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The country where East meets West with its rich culture: Turkey  

Turkey is one of the Mediterranean Countries with the greatest cultural heritage. Greek and Roman ruins are scattered throughout the country and significantly well-preserved. As a legacy of the ancient Ottoman Empire, the Turks have preserved a number of traditions that make the country a rich example of multiculturalism, coexistence between cultures with an open and modern mentality.

There are so many Places to Visit in Turkey that you couldn't possibly end up visiting them all in one trip. As well as being an excellent excuse to return again and again, it's best to plan your stay before you arrive so that you can enjoy each place, and not move quickly from one place to another.

One of the most popular cities to visit is the fascinating Istanbul. The city has a large concentration of architectural heritage from the Ottoman and Byzantine eras. The currency of Turkey is the Lira, and the Official Language in Turkey is Turkish.  

Culture in Turkey

Turkey lies on the border between Europe and Asia, a location that has given the country a key role in relations between the two continents and that has made it an incredibly attractive tourist destination thanks to its blend of ancient cultures and modern influences.

Turkey also contains a number of sacred sites of three major religions and the priceless cultural and artistic remains of several early civilisations, including the Greeks, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

But while most tourist brochures focus on its archaeological ruins and works of art, some use the Mediterranean area to focus on the country's grandeur, its hedonistic pleasures (relaxing in a hot mud bath), or a wide variety of activities for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

The Turks welcome visitors with great generosity. They are a people whose language has no word for "bitter". You can’t say that you’ve seen generosity before experiencing Turkish hospitality. There are many examples of Turkish Architecture in many major citiesWe shouldn’t forget to mention Turkish Music since it is very diverse and polyphonic, ranging from traditional music to modern pop. Turkish Cuisine is known all around the world and when visiting Turkey don’t forget to try Turkish Food such as kebab and mantı. There are many Restaurants in Turkey that will match your taste. 

Population of Turkey

The population of Turkey is 84.7 million.

Weather in Turkey

In Turkey, summers are hot, humid, dry and clear, and winters are long, cold, windy and partly cloudy.

Most important cities in Turkey


Antalya covers 600 kilometres of coastline with beautiful sandy beaches, hidden coves and secluded bays. However, don't assume these are ancient beaches facing the Mediterranean Sea. In Trip Advisor's annual review of Turkey's Best Beaches, Cleopatra, Konyaalti, Lara, Kaputas and Patara often feature in the top ten. A Holiday in Antalya is really a good option. For expats dreaming of a life by the sea, Antalya offers many towns and villages to choose from. When visiting the city, make sure to try the Restaurants in Antalya. You have many options for everyone when it comes to Activities in Antalya. Corendon Airlines offers direct Flight to Antalya from many European cities.  


The Bodrum Peninsula is located on the west coast of Turkey and has a distinctly European feel.

It is bordered by a crystal-clear stretch of the Aegean and is just 20 minutes from the nearest Greek island of Kos. The Bodrum peninsula is a multi-dimensional gem; you just have to venture beneath the surface to discover it. A Holiday in Bodrum is a great option.

Claro Gumbet caters to the 18–30 party crowd; Turkbuku has been touted in the New York Times as the St Tropez of Turkey and attracts celebrities from Istanbul and various European cities; and Turgutreis caters to the British expat community serving variations on a full English breakfast. You should give the Restaurants in Bodrum a try and taste local Turkish food. You can easily book your Flight to Bodrum on corendonairlines.com.  

Frequently asked questions about Turkey

1. Are flight prices to Turkey high?

You can fly to many destinations in Turkey at very reasonable prices, provided that you book in advance. In summer, prices may be slightly more expensive than in winter.

2. How can I book my flight tickets to Turkey?

You can book your ticket to Turkey easily on corendonairlines.com.

3. What is Turkey famous for?

Turkey is known for its attractive range of places, ancient landscapes, cultures, rich gastronomy and traditions. 

4. Where is Turkey located?

It lies between Asia and Europe.