Cheap Flights from Antalya to Zurich

Antalya Airport (AYT)

Flight duration 02:30

Zurich Airport (ZRH)

About Zurich


In the heart of Europe / at foot of the European Alps


Swiss Franc


Summers are warm and sometimes wet; winters are cold, often with rain and snow

Time Zone

GMT +1


Go shopping, discover the city, enjoy the nature

Zürich Cuisine

Bircher muesli is made from oat flakes and ingredients based on grain, fruit or dried fruit, milk, yogurt, or fruit juice. Bircher muesli was developed around 1900 by the Swiss doctor Bircher-Benner, who wanted to reform breakfast. Another Zurich cuisine favorite, the Zürcher Geschnetzelte, was first mentioned in a cookbook in 1947. This recipe includes veal, white wine, cream, and meat sauce. Röstis are usually served with Zürcher Geschnetzelten. Also, you can find different styles and types of Zurich restaurants in almost every part of the city. To experience this magical city, book the next flight to Zurich from Corendon Airlines and start your journey.

Zürich Weather

In Zurich, the summers are mostly warm and sometimes rainy. In winter, Zurich weather can be cold, with rain and snow most of the time. For the year, the temperature typically varies between -3 degree Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. While the hottest month of the year is July, the coldest is January.

15 C Light Rain
TODAY Jul 13, Sat
  • Jul 14, Sun 26 Few Clouds
  • Jul 15, Mon 29 Few Clouds
  • Jul 16, Tue 25 Broken Clouds
  • Jul 17, Wed 29 Scattered Clouds
  • Jul 18, Thu 17 Broken Clouds

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Antalya - Zurich Flight Ticket

Cheapest flight ticket Departure airport Flight duration Arrival airport Cheapest month
Antalya → Zurich
flight ticket: 44.99 EUR
Antalya 2 hr 30 min Zurich July

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