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Visit Bremen: Where the traditional meets the modern

Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Bremen is a city of great past and rich heritage. Being the capital of its state, it is a bustling metropolis, a lively city with a lot to offer.

Feature / Location

Capital of Bremen State / Located at River Weser and a short drive from the North Sea




Summers are warm; winters are short, cold and wet

Time Zone

GMT +1


Bremen Airport


Go shopping, participate cultural events, try local food

Bremen is a very hospitable city with a lively vibe, mixing the tradition and the modern. You can see beautiful places, eat good food and relax on the magnificent green spaces. Enjoy.

What is Bremen best known for?

See the historic landmarks, eat local sea food, visit great museums and art galleries. Bremen has a lot to offer for everyone.

  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


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Fish Dishes

Do you foresee fresh fish on the table, 53 kilometres from the North Sea? In Bremen, you can have it! The finest fish dishes await you in numerous Bremen restaurants, from classic North German coastal specialties such as plaice, freshly caught crabs, smelts or Brataal, to modern fish dishes, seafood and fine cuisine. Let yourself be empowered!


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Statue of the Town Musicians of Bremen

One of the most important sights in Bremen are undoubtedly the statue dedicated to the Town Musicians of Bremen. The group in the iconic fairy-tale consists of a donkey, a rooster, a dog and a cat. This bronze statue of the group, was erected in 1953 in front of the City Hall in Bremen.


The scope of the Bremen museum landscape is so diverse: Avant-garde and old masters, traditions and the excitement of experimentation, natural history and ethnology. But there's a lot going on here as well: at every turn, culture is a companion - particularly along the cultural mile in the heart of the city.


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Parks and Dykes

Bremen is one of the greenest cities in Germany. You can be right in the center of the city and still relax in nature, walk along hundreds of rhododendrons or bike on about 15 km of dykes through the greenest district of Bremen - with its many parks, idyllic gardens, numerous natures and landscape conservation areas. We invite you to explore and immerse yourself in some of the most beautiful oases of the city.

Bremerhaven Zoo

Bremerhaven Zoo is located next to the River Weser. In accordance with its location, it exhibits mainly the species living in the water. It is especially known for its floor-to-ceiling glass panes. Thanks to those, animal lovers can become face-to-face with animals and their habitats. Bremerhaven Zoo with a total of 1.100 animals in 120 species is one of the places that should be on your list.

Weather in Bremen

Bremen's climate is mild and temperate. There is a great deal of rainfall, even in the driest month in Bremen. In Bremen, an annual average temperature of 8.8 °C is achieved. July is the warmest month of the year, at 16.9 °C. The average temperature in January is the lowest and is 0.5 °C. The best time to travel to Bremen is from June to August, because the temperatures are good and there is less rain.

1 C Scattered Clouds
TODAY Mar 28, Tue
  • Mar 29, Wed 12 Overcast Clouds
  • Mar 30, Thu 12 Light Rain
  • Mar 31, Fri 9 Light Rain
  • Apr 1, Sat 3 Light Rain
  • Apr 2, Sun 0 Scattered Clouds

Direct flights to Bremen

Corendon Airlines connects you from Bremen to Turkey. Corendon Airlines offers very competitive fares throughout the year which you can book via the Corendon Airlines Website and also Mobile App. Direct flights are offered to Turkey (Ankara, Antalya and Izmir throughout the Summer period. Corendon Airlines offers excellent ticket deals Bremen - Antalya, Bremen - Ankara and Bremen -  Izmir. Don’t miss out on the special fares and discounts. Bremen Airport is the twelfth largest airport in Germany with over 2 million passengers per year.

Destination Airport: Bremen (BRE)  
Hurghada - Bremen flight duration   5:10 hours
Antalya - Bremen flight duration  3:50 hours


Choosing your flight tickets to Bremen

When planning your stay in Bremen Corendon Airlines will offer you the best and lowest fares through the Website and also Mobile App. Please keep your eyes open for special deals and vouchers Corendon Airlines offers throughout the year. The earlier you book your flights and organise your travel arrangements for Bremen the more you can secure a cheap Bremen flight ticket. Also make sure you reserve the seat and an inflight meal that offers you convenience to make your journey unforgettable. All for an affordable price.

Transportation in Bremen

Bremen has a great public transport network. There is a complicated web of public transportation lines in Bremen with around 380 trams and buses working everyday which keep the city of Bremen moving. You can find a convenient and safe public transport option for just around everywhere in the city.

Accommodation in Bremen

In Bremen and the surrounding area, there are several ways to stay overnight - there is something for every taste and budget. Many of the houses are situated in the centre of the city, in a city of short distances.

From lavish hotels to budget hostels, from city rooms to country vacation apartments. Apartments, campsites, hotel boats, guest houses, family rooms are all here to be found in Bremen. In Bremen you’ll find 3 5-star hotels for the visitors who enjoy some luxury. In surrounding Bremen, you will also find the opportunity to book a farm stay which is very popular with families. Bremen can offer you a choice of 89 hotels with a total of 11.168 beds.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bremen

Which destinations does Corendon Airlines offer from Bremen during the summer?

Corendon Airlines offers direct flights from Bremen to Antalya, Ankara and Izmir

Where can I book my flights with Corendon Airlines?

These are bookable via the Corendon Airlines website and also App.

What’s the best time to travel to Bremen?

The best time is from June to August.

How many days are required to visit Bremen?

You should spare at least 2 days to be able to make a comprehensive sightseeing.

What is Bremen most famous for?

Bremen is famous for its old town and the Town Musicians of Bremen.

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