Trabzon Flight Ticket

Discover Trabzon, the City Above the Clouds

You will find yourself wandering in the sky in Trabzon, where the clouds look like the sea. With its historical atmosphere dating back to before Christ and unique nature that is full of highlands above the clouds, Trabzon will take you on a trip into a dream world.


A city with famous highlands / On the Black Sea Coast


Turkish Lira / TRY, ₺


January to December / Average temps around 14.6 °C (58°F)

Time Zone

GMT +03:00 Winter -GMT +02:00 Summer Time zone in Trabzon / GMT +3 Winter or +2 Summer


1 airport / TZX


Culture tours / Sightseeing

Trabzon is a city that should be seen with its cool waters and highlands in summers and snowy mountains in winter. Trabzon is one of the must-see cities in Turkey not only for those who want to see the sunset over the clouds, but also for those who want to trace the history of the Republic of Pontus.

What is Trabzon best known for?

Trabzon is best known for its highlands reaching above the clouds and festivals throughout the year. In addition to its magnificent tablelands where blue and green embrace, Trabzon welcomes its visitors with a strong historical atmosphere including Sumela Monastery, Vazelon Monastery and Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum. That’s why you should add Trabzon to your places to visit in Turkey list.

Weather in Trabzon

In Trabzon, which is rainy during the year, the least rainy months are July and August, but the rain is always expected.

Before your trip to Trabzon, we recommend that you check the weather in Trabzon and always have an umbrella with you.

7 C Broken Clouds
TODAY Apr 11, Sun
  • Apr 12, Mon 10 Broken Clouds
  • Apr 13, Tue 11 Overcast Clouds
  • Apr 14, Wed 13 Broken Clouds
  • Apr 15, Thu 18 Overcast Clouds
  • Apr 16, Fri 11 Light Rain

Direct Flights to Trabzon

Although Trabzon is mostly visited by local tourists, Germany to Trabzon routes are also in demand. This is why Germany to Trabzon flight tickets sell out quickly. If you are looking for direct flights to Trabzon from Germany, you can browse Corendon Airlines' Trabzon direct flights and find the direct flight ticket you are looking for. As Corendon Airlines, we have direct flights to Trabzon from two different airports in Germany, Cologne - Trabzon and Dusseldorf - Trabzon. If you want to buy your Germany to Trabzon direct flight tickets with excellent customer service and quality from Corendon Airlines, continue to follow our Cologne Trabzon flight tickets and Dusseldorf Trabzon direct flights.

Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Trabzon

When choosing your Trabzon flight tickets, we recommend that you consider the popularity of Germany to Trabzon flight tickets. For this reason, we recommend that you plan your holiday before purchasing your flight tickets from Germany to Trabzon and follow Corendon Airlines for cheap Trabzon flight tickets. This way, it will be easier for you to find the cheapest flight tickets for Germany Trabzon flights. As long as you purchase your Cologne Trabzon and Dusseldorf Trabzon flight tickets with excellent customer service and quality from Corendon Airlines, you can enjoy your Trabzon tour.

To go from Trabzon Airport to the city center

Trabzon Airport is located very close to the city center. For this reason, you won't face any problems with transportation to the city center. Taxis, buses and shuttles are located outside of the airport. Regardless of your choice, you can reach Trabzon city center in about 15-20 minutes. Shuttles depart from Trabzon Airport arrivals terminal to the surrounding cities and highlands. If your Trabzon hotel is not located in the centre, we recommend that you check the airport shuttles in advance to ensure they are suitable for you.

Accommodation in Trabzon

It's important to plan your accommodation in advance. Trabzon has many hotels on offer however, as the town is spread out depending on where you visit, distances between one hotel and another can be vast. For example, the distance between the Trabzon hotel you stay at in the highlands may be further than you think from the Trabzon city centre hotel that you may book. With prior planning, hotel and accommodation options are quite high in Trabzon. Unlike many cities, 5-star Trabzon hotels can be found not only in the city center but also in the countryside. Trabzon also offers highland houses and camping areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trabzon

How long does it take to fly from Germany to Trabzon?

While your landing airport is also important, Germany to Trabzon flights take approximately 6 hours.

What to eat in Trabzon?

The most famous Trabzon dishes are anchovy rice and mihlama.

What to do in Trabzon?

Must-see places in Trabzon are Sumela Monastery and Uzungöl Lake.

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