Cheap Flights from Cologne-Bonn to Ankara

Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)

Flight duration 04:20

Esenboga Airport (ESB)

About Ankara

Feature / Location

The capital city of Turkey / On the Anatolia region


Turkish Lira


June to August / Average temps around 22 °C (71 °F)

Time Zone

GMT +3


Culture tours, sightseeing, shopping

Ankara Cuisine

Ankara cuisine has a rich culinary tradition influenced by the Anatolian region's diverse cultural and historical background. To experience this magical city for yourself, make sure to book the next flight to Ankara from Corendon Airlines and start your journey. 

Ankara Tava: A famous dish made with lamb or beef and slow-cooked with tomatoes, onions, and peppers in a clay pot.

Kebabs: Ankara is well-known for its various types of kebabs, including Adana kebab, Urfa kebab, and Beykoz kebab. These dishes usually consist of grilled meat served with flatbread and vegetables in Ankara restaurants.

Ankara Tandırı: A roasted lamb or beef dish cooked in a traditional oven is called a "tandır."

Kelle Paça: A soup made from boiled sheep's head and feet often served as a breakfast dish.

Ankara Weather

Ankara is known for its cold winter months and very hot summer months. We recommend you check the weather in Ankara before planning your trip and take precautions against sunburn.

31 C Scattered Clouds
TODAY Jul 18, Thu
  • Jul 19, Fri 33 Clear Sky
  • Jul 20, Sat 34 Clear Sky
  • Jul 21, Sun 33 Clear Sky
  • Jul 22, Mon 36 Clear Sky
  • Jul 23, Tue 34 Clear Sky

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Cologne-Bonn - Ankara Flight Ticket

Cheapest flight ticket Departure airport Flight duration Arrival airport Cheapest month
Cologne-Bonn → Ankara
flight ticket: 60.7 EUR
Cologne-Bonn 4 hr 20 min Ankara August

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