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The city of Kassel, which is affiliated with the German state of Hesse, is undoubtedly one of the country's best regions with its lush green areas. The world-known Brothers Grimm wrote most of their tales in this city, and therefore it is possible to find traces of these famous brothers in every corner of the town.

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Home town of Brothers Grimm / Located in central Germany




Summers are comfortable and partly cloudy; winters are cold and windy

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GMT +1


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Discover the architectural wonders; see the world of Brothers Grimm; visit museums and castles

Kassel, Germany travel guide


The city is located at the central point of the country and it is a frequently visited destination by tourists. Kassel, where weapons, iron, tanks, and warplanes were produced in ancient times, has international importance and is known as one of the largest trade centers in Germany. Now let's explore the city of Kassel further and make sure you book one of our flights to Kassel in an instant.

  • Culture

Kassel Culture

Kassel Culture Fridericianum
Kassel Culture Fridericianum


The Fridericianum Museum, an enormous Neoclassical building, completed in 1779 in Kassel, has today become one of the oldest public museums in Europe. Although it is currently used for temporary art exhibitions, it also hosts many art events in its ostentatious building located in a large garden. Fridericianum is open between 11:00 and 18:00, except Mondays.

Kassel Culture Grimm Brothers Museum
Kassel Culture Grimm Brothers Museum

Grimm Brothers Museum

Kassel has the distinction of being the hometown of the famous storyteller Grimm Brothers. After graduation, brothers Jacob and Wilhelm did much of the research in the town's library that formed the basis of their well-known story. The museum, where documents related to these researches and information about the lives of storytellers and their works are shared, was established in their honor.

Kassel Culture Löwenburg Castle
Kassel Culture Löwenburg Castle

Löwenburg Castle

Roughly translated as "Lion's Castle," Löwenburg holds a significant place in world history since it is where Napoleon was held captive. One of Germany's most popular military attractions, the castle was built as a duplicate of another court established during the Wilhelm period and destroyed during the war.

Kassel Culture Orangerie Museum
Kassel Culture Orangerie Museum

Orangerie Museum

The Orangerie Museum is one of the rare structures that has survived to the present day without being damaged by external factors throughout the city and was used as a palace in the past. The museum building has gained its current appearance due to various restoration works and now hosts studies in astronomy.

Kassel Culture The Hercules Monument
Kassel Culture The Hercules Monument

The Hercules Monument

Located in Bergpark (Mountain Park), the gigantic Monument of Hercules watches the city from a high area next to its majesty. Undoubtedly the most impressive and famous building in Kassel, the 70-meter-long monument was built by the Italian architect Giovanni Francesco Guerriero.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kassel

What is the official language spoken in Kassel?

The official language of Kassel is German.

How can I reach the city center in Kassel from the airport?

From Kassel Airport, you can take the bus "100" to Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe station at the city center every hour on weekdays or every two hours on weekends. Of course, taking a direct taxi from the airport to any one of the Kassel hotels is also another option.

What is the currency used in Kassel?

As with any other German town, the official currency used in Kassel is Euros.

Where can I find affordable flights to Kassel?

Corendon Airlines is the number-one address for cheap and flexible Kassel flights. Book your flight here and now and enjoy your holiday to this beautiful German city.

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Kassel history

The name "Kassel" is based on the name Chasella, written in King Konrad's signature on two documents in 913 AD. Known as Hesse-Kassel for years, the city was the capital where Protestants resisted Catholics until the 19th century. In the 19th century, Kassel, one of the most significant cities of the Kingdom of Westphalia, was home to the Brothers Grimm for a long time, serving as the scenery of most of their tales. Today, you can find the Bruder-Grimm Museum in Rococo style at the most beautiful spot in the city to commemorate them and keep their memories alive. Tanks, warplanes, weapons, and railway services were produced in the town for years thanks to its central location in Germany. Since the German Army gathered at the highest point of the site, unfortunately, approximately 90% of the area was bombed by the allies during World War II. It is said that 10,000 people died during these attacks, and 150,000 people were left homeless. Looking at these figures, it is safe to say that Kassel is one of the cities where Germany suffered the most losses in the Second World War. Almost all the city's buildings have been destroyed, except for the Frediricianum, the Orangerie, and a few other historical buildings that serve as touristic locations today. Going forward, the town was quickly repaired in the 1950s with the conditions and architecture of that day.

Kassel cuisine

In addition to the restaurants in Kassel  where you can taste traditional German dishes, there are also a wide variety of Kassel restaurants where you can taste a broad range of international cuisine. Kassel's traditional cuisine has very interesting features. The chefs of this cuisine are famous for being able to create various kinds of dishes from a limited number of ingredients. The city's farms prepare exquisite meat dishes with natural products, following traditions from the town's history. Beer, sausage, schnitzel, baked potato, onion pie, apple cider, and pizza are some of the most popular dishes worth trying.

Kassel population 

According to recent approximations, the region's population is around 197.000.

Kassel geography

Kassel is the largest city in the north of the federated state of Hesse in the southwestern part of Germany, about 70 kilometers northwest of the geographic center of Germany. It is located on both sides of Fulda, and Kassel's deepest point is in the northeastern Fulda valley at 132.9 m above sea level. The urban area of Kassel is divided into 23 local districts, each of which has a regional council with a local mayor as chairman. The local councils are elected every five years by the population of the local districts.

Kassel weather

Kassel weather has a warm and temperate nature, with heavy rainfall at certain times of the year. While the city's annual average temperature is 9.1 degrees, it would not be wrong to say that the driest month is February. In the region where the most precipitation is June, July is the hottest month, with an average of 17 degrees. On the other hand, January is the coldest month, with an average of 1 degree. If you plan to include Kassel in your travel agenda, it would be quite appropriate to go in the summer months to avoid being exposed to heavy rain.

17 C Light Rain
TODAY May 18, Sat
  • May 19, Sun 17 Light Rain
  • May 20, Mon 18 Light Rain
  • May 21, Tue 23 Broken Clouds
  • May 22, Wed 15 Light Rain
  • May 23, Thu 20 Overcast Clouds