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Living legacy of civilisation and cultures: Italy

Italy is a southern European country that is part of the European Union (EU). Its territory consists of the Italic Peninsula and two large islands in the Mediterranean Sea: Sicily and Sardinia. Surrounded by the Alps to the north, it is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

It has two independent states: San Marino and Vatican City, both of which are part of Italy. It is one of the eight most industrialised nations in the world and is full of treasures that reconstruct the history of the foundations of Western civilisation.  

Population of Italy

Italy, with a population of 58,983,122 people, is ranked 25th in the population table of 196 countries and has a population density of 195 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The Capital of Italy is Rome, and the Currency of Italy is the Euro. Italian is the common and official Language of Italy. It derives directly from Latin through a simplification of the grammar of Vulgar Latin. However, the ways of speaking in Italy vary from region to region, and it’s not unusual if you suddenly don't understand anything that is said in the street, because at a colloquial level, Italian dialects are frequently used. 

Culture of Italy

Italian culture is a mix of the different cultures produced on the Italian territory. Italy is renowned for its art, culture and many monuments, including the Tower of Pisa, the Roman monuments and the Roman Colosseum, as well as for its gastronomy (we should mention famous Italian Dishes are pizza and pasta), wine, lifestyle, paintings, design, cinema, theatre, literature and music, in particular opera. Italian Cinema has an excellent reputation and Italian Music is known all around the world. We should also mention the Italian Opera which is a must-visit for all lovers of the arts.

Italian cuisine

Italy's Food is varied. It reflects the cultural variety of its regions as well as the diversity of its history. Italian cuisine, which is part of the so-called Mediterranean Cuisine is practiced all over the world. It is very well known for its most famous dishes, such as pizza, pasta and risotto, but the truth is that it is a cuisine where the abundant smells and flavours of the Mediterranean coexist. Once you go to Italy, you will find many top-rated Italian Restaurants. Don’t forget that the different Cities of Italy may have local dishes.

Weather in Italy

Italy's Climate is mostly Mediterranean and is characterized by hot, dry summers and cold, rainy winters.

Most popular Italian cities 


The most significant sights in Catanzaro include the winding old town with the Bellavista lookout point, the Cavatore fountain, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, the Teatro Politeama and the spectacular Ponte Bisantis bridge, as well as the Scolacium archaeological site near the seaside resort of Catanzaro Lido. With unusual Activities in Catanzaro such as a guided bike tour through the city or a show cooking event with a local or a private city tour, you can round off your holiday and make it an unforgettable experience.


Olbia is mainly known as a harbour town and, for many tourists, is also the port of arrival of their ferry.

The city itself is very modern, and only in the centre are there still narrow shopping streets and old houses. As such, there are few sights in the city.

Instead of waiting for hours in the harbour for the ferry, we recommend parking the car at the Archaeological Museum and then strolling along the Corso Umberto. There are numerous small restaurants and shops here, and in summer there are also some market stalls.

There are interesting relics from Sardinia's History in the immediate vicinity.

Unfortunately, these places are difficult to find. However, the nice members of a local cooperative who look after some of the sights will be happy to help you.

Our tip: First drive to the "Sa Testa" fountain temple (it is easy to find) and have them explain to you how to get to the other sights. One of the best activities in Olbia is sightseeing at the Castello di Pedres. You’ll feel like you’re in the medieval ages.

Frequently asked questions about Italy

1. Are flight prices to Italy high?

You can fly to Italy at very reasonable prices on, provided that you book in advance. In summer, prices may be slightly more expensive than in winter. 

2. How can I book my flight tickets to Italy?

 You can book your tickets easily on

3. What is Italy famous for?

Italy is famous for its art, culture and numerous monuments, including the Tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum, as well as for its gastronomy (famous Italian dishes are pizza and pasta), wine, lifestyle, painting, design, cinema, theatre, literature and music, in particular opera.

4. Where is Italy located?

Italy is located in southern Europe and is made up of the southern part of the Alpine arc, the Po Valley, the Apennine Peninsula, the large islands of Sardinia and Sicily, and several smaller islands. The Capital of Italy is Rome.