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Flights to Adana

Discover Adana, A Flavor Stop

Beach, Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Known for its rich cuisine and unique flavors, Adana delivers unforgettable flavours to its visitors. Adana dishes offer a wide variety of taste, from the Mediterranean cuisine to the Eastern cuisine. The city attracts attention not only with its delicious food but also with its historical structure dating back to the 7th century B.C.

Feature / Location

Famous for its unique flavours


Turkish Lira (₺)


May to October / Average temps around 23°C (73°F)

Time Zone

GMT +03:00 in the winter +02:00 in the summer Time zone in Adana / GMT +3 winter, GMT +2 Summer


Sakirpasa Airport / ADA


Culture tours, sightseeing, swimming

Adana dating back to the 7th century B.C. is a historical city that has hosted many great civilizations from the Hittites to the Roman Empire. Although it stands out with its magnificent structures such as Ancient Stone Bridge, Varda Bridge and Snake Castle, it owes its fame to its rich cuisine and delicious kebabs.

  • Beach
  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


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Karataş Beach

Karataş Beach: Karataş Beach is one of Turkey's most famous beaches because of its 6 km long golden sands that captivate everyone. Karataş enchants those who want to swim and cool off from the Mediterranean heat not only with its golden sands, but also with its crystal clear waters. During your visit to Adana, we recommend that you swim in the clear waters of Karataş Beach, which is always warm regardless of the season.

Yumurtalık Beach

Yumurtalık Beach: Yumurtalık Beach, which is one of the blue flag beaches in Turkey, is a must-visit place in Adana for those who want to enjoy the clean waters of the Mediterranean. You can also find everything you need for a peaceful Mediterranean holiday in the Yumurtalık Beach region, which is very rich in terms of accommodation and entertainment.


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Adana Kebab

Adana Kebab: Adana kebab is the most famous among Turkish kebabs. Unlike regular kebab, this dish, which is prepared with special Adana spices, is famous for its bitterness and unique taste. We recommend that you add it to your list of what to eat in Adana.

Turkish Stuffed Meatball

Turkish Stuffed Meatball: Unlike the traditional stuffed meatballs, which are usually fried, there is also a boiling process in Adana’s stuffed meatballs. We are sure that you will love this unique taste that comes out by blending the thin outer dough with famous Adana spices.

Yüksük Soup

Yüksük Soup: You've never seen Turkish manti like this. Yüksük soup, also called manti soup, is prepared with chickpeas and small pieces of manti, blended with delicious spices of Adana. Yüksük soup, which everyone admires, will make you forget both the dumpling and the ravioli.


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Ancient City of Anavarza

Ancient City of Anavarza: The Ancient City of Anavarza, dating back to the 1st century B.C., has glorious monuments from the Roman and Byzantine periods. If you are interested in the magnificent buildings of the Hellenistic Period and want to feel the historical atmosphere of Adana, you should definitely visit the Ancient City of Anavarza. Also, don't forget to visit Anavarza Castle, where you can see Cukurova in all its glory.

Ancient Stone Bridge

Ancient Stone Bridge: The history of the Stone Bridge, whose fame has already exceeded the borders of Adana, dates back to the Roman Empire. Despite the passing centuries, it continues to exist on the Seyhan River in all its splendor. You can easily reach Taş Köprü, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Adana, from anywhere in Adana and we recommended that you should see its night view.

Varda Bridge

Varda Bridge: The Varda Bridge, where the famous scene of the Skyfall movie was shot, rises among the steep rocks just like in the movie and connects the green valleys of Adana. This structure, also known as the "Adana German Bridge" because it was built by the Germans in 1912, has managed to become famous for its magnificence and scenery, although it is much newer compared to many architectural structures in Adana.


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Kapıkaya Canyon

Kapıkaya Canyon: Kapıkaya Canyon, which has a height of about 200 meters and a walking area of ​​7 thousand 250 meters, is the most famous of Adana's natural beauties. If you want to get away from the Mediterranean heat for a day and enjoy trekking in cold waters, paraglide or rock climbing, you should add Kapıkaya Canyon to your to-do list in Adana.

Seyhan Dam Lake

Seyhan Dam Lake: Although the dam was originally built to prevent any flooding in the Seyhan River, it also welcomes visitors as a walking place and picnic area. If you want to witness the natural beauties of Adana or have breakfast in front of the magnificent view of the Ancient Stone Bridge, you should definitely visit Seyhan Dam Lake.

Weather in Adana

Adana, which has the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, is hot and dry in summers and warm and rainy in winters.

Before planning your trip, we recommend that you check the Adana weather and be careful in August when the weather can reach high temperatures.

2 C Clear Sky
TODAY Feb 3, Fri
  • Feb 4, Sat 11 Overcast Clouds
  • Feb 5, Sun 5 Light Rain
  • Feb 6, Mon 11 Light Rain
  • Feb 7, Tue 12 Clear Sky
  • Feb 8, Wed 2 Few Clouds

Direct Flights to Adana

Adana has the potential to attract local and foreign tourists in all seasons with its rich cuisine and historical heritage. For this reason, finding direct flights from Adana to Germany is not always easy. However, by buying your flight tickets from Corendon Airlines, you can find Germany-Adana flight tickets from 5 different airports and you can get direct flight tickets to Adana or Germany. There are 5 routes in Germany to Adana flights, Cologne Adana, Dusseldorf Adana, Hannover Adana, Munster Adana and Nuremberg Adana, all with Corendon Airlines delivering excellent customer service and quality. As long as you choose Corendon Airlines, you can enjoy direct flights to Adana.

Destination Airport: Adana Şakirpaşa Airport (ADB)  
Düsseldorf - Adana flight duration   3:45 hours
Hannover - Adana flight duration  3:40 hours
Cologne Bonn - Adana flight duration  3:45 hours
Nuremberg - Adana flight duration  3:20 hours


Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Adana

While choosing an Adana flight ticket, it is normal to have questions like “How long does it take to fly from Germany to Turkey?”. First of all, we would like to emphasize that as Corendon Airlines, we have direct flights to Adana from 5 different airports in Germany. In addition, it takes approximately 3.5 hours by plane from Germany to Adana. To find the cheapest Adana Germany flight tickets, we recommend that you check Corendon Airlines' Cologne Adana, Dusseldorf Adana, Hannover Adana, Munster Adana or Nuremberg Adana flight tickets after choosing your travel date.

To go from Şakirpaşa Airport to Adana

The distance between Şakirpaşa Airport and the city center of Adana is approximately 3.5 kilometers, although a taxi is the more expensive option due to the distance to the city centre the price is relatively cheap. Due to the short distance to the city centre you can also choose to walk from Şakirpaşa Airport to Adana. If you want to go to Mersin or Osmaniye from Şakirpaşa Airport you can use the airport shuttles. You can take shuttles, departing from Şakirpaşa Airport to Mersin and Osmaniye, on the hour every hour.

Accommodation in Adana

There are also many accommodation opportunities in Adana, which attracts many visitors with its rich cuisine and historical background. If you are looking for hotels in the center of Adana, you can take a look at the hotel options on Özler Street and İnönü Street. If you stay in the city center, you may also prefer staying in 5-star hotels in Adana. However, these streets are very active as they are located in the city center and may not be the right choice if you are hoping to have a quiet holiday. For a quiet holiday in touch with nature, you can take a look at the hotels close to the Seyhan River. The hotels in this region are the best of Adana hotels for those who want to visit quiet holiday destinations. Also, the further away from Adana center, the more likely you will find cheap hotels in Adana. Although most of the cheap Adana hotels are located outside of the city center, choosing pensions or bungalows are other cheap accommodation options in Adana.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adana

How long does it take to fly from Germany to Turkey?

It takes approximately 3.5 hours by plane from Germany to Adana.

What to eat in Adana?

The most famous Adana dishes are kebab, shirdan and Turkish stuffed meatballs.

What to do in Adana?

Swimming, sightseeing and taking culture tours are the best options for Adana.

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