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The country of Central Europe famous for its cultural richness: Belgium

Geographically, with an area of 30,510 km², Belgium is divided into three physical areas: the coast, the central plateau, and the Ardennes in the southeast (the Signal de Botrange is the highest point at 694 m above sea level).

Belgium has a rich cultural heritage. The cities of Bruges and Ghent are medieval museums that speak of theirits rich past. Belgium official languages: are Dutch (Flemish), French, and German.

Belgium Economy is characterised by its export capacity, which is reflected in the highest per capita rate in the world. Antwerp hosts the second largest port in Europe.

The Population of Belgium

Belgium, with a population of 11,631,136 people, is ranked 81st in the 196-country population table and has a high population density, with 381 inhabitants per square kilometerkilometre. Belgium's capital is Brussels, and the Belgium currency is the Euro.  

Culture of Belgium

From the middle of the 17th century, the Vlaamse Opera, as an artistic company, began to give performances in different halls in Antwerp and Ghent, with great success. It performed musical pieces by classical, especially Flemish, composers. Belgian literature has always been embedded in the literary traditions of France and the Netherlands. Indeed, Belgian writers have always had to grapple with questions of language, identity, and nationality. 

Fans of comics, especially Tintin and his creator, Hergé, now have the chance to visit the Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve, dedicated exclusively to the work of the brilliant Belgian comic strip artist. "

Belgian Kitchen

Belgium is much more than beer and sweets. In fact, the gastronomy of Belgium has the privilege of having the finesse of French cuisine fused with the culinary art of other countries. A curious fact is that Belgium is one of the countries with the most Michelin stars per capita in the world. Renowned chefs include Peter Goossens, Maxime Collard and Cyril Molard, among others. The best example for Belgian food is definitely waffles. 

Belgium Weather

Generally speaking, the Belgian weather is characterised by mild winters and not very hot summers. This is mainly due to the winds from the Atlantic Ocean, which give Belgium its so-called temperate maritime climate. Ostend on the North Sea has average monthly temperatures ranging from 2 degrees Celsius in January to 18 degrees Celsius in July.

Most Popular Belgian Cities


As the seat of the European Union and NATO, this metropolis is often referred to as the capital of Europe. Although its international character is undeniable, Brussels has earned this title by offering more than just government buildings. It is one of Europe's most fashionable cities thanks to the mosaic of languages and cultures that pave the way for a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. With more than 80 museums, the Royal Palace, and a rich history, its cultural appeal is evident.

It's impossible to miss the Grand Place, which was built as a marketplace for merchants in the 13th century. Located right in the centre of the city, it hosts numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year. Not far from the square you can discover the little Manneken Pis (Eikstraat), a somewhat peculiar symbol of the city. The Town Hall tower will serve as a compass as you explore the charming alleyways. Be sure to stop by the Sablon for some chocolates, it would be one of the best activities in Brussels. From the lookout point of the Palais de Justice, you'll get one of the best views of the city. Don’t forget to try Belgian Food in local restaurants.  You can book your flight to Brussels easily on at affordable prices.

Frequently asked questions about Belgium

1. Are flight prices to Belgium high?

You can fly to Belgium at very reasonable prices on, provided that you book in advance. You can also take advantage of current flight campaigns. 

2. How can I book my flight tickets to Belgium?

 You can book your ticket to Belgium easily on

3. What is Belgium famous for?

Belgium is famous for medieval fairy-tale streets. Thanks to its long tradition of Flemish painters, Belgium is a country with an enormous cultural heritage, with beautiful castles and imposing monumental buildings. Belgium is also world famous for its chocolates, canals and craft beers.

4. Where is Belgium located?

Belgium is located in Western Europe between the Netherlands in the north, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the east, and France in the south and west. Although Belgium is a small country with an area of 30,688 km², its special location has made it an economic centre of Europe.