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Flights to Ibiza

Discover Ibiza, A Mediterranean Dream

Beach, Culture, Nature, Night life

Ibiza is a Mediterranean dream with its untouched bays, pine forests embracing the sea and small villages full of rural charm. Ibiza is a paradise for those who want to sunbathe on a Bali bed next to the sea, enjoy the sunset and a quiet holiday as well as for those who want to enjoy days at yachts, luxury beach clubs and renowned nights of Spain.

Feature / Location

Paradise - like island town / on Mediterranean Coast


Euro (€)


May to October / Average temps around 22 °C (71.6°F)

Time Zone

CET Time zone in Ibiza / GMT +1


Ibiza Airport / IBZ


Sightseeing, yacht tours, swimming

Ibiza is a combination of what one can expect from a holiday. There are untouched bays embraced by pine forests to display the most amazing dance of blue and green, famous nightclubs, never-ending parties and a wealth of culture and history. Ibiza’s amazing atmosphere full of sea, sand and clubbing deserves to be in the list of must-see places in the world.

What is Ibiza best known for?

Ibiza is best known for its never-ending parties in the renowned dance venues and hedonistic nightlife which made it to be called “the world party capital”. Besides its fun-in-the-sun days, Ibiza is an indispensable stop to hear the sound of nature in untouched coves and pine forests. The Ibiza Town, a UNESCO World Heritage town, is also worth-seeing to witness the unique combination of Spanish history and the Balearic culture.

  • Beach
  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Night life


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Cala Bassa

Calas Bassa is best known for its cleanest waters which are highly considered the one among the beaches in Ibiza. It is a stunning stop for families with children because of its shallow waters and surrounding pine trees that provide shadow for those sensitive to the sun.

Cala Llenya

The charming, quieter of the beaches of Ibiza, Cala Llenya is a good option for those who want to escape from the vibrant entertainment life of Ibiza beaches and get relaxed. While only 10 minutes away from San Carlos, it is mostly visited by local people, aging hippies and beach volleyball enthusiasts.


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Dalt Vila

Ibiza town is divided into three districts and the most famous one is called Dalt Vila also known as “Ibiza Old Town”, a fortified historical site and also on World’s Heritage List. There are plenty of surprises in narrow, steep cobbled streets and amazing views from ramparts and terraces at each level. We highly recommend that you spend at least a day to get lost in the cobbled streets of this romantic town.

Pirate Towers

Pirate towers of Ibiza will take you back to the adventure books of your childhood. Once Catalans began to settle down in Ibiza, they decided that there needed to be some kind of warning system to alert the population in case of pirate attacks. That’s how the 7 pirate towers of Ibiza were built. We highly recommend that you visit Pirate Towers, which are also popular tourist attractions in Ibiza and enjoy its unique view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


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Can Marça Caves

Can Marça Caves are located in Puerto de San Miguel and actually an underground cave system once used by smugglers to store contraband. We highly recommend that you attend Can Marça Caves tours to trace the marks ancient smugglers used to guide them in the narrow tunnels.

Punta Galera

Although Punta Galera is one of the famous beaches in Ibiza, it is best known for stone formations jutting out from the cliffs of the bay. These unique rock formations create natural terraces for sunbathers to throw down a towel and enjoy the sun.

Night life

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Sunset Strip

One of the most famous nightlife areas in Ibiza is known as Sunset Strip full of vibrant bars where the sun sinks into the sea in a spectacle of dancing colors from orange to pink. Through the strip, you can find vibrant bars, nightclubs, dancing youths with the charm of electronic music and luxury yachts partying in the bay.

The West End

Although Ibiza is famous for its phenomenal offering of nightlife, probably one of the tightly packed nightlife districts in Ibiza is The West End in San Antonio. Here you can find renowned Ibiza clubs and vibrant bars open seven days a week from May to September and bars on streets where you can enjoy your drink and dance under the stars.

Direct Flights to Ibiza

Although Ibiza is not a big island, direct flights to Ibiza are in high demand all over the world, especially from May to September. That’s why it is not always easy to find direct flight tickets to Ibiza. However, if you are looking for a Germany Ibiza direct flight ticket, you can easily find direct flights to Ibiza from Germany by following Corendon Airlines’s Ibiza flight ticket deals. Dusseldorf Ibiza flights, Nuremberg Ibiza flights and Hannover Ibiza flights are some of the Germany Ibiza flight options you can take a look at to find direct flight tickets to Ibiza. As long as you follow Corendon Airlines’ Germany Ibiza flight ticket deals, you don’t miss cheap flights to Ibiza.

Destination airport: Ibiza Airport (TFS)  
Düsseldorf - Ibiza flight duration   3:45 hours
Nuremberg - Ibiza flight duration   2:25 hours


Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Ibiza

While choosing your Ibiza flight tickets, it is quite normal to have questions such as “How many hours does it take from Germany to Ibiza by plane?”. Firstly, we want to mention that it takes approximately 2.5 hours from Germany to Ibiza with Corendon Airlines. While choosing your Ibiza flight tickets, we recommend that you consider the high demand for Ibiza direct flight tickets. For this reason, we recommend that you follow Corendon Airlines for cheap Ibiza flight tickets. This way, it will be easier for you to find cheap flight tickets for Dusseldorf Ibiza, Hannover Ibiza and Nuremberg Ibiza routes. As long as you follow Corendon Airlines’ Ibiza flight ticket deals, you can find a cheap Ibiza flight ticket and do not miss the fun.

To go from Ibiza Airport to the city center

Because Ibiza is not a big island, transfer options from the airport to the center are also limited to bus and taxi. Regardless of the option you prefer, it will take approximately 15 minutes to reach your destination. You may also prefer the welcome pickup services the airport offers, but you should book before a day from your arrival.

Accommodation in Ibiza

Compared to the Balearic Islands, Ibiza hotels are quite more expensive because of their reputation all around the world. On the other hand, Ibiza offers its visitors to stay in the best hotels in the world with plenty of 5-star Ibiza hotel options. Before deciding on which Ibiza hotel you want to stay in, we recommend that you get information about Ibiza neighborhoods and choose the most suitable one for your plan. For those who want to have a quitter Ibiza holiday full of Balearic culture and natural beauties, Ibiza Old Town hotels would be more suitable. For those who want to experience the renowned nightlife and parties of Ibiza, San Antonio hotels have a lot to offer. Especially, Marble Stella Maris Hotel is a good option with its high customer satisfaction and lovely view.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ibiza

How many hours does it take from Germany to Ibiza by plane?

Germany Ibiza flights take approximately 2.5 hours with Corendon Airlines.

Can you fly direct to Ibiza?

Dusseldorf Ibiza, Hannover Ibiza and Nuremberg Ibiza routes are Ibiza direct flight options Corendon Airlines offer.

Is Ibiza expensive?

Ibiza stands out as an expensive holiday paradise compared to other European routes.

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