Protection Of Personal Data

Corendon Airlines (Turistik Hava Taşımacılık A.Ş.) respects confidentiality and values the safety of data. Therefore this text was composed to give you more information concerning the Turkish Law 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and other related legal issues.
On March 24th, 2016  Turkish Law 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data was approved and on April 7th, 2016 the text of this Law was publicized in the Official Government Paper and thus the Law came into force. Additionally, according to the 32nd article of the Law’s Enforcement heading, articles 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 have been valid since October 7th, 2016.
This Law was approved to arrange the procedures and principles regarding management of personal data, confidentiality of privacy, protection of personal rights and freedom and to organize the responsibilities during the processing of personal data by legal entities and real persons. With the information publicized here, we fulfill our duty resulting from this Law and we offer visitors of our website page “Protection on Personal Data and Authorization for Transfer of Personal Data” information to be examined.
Processing of Personal Data
The processing of personal data includes every change in data, applied either partially or wholly, automatic or manually as part of the data registration system, the registration, the collection, the storage, the change, the ordering, the publication, the transfer, the addition, the acquisition, the classification, or hinder the application of personal data.
Our reasons to process data
Your personal data is used to enable our company to offer you products and services. Therefore within our company adequate operations are necessary to offer you products and services, in accordance with your usage and purchase motivation, for which concerned departments and business relations need to take necessary actions; to maintain the company’s human resources policies and protect the rights of personnel and to enable our company to take, to apply and to realize commercial decisions and execute them;  safeguard business relations with our partners and to guarantee legal security;  set and achieve, a not only hereto limited, goals. For these reasons our company processes data in accordance with the articles 5 and 6 of the Law (KVKK).
Your personal data can be processed by Penta, as the data supervisor, without your explicit approval, in the below mentioned circumstances:
a) If Law conditions require so;
b) In case a situation requires to rescue someones life or body, or the lives or bodies of others;
c) In case of a contract, it might be necessary to process the personal data of the parties accurately and immediately;
d) If it is necessary that the data supervisor complies with legal obligations;
e) In case a person concerned acts publicly;
f) In case of facilitation, application or protection of a right, processing of data is necessity;
g) In case of lawful action by the data supervisor, data processing is compulsory if applied for the below mentioned purposes, on the condition that the rights and freedom of the concerned person will not suffer any damage,
Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes
To contact you, or to establish contact between you and others, as part of a work relation;
To inform you regarding changes in our conditions of rendering services, to inform you on important changes in our electronic services and to send you other, or administrative information;
To provide quality, training and safety improvements (for example the telephone conversations which are made, registered or monitored to our contact numbers);
To solve your complaints, to enable you to reach digital data and to deal with your requests for corrections;
To prevent, to detect and to investigate crime, including fraud and money laundering and to analyse and manage other commercial risks.
To be able to act according to effective law and to comply with legal obligations (including those effective outside your country of residence), including the legal regulations regarding money laundering and anti-terrorism legislation; to respect legal procedures and to respond to requests from official and government organizations (including those outside your country of residence);
For national political reasons and to achieve procedures, including management and control of our infrastructure and commercial actions, finance and administration, accounting, information systems, data and website hosting, business continuation and registration, information and documentation;
To establish and protect legal rights, to protect our business activities or those of our business partners, our rights, our privacy, our safety or our assets and/or those belonging to you or others and to apply available solutions, or to limit our damages;
To investigate, analyse and do market research, including customers satisfaction surveys.
To enable your participation in competitions, lotteries and promotions and to assist to these activities;
To facilitate sharing on social media;
To personalize your experiences with the electronic services through offering you customized informations and promotions. 
To Whom And For Which Purposes May Processed Personal Data Be Transferred
According to the conditions and purposes mentioned in articles 8 and 9 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, regarding the processing of personal data, collected personal data can be transferred to our business partners, suppliers, shareholders and all legal authorized government organizations and private persons, with the purpose to achieve juridical and commercial confidence for our company and  our business partners;  to allow different departments to fulfill their duties so that you may benefit from the products and services offered to you;  to fit products and services offered to you by our company exactly matches to your preferences, habits and needs; to establish and apply the commercial and labour management strategies; to apply the personnel management policy of our company.
Methods And Legal Reasons To Collect Personal Data
Your personal data is being collected by our company through different channels and for different legal reasons, for the purpose of conducting our commercial activities. Personal data collected for legal reasons happens in accordance with the conditions and for the purposes mentioned in articles 5 and 6 of the Law for the processing of personal data, and they may be processed and transferred as mentioned under the above purposes (b) and (c). 
Under Article 11 of the Law Mentioned Rights of The Owner of Personal Data
Rights of the Personal Data Owner Mentioned in the Article 11 of the Law
As owner of personal data you can send an application concerning your rights to our company in one of the ways mentioned in this informative text. The company will handle and respond to your request as soon as possible, but at the latest within 30 days. Your application will be handled and finalized free of charge. However, if the Commission on Protection of Personal Data decides the costs to be charged, then you will be charged these costs by our company regarding the determined fees.
Owners of Personal Data Can Apply and Request:
Information regarding the registration and processing of personal data;
Information whether or not personal data is used and processed, as well as information regarding the way in which this is done;
Information concerning the usage of personal data and whether this is done in an appropriate manner;
Information on the national or international third parties that the personal data is transferred to the transfer of personal data to third parties, national or international;
Information regarding incomplete and/or wrongly registered personal data and request to correct the personal data. Furthermore it is possible to request that the personal data will be corrected and that third parties will be informed accordingly.
Despite the fact that personal data is used in accordance with the KVKK legal conditions and other regulations, if the reasons to process the data are no longer available, an application can be made to remove the data, and a request to inform third parties accordingly;
Information regarding analysis of personal data by an authorized system and a complaint can be filed by the owner of the personal data if the result of the analysis is not favourable.
Information regarding unlawful use and a request can be made for indemnification of suffered losses resulting from the unlawful use.
According to article 13, sub 1 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, an request can be made to apply abovementioned rights. The request should be in writing, or any other by the Commmission approved way and must be sent to our company. As the Commission has not recommended any other way, the written request should be delivered, via the below mentioned channels or manners to our company and it should be in accordance with the Article 11 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.
You can execute your abovementioned rights in the framework of the Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, by filling an application form, see CorendonKVKBilgiTalepFormu.doc, and enclose copies of your identity card. A filled and signed copy of the application form, together with the photocopies of your identity card, addressed to Turistik Hava Taşımacılık A.Ş. Güzeloluk Mah. 1879 Sokak No:148 Muratpaşa – ANTALYA, could be delivered there in person or handed over by notary, or any other way mentioned in the KVK Law, or can be mailed to if signed with a secured electronic signature.