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Small and Charming Island of Aegean Sea: Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is located at the northeasternnorth-eastern end of the Mediterranean basin and is the third largest island in the region, covering 9,521 square kilometerskilometres.  The island has rugged coasts, many very beautiful sandy beaches (more than 45 in number), rocky hills and forested mountains. The Troodos Mountains in the centre of the country rise to over 1950 m and offer excellent ski slopes in winter. Between this mountain range and the hills running eastwards along the north coast and the tip of the country to the east is the fertile Messaoria plain. The Morphou Plain on the coast of the bay of the same name lies in the west of the island. Official Language of Cyprus is Greek. 

Cyprus Population

Cyprus, with a population of 904,705, ranks 159th in the 196-country population table and has a moderate population density of 98 inhabitants per square kilometre.  

Cyprus Culture

Cypriots are renowned for their hospitality, sincerity and friendliness. The costume for female Cypriot consists of shirt, outer garment and long trousers caught around the ankle. The basic Cypriot male costume consists of vra'ka, pleated wide trousers and waistcoat, jacket and zibouni. Cyprus Music includes a number of folk, classical and classical genres. Some common rock bands in the country are Johnny & the Liars, Katadotes, Ophiochus, Quadraphonic, Prelude Scarlet Snow and Triple Jam.  Some of the sporting Activities in Cyprus are archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, football, golf, hiking, horse riding, water skiing, diving, squash, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, windsurfing and sailing.   

Cyprus Weather

In Cyprus, summers are hot, humid, arid and clear, and winters are cold, windy and mostly clear.

Cyprus Cuisine

Most Cypriot meals are accompanied by Greek Yoghurt and fresh salad. Meze is a common meal in restaurants. It consists of a variety of dishes including salads, grilled fish or meat. Cyprus Food is really liked in mediterranean countries. Cyprus Restaurants are easy to find in in all parts of the island.

Most important cities of Cyprus


Larnaca is a port city on the south coast of Cyprus. Larnaca is Known for its city beach, Finikoudes Beach, and its palm-fringed waterfront promenade. A highlight of the region is the Larnaca Salt Lake, a large body of water populated by flamingos. In the summer, the water evaporates and the surface resembles the moon. Next to the lake, you'll find Hala Sultan Tekke, a religious complex that accepts devotees of all faiths. Explore the site to learn about its importance in Islamic history.

To the west of the city, visit the Larnaca Aqueduct, a marvel of Ottoman ingenuity that supplied water from a spring and river for centuries. Its colossal arches and columns stretch for miles.

One of the most popular Activities in Larnaca is to visit the historic city centre and discover ancient gems such as the Fort of Larnaca. Its museum explains the castle's former function as a place of execution. Next door, you can find the Church of Lazarus, a 9th century spiritual centre where the tomb of a biblical character is said to be located. When you start to get hungry, Don’t forget to try delicious Cyprus Food in local Cyprus Restaurants. You can book your Flight to Larnaca at affordable prices with Corendon Airlines.

Frequently asked questions about Cyprus

  1. Are flight prices to Cyprus high?

You can fly to many destinations in Cyprus at very reasonable prices, if you book in advance. In summer, prices may be slightly more expensive than in winter. 

  1. How can I book my flight tickets to Cyprus?

You can book your Ticket to Cyprus easily on

  1. What is Cyprus famous for?

Cyprus is best known for the church of St. Lazarus, the finest example of Byzantine architecture on the island. In its old quarter it is very common to see older people playing tavli, a variety of backgammon, while sipping a frappe coffee, one of the island's most traditional beverages. Cyprus wine is also known world famous for its rich taste.

  1. Where is Cyprus located?

Cyprus is located in the south-eastern side of Europe and western side of Turkey.