where can I find cheap flights to Samsun?

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Destination airport: Samsun (SZF)  
Düsseldorf - Samsun flight duration   3:30 hours
Hannover - Samsun flight duration   3:30 hours

Samsun history

The history of the biggest city of the Black Sea actually goes back to the Old Stone Age before Christ. Excavations in the region reveal findings from that period. As in most of the Black Sea, Pontus Greeks also ruled here for a while. When the Samsun history is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is it being the city where the War of Independence started. Atatürk came to Samsun on May 19, 1919, with his 18 friends on the Bandırma Ship. Hence, the first step of the War of Independence is taken. This is why the name of the municipality, where the city has many historical buildings, is İlkadım - meaning "first step" in Turkish.

Samsun cuisine

One of the most important tastes of the Samsun cuisine is "pide" (a sort of pita bread exclusive to Turkey and especially the Black Sea coast), which of course, can be said for almost all cities, of the Black Sea region. However, the famous Turan Usta from Bafra is one of Samsun's most highly-spoken pide restaurants. It is advised to place your order from Turan Usta in advance, given the fact that it is one of the most touristic Samsun food locations and is usually subject to long lines of visitors waiting to taste his pide. Çakallı is another taste stop that is recommended to tourists. Those who come to Samsun are strictly advised not to return without eating Çakallı's famous "menemen" - a popular traditional Turkish dish prepared with eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, and various spices. Let's not forget that Çakallı is approximately 30 km from the city center, so renting a car or finding out the most suitable form of transportation to Çakallı is necessary before beginning your egg quest. Last but not least, Samsun is also famous for döner kebabs as well as its pide. The most famous place in Samsun in this regard is Çalıkuşu Döner, which has evolved into a chain of restaurants with its savorous döner sauce.

Samsun population

Samsun is the largest city in the Central Black Sea Region, with a population of approximately 1.3 million. Although Samsun is the biggest and most populated city in the Black Sea, the prices are much lower compared to other big cities in Turkey. Museums are free, or you can buy a ticket for quite nominal prices. Eating and drinking are very cheap compared to Istanbul; and even most cities of the Black Sea region.

Samsun weather

In Samsun, the summers are short, warm, humid, dry, and clear. On the other hand, the winters are long, cold, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 5°C to 27°C and is rarely below 0°C or above 30°C.


27 C Scattered Clouds
TODAY Sep 26, Tue
  • Sep 27, Wed 24 Clear Sky
  • Sep 28, Thu 25 Clear Sky
  • Sep 29, Fri 24 Scattered Clouds
  • Sep 30, Sat 23 Few Clouds
  • Oct 1, Sun 19 Overcast Clouds

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