Protection Of Personal Data

Corendon Informative Document on the Protection or Personal Data


  1. Data Controller
  2. Scope, Purpose and Legal Basis of Personal Data Processing
  3. Our Legitimate Interest in Data Processing
    1. Corendon Website
    2. Viewing the Website and Creating the Log Files
    3. Use of Cookies
    4. Use of the Services Offered by our Website
  4. Data Processing for Ticket Sales
  5. Other Processing Responsibilities
  6. Liability to Identify Personal Data
  7. Period of Processing Personal Data
  8. Sharing the Personal Data with Third Parties
  9. Your Rights as the Owner the Processed Data
  10. Consent
  11. Right of Objection Pursuant to Article 21 of GDPR
  12. Disclaimer and Information on Personal Data Protection


Corendon takes the matter of protecting your personal data seriously. This Informative Document provides a briefing on the type of personal information to be processed when (i) Corendon Website has been visited (Section 3.1.); (ii) tickets have been purchased by way of our company (Section 4).

1. Data Controller

As the Data Controller and pursuant to (Article 4 in GDPR No.7, Article 3 (1) (i) in KVKK),

If you have further questions on the personal data protection in relation to our Website or to the services offered by the website, please contact our Data Protection Supervisor:

Turistik Hava Taşımacılık A.Ş. Data Protection Supervisor:



Corendon places extreme importance on the confidentiality and protection of your personal data. Accordingly, we have prepared this informative document for you to clarify the reasons why and the manner in which your personal data is processed and the parties with whom such data is shared by Corendon. Corendon will process the personal data that you share by means of our website and the other electronic communication and sales channels in line with this informative document.

2. Scope, Purpose and Legal Basis of Personal Data Processing

The processing of your personal data is performed pursuant to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data no 6698 (“KVKK”) and the General Regulation on Data Protection (Reg. EU 2016/679) (“GDPR”) and, if applicable, the German Law (particularly BDSG 2018) (“Personal Data Protection Legislation”).

In the following cases, personal data is collected directly from our users or from the other sources (listed below) and used for the purposes stated in the related legislation.

3. Our Legitimate Interest in Legal Processing

In case Article 6.(1)(f) of GDPR constitutes the legal basis for data processing, our legitimate interest includes the below listed considerations besides the objectives mentioned above:


3.1. Corendon Website

3.2. Website Rule and Creating the Log Files

Every time you log into our website as a user, our system automatically requests data and information from the computer system and stores them. In that context, the following data (“technical data”) are collected:

(1) Information about the type and the version of the browser
(2) Operating system of the user
(3) Internet service provider of the user
(4) IP address of the user
(5) Date and time of access
(6) The websites through which the user’s system has reached our website
(7) The websites which the user has reached through our website

These data are also stored in the log files of our system. These data are not stored in combination with the other personal information of the user.

In that sense, we collect this technical information for purposes of (network) security (for instance fighting against cyber attacks), marketing, having a better understanding of our users’ needs, continuously improving our website and ensuring that the website can be viewed from the user’s computer.

The purpose of storage in log files is ensuring the functioning of the website. Also we use the data for optimizing the website and providing the security of our information technology systems. In that sense the data are not analyzed for some kind of marketing purpose. The legal basis for the temporary storage of the data and the log files is Article 6(1) f of GDPR.

3.3. Use of Cookies

We use Cookies in our website. Cookies are text files stored in the web browser or in the web browser of the user’s computer system. When a user has access to a website, a cookie can be stored in the user’s operating system. This cookie contains a certain sequence of characters which enable the identification of the browser next time the website is accessed.

Cookies are stored in the user’s computer where they have been transferred to our part. As the user you have full control on the use of cookies. You can disable or limit the transmission of cookies by changing the settings of your web browser. You can delete the previously stored cookies any time you want. This operation can be done automatically. If you disable Cookies in our website, it may no longer be possible to make full use of all functions of the website. For more information on the cookies we use, their purposes and legal basis, please see our Cookies Policy.

3.4. Using the Services Offered in our Website

Various services and applications are offered in our website. It is obligatory to collect and process the personal data of the user or our customer to provide these offerings.

Corendon may use your personal data for the following purposes:

Based on the express consent you have given pursuant to Article 6(1)(a) of GDPR and Article 5(1) of KVKK;


As part of a contractual liability pursuant to Article 6 (1) (b) of GDPR and Article 5(2)(c) of KVKK;

AS part of our legitimate interest pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) of GDPR, Article 5(2)(f) of KVKK;

Performing a legal obligation pursuant to Article 6(1)(c) of GDPR, Article 5(2)(a), Article 5(2)(ç) of KVKK.

We can collect the following types of information from you in line with the above mentioned purposes:

  1. Data Processing for Ticket Sales

When you purchase a flight ticket from Corendon company (in our website or by means of our partners) we process your personal information for the following purposes:

As part of a contractual obligation pursuant to Article 6 (1) (b) of GDPR, Article 5(2)(c) of KVKK and as part of our legitimate interest pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) of GDPR, Article 5(2)(f) of KVKK;

In addition to the purposes listed in Article 4 above, we can collect the following types of data from you in line with these purposes:


5. Other Processing Responsibilities

Your personal data may be processed pursuant to legal statutes (Commerce Law, Law of Liabilities, Taxation Law and other related Laws) in order to meet the retention liabilities or to fulfill the requirements of security laws.

  1.  Liability to Identify Personal Data

In our website, the boxes in which the person is obligated to enter information are identified on the basis of the stipulations in the laws or in the contracts. By completely fulfilling these boxes, Corendon becomes enabled to provide the customer the contractual service as requested.

  1.  Period of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data may have to be retained during the (legal) period in which legal actions can be initiated against Corendon. Also the personal data shall be kept to the extent and during the time which Corendon is legally obliged to keep them. Documentation and retention liabilities are based commercial, taxation and money laundering laws. Such periods of retention can be extended up to 30 years based on local arrangements. However, Corendon keeps such retention times to the minimum to the extent allowed by legal statutes.

  1.  Sharing the Personal Data with Third Parties

In order for us to offer our products and services in line with our contractual obligations or legitimate interests, your personal data can be shared within the corporate Corendon or with third party receivers. These receivers may include the following:

Accordingly, personal data can be forwarded to other countries or international organizations. For the protection of you and your personal data, such data transfer is dependent upon taking the necessary precautions or upon an adequacy decision issued by the EU Commission pursuant to and in line with legal requirements (particularly with the application of the EU standard contractual provisions) (GDPR Article 45).

For information on the EU standard contractual clauses, visit

The EU Commission has provided the following link for information on the current adequacy decisions

A copy of the security measures in practice can be requested from

We also have the liability to provide personal data to the German and international authorities (pursuant to local and international arrangements and contracts and Article 6 (1) c of GDPR).

  1.  Your Rights as the Owner of Processed Data

Corendon aims to perform fair and transparent data processing. For us, it is important for the related people to exercise their right to objection as well the rights listed below on the condition that legal requirements have been met:

Said rights are governed by the Law no 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation no AB 2016/679), if any, and the German Laws (particularly BDSG 2018) if applicable (“Data Protection Legislation”).

You may send an e-mail to to exercise your rights. Remember that we have to process your personal data pursuant to legal obligations to fulfill your requests and identify who you are.

Also, you may file a complaint to the official authorities that Corendon is associated with (Article 77 of GDPR, Article 14, 15 of KVKK):

Kişisel Verileri Koruma Kurumu
Nasuh Akar Mah. Ziyabey Cad. 1407. Sok. No: 4
06520 Balgat-Çankaya/Ankara

Telefon: +90 312 216 5050

10. Consent

If you give consent to our part for processing your personal data, you may withdraw such consent anytime you want.

Please feel free to contact, in all other situations or when you have difficulty in canceling your consent given to this website.

Withdrawal of consent will be applicable forwardly only and will not affect the legitimacy of the data processing having been done in the past. In some cases, in spite of your withdrawal, we may have the right to continue processing your personal data on a different legal basis (payment of the contractual debt).

Change your consent Withdraw your consent

11. Right to Object


4. Right to Objection Pursuant to Article 21 of GDPR

You have been entitled to object to the processing, including profiling, of your personal data at any time, based on private reasons, within the scope of paragraphs (e) and (f) in 6 (1).

Data controller may not process your personal data, unless giving a powerful justification which is beyond the interests, rights and freedom of the data owner or is related to the establishment, use or defense of a legal request.

In cases where personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, you have the right to object to data processing for marketing, including profiling to the extent it is associated to direct marketing.

If you object to data processing for purposes of direct marketing, your personal data may no longer be processed for such purposes.

In the context of the use of information society services and not restricted with the Directive no 2002/58 / EC, you may exercise your right to object via automatic tools using technical specifications.

12. Disclaimer

The information provided here is applicable only to the web site.


Cookie Policy

Cookie and Tracking Tool Policy


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Retention Period


Further information on the cookies used in our websites

Essential Cookies

Analysis Cookies

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Cookie management & deletion and withdrawal of consent

Cookies information


How to protect personal confidentiality?

In the following pages,

TURİSTİK HAVA TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. (Güzeloluk Mahallesi 1879 Sokak No :148 Antalya-TÜRKİYE) (hereinafter referred to as “Corendon Airlines”, “we”), we will provide information on the use of our website Cookies, Tracking Tools and Social Media Extensions.

2. Definition

Our websites use “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files transferred from our web sites to the hard disk of your computer or mobile device and stored there when you visit our web site. Thus, your actions and your preferred settings are saved during your browser session or to be used when you visit our web site next time. In your next visit to our website, this information will be returned to the server by way of which your computer or your mobile device is automatically re-identified and your preferred settings are reloaded. This eliminates the need to make the same settings every time you visit our website, which is an advantage. We can use Cookies for tracking your preferences, so that we can improve the content, graphics and technology of our offers, internet visibility and advertisements in line with your needs, and for making statistical analysis of the website use data. In our websites we can use techniques such as pixels or conversion monitoring. For purposes of coherence, all such techniques shall hereinafter be referred to as Cookies.

Cookie Types

Various cookies are in use in our websites:

First Party Cookies: We use Cookies placed by and controlled by ourselves.

Third Party Cookies: Third party cookies are also in use in our websites. We may not be knowing all of the third parties who place Cookies in our web sites. We may also not know all of the Cookies placed in our web sites by third parties. Except for the analytical Cookies we use in order to evaluate our websites, we do not keep track of the use of these third party cookies.

2.1. Retention Period

Cookies are retained for different periods of time:

Session Cookies: Session Cookies are retained only during the period of your visit to our website, therefore Cookies are used only during your current visit to one of our websites or to a browser session.

Permanent Cookies: Permanent Cookies are retained in the hard disk of your computer or your mobile device after you have ended your visit to our website or your browser session. It is thus made possible to recognize you in your next visit to our website and to facilitate your use of the website.

2.2. Purposes

Cookies are used for the following purposes:

Fulfilling certain functions of websites: The Cookies used help the operation of our website and its certain functions by automatically identifying your browser.

Analysis and statistics: By using cookies we can observe, among other things mentioned above, the number of people visiting our website, the way these visitors navigate through our website, and therefore, the functions they make use of. Furthermore, Cookies can collect information to be used for statistical purposes.

Advertising / (Remarketing) marketing: Our website also accommodates (third party) Cookies for advertising or marketing purposes. These help you customize the display of the content viewed according to your preferences and also help us show you in the websites the advertisements of our business partners.

3. Further information on the cookies used in our websites

In the following sections you will be given further information on the cookies used in our websites.

3.1. Essential Cookies

In our websites we use cookies that ensure proper functioning of the websites. Said cookies are used for the purposes listed below:

Saving the permission the user has given for cookies in the context of domain name

Saving whether or not the user has disabled JavaScript in the browser

Saving preferences such as language, location and the search results to be displayed.

Reading your browser settings so that our website can be optimally displayed on your screen

Loading the websites equally so that they remain accessible

Optimizing our websites in real time depending on how you use the websites

3.2. Analysis Cookies

In our websites we use cookies that help us measure the way our websites are used. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

Tracking the number of visitors in our website

Saving the exclusive digital identity used for creating statistical data about the way the visitor uses the websites

Tracking the time each visitor spends in our website

Optimizing the websites

Deciding on the parts of our websites that need to be improved

3.3. Social Media Cookies

We use Cookies in our websites for sharing the website content over the social media, therefore enabling the selected social media users to directly share and like certain content of our website.

It is possible that these social media channels use your personal data for their own business. For more information on the personal information collected and the Cookies identified by the social media parties, please review the confidentiality and Cookies policies of the related party: (Facebook) (GooglePlus and Youtube) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Pinterest) (XING) (Twitter) (FourSquare)

3.4. Targeted Advertisement Cookies

We use Cookies to display targeted advertisements and content in our websites. We are trying to get an idea of your possible areas of interest based on your visits to and your navigation habits in our websites and in third party websites so that we can adjust the information and the advertisements according to your level of interest. We do profiling based on your areas of interest and then we adopt the content and the advertisements in our websites to various customer groups.

Targeted advertisement cookies are used for the following purposes:

Saving and having access to your areas of interest

Tracking the number of visitors who click the advertisements

Using third party services in order to display the advertisements that are fit for your needs, interest areas and preferences

In cases where an advertisement seen in a device triggers an action in another device (“M2M Tracking”), linking multiple devices (e.g. telephone, tablet, desktop computer) to a visitor

Sending marketing e-mails customized to your interest areas

4. Cookie management & deletion and withdrawal of consent

When you visit our websites, a heading comes up giving you information about the use of Cookies in our websites. Clicking the Close (X) button means giving consent to the use of Cookies in our websites.

You may withdraw your consent anytime by changing your browser settings, disabling the Cookies settings and deleting the previously adjusted Cookies.

If you wish to withdraw your consent given to third party cookies, please contact with the provider of the related Cookies. Further information may be obtained in the data protection principles or Cookies notification of the related provider. Please use the links given above for access.

Most browsers give automatic consent to the use of Cookies. You may use your browser settings to manage the use of Cookies. If you do not want the Cookies to be automatically saved in your device, you can change your browser settings accordingly and disable the Cookies settings. By way of browser settings, you may also adjust your preferences for when you want to get informed about the use of Cookies when a website is making use of them. For details on how to change your browser settings, please see the directions or the support page in your browser.

Google Chrome:


Internet Explorer:


Remember that you may still visit and use our website even after disabling Cookies by changing the browser settings. However, under certain conditions, disabling the Cookies may mean becoming unable to make full use of the functions of our website.

5. Information about Cookies

This website uses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager product which is the web analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”) company. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager make use of text files, called “Cookies”, which are stored in your computer and which allow for analyzing the way you use the website. The information related to how you use this website, which is collected by way of Cookies, are, as a rule, transferred to and stored in one of Google’s servers in the United States.

IP anonymization is applied in this website, which means Google’s IP address is pre-shortened in European Union member countries or in countries party to European Economic Area Agreement. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to and stored in one of Google’s servers in the United States and is shortened there. As instructed by the website owner, Google uses this information to analyse how you use the website, prepare reports on the website activity and give information to the website owner concerning the services related to the use of the website and the Internet.

The IP address, shortened by way of IP anonymization and transferred by your browser within the scope of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manage, is not combined with the other data of Google. You may block the storage of Cookies by adjusting your browser settings; however, remember that in such cases you may not be able to use all functions of the website in full. Besides, you may download and install the browser extension in the following link to prevent the information about your use of the website, gathered by Cookies, (including your IP address) to be forwarded to and  processed by Google:

This webpage uses a Google software named Google Remarketing for advertisements based on areas of interest. Third party service providers including Google show advertisements on Internet websites and use Cookies already in store, related to user’s previous visits to this website, for that purpose. The data thus obtained (for example age group, possibly gender and areas of interest as inferred from the visited pages) are included in the page assessment report issued by Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. You may download and install the browser extension developed by Google, using the following URL, to prevent Cookies being used by Google for that purpose:

As an alternative, the user may visit the network advertisement initiative disabling page in order to disable the use of Cookies by third parties:





The Netherlands:


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Corendon Airlines makes use of technologies offered by third parties for the provision of websites in which we place our advertisements. When presenting the advertisements to you, these technologies use the information related to your visits to this website and to the websites where we place our advertisements (such information does not include your name, address or similar personal data). In this presentation process, a single cookie may be placed on or used in your browser. Furthermore, for us to achieve a better management of our online advertisements, web markers provided by our web advertisement partner may be placed as well on your browser. These web markers allow our servers to identify the cookie indicating the advertisement which has directed the browser to our website as soon as the search engine searches for our website. The information collected this way does not include your personal data.

We are using Hotjar service to figure out our users’ needs and improve the services that we offer. Hotjar is a technology service that helps us get a better grasp of user experience (how much time is spent in what page of the website, which links are clicked more, what the users like or dislike). By means of this service, we ensure our users send us feedback by using the website. Hotjar uses Cookies and other technologies to collect information on user behaviors and devices (especially the IP address of the device (anonymized before being collected), screen size of the device, type of the device (original device identifiers), browser information, geographical location (country-based), and language preference for viewing the site). Hotjar stores such information by way of nicknamed user profiles. Neither Hotjar nor we shall use this information to identify individual users or to much further information with an individual user. For more information please use the following link to view Hotjar’s confidentiality policy.

You may use the link below to go back on the creation of a user profile, block Hotjar from collecting information on your use of the website and prevent Hotjar to use the tracking Cookies in other websites.

In our website we make use of the services of Insider, a digital marketing automation tool. With this service we can send online and offline web notifications to our users. This enables us to send notifications to you even when you are not browsing the website. For canceling the notifications of Insider, you may either remove the cookies in your own internet browser or send an e-mail to the Insidercompliance team for deleting user data and for other procedures.


6. Non-liability

We may at times make changes to this Cookies and Tracking Tool Policy. There may also be changes to our website terms of use related to the Cookies. We have the right to change the content of this policy at any time and without notice. New policies will be applicable at the time they have been issued. If you do not accept our policies, you should change your preferences using your browser settings. Continuing to visit our websites and use our services after the changes are put into practice means accepting the obey with the amended Cookies and Tracking Tool Policy. You can find the most recent version in this website.
In case you share your device with others, make sure they have been adequately informed and are able to exercise their rights.

7. How to protect personal privacy?

How to protect personal privacy?

Personal data are not collected for such advertisements. None of the information including name, address or e-mail address is used, your identity in the outside world is not identified. Data related to your web browsing activities are collected and analyzed anonymously in the system. If this analysis puts forward a certain area of interest, a cookie (a small file used by many websites to save the information useful for improving your use of the internet) is stored in your computer in order to identify the advertisements that you will be shown. You may personally control which cookies you will accept and which you will reject.

The company that collects and uses the data gives you the chance to refuse online behavioral advertisements. In order to give more information about and to allow greater control over such advertisements, best practice principles have been defined particularly for this issue across the EU. All related organizations have been brought together in this website for you to control them at a single location. Please click here to cancel online behavioral advertising.

Remember: Disabling behavioral advertising does not mean you will no longer be shown any advertisements on the internet. However, the displayed advertisements will be coinciding less with your areas of interest.



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