Cheap Flights from Hannover to Kerkyra/Corfu

Hannover Airport (HAJ)

Flight duration 03:30

Corfu Airport (CFU)

About Kerkyra/Corfu

Feature / Location

One of the largest and greenest Ionian Islands / On the northwest of Greece, in the Ionian Sea




Warm and temperate climate. July is the driest month and November is when the most rain falls.

Time Zone



Relax on the beaches; try local cuisine; enjoy the gorgeous views

Corfu Population

The population of Corfu, according to recent findings, is listed as 102,071.

Corfu Weather

The island of Corfu has a warm and temperate climate. In terms of detailed Corfu weather, it is safe to say that the region receives more rainfall in winter than in summer. The average annual temperature of Corfu is 16.9°C, while the average yearly rainfall is 1,146 mm. July is the driest month of the year, whereas the most precipitation falls in November. Spring months are quite suitable for visiting the island as it is considered the launch time of the tourism season in Corfu. March, April, and May offer visitors a pleasant climate, a bright blue sky, and uplifting sceneries of the sun.

17 C Clear Sky
TODAY May 28, Tue
  • May 29, Wed 21 Broken Clouds
  • May 30, Thu 22 Broken Clouds
  • May 31, Fri 22 Broken Clouds
  • Jun 1, Sat 23 Clear Sky
  • Jun 2, Sun 22 Clear Sky

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Hannover - Kerkyra/Corfu Flight Ticket

Cheapest flight ticket Departure airport Flight duration Arrival airport Cheapest month
Hannover → Kerkyra/Corfu
flight ticket: 63.2 EUR
Hannover 3 hr 30 min Kerkyra/Corfu June

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