Flights to Las Palmas

Canary Islands holiday destination is one of the most popular Spanish destinations in the Atlantic Ocean. With a flight ticket to the Canary Islands many tourists visit this holiday paradise from the first day of each holiday season. An arrival with Corendon Airlines on Canary Islands Airport LPA is the easiest and most pleasant way to discover this holiday paradise.

Flights to Las Palmas for a price starting from €77.99

  • Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 15.08.2020

    from €97.99
  • Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 06.01.2021

    from €77.99
  • Hannover Airport (HAJ)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 03.01.2021

    from €97.99
  • Nuremberg Airport (NUE)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 06.01.2021

    from €77.99
  • Weeze Airport (NRN)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 01.01.2021

    from €87.99
  • Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 05.01.2021

    from €87.99
  • Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen (FDH)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 06.01.2021

    from €87.99
  • Saarbrücken Airport (SCN)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 03.01.2021

    from €87.99
  • Graz Airport (GRZ)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 07.01.2021

    from €88.99
  • Rostock–Laage Airport (RLG)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 06.01.2021

    from €97.99
  • Linz Airport (LNZ)Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)
    Departure Date 02.01.2021

    from €88.99

Canary Islands

Canary Islands holiday

The Canary Islands, a group of 7 big islands, were considered as a point of interception between America, Africa and Europe for a long time in history. It is a rich holiday paradise with a temperate subtropical climate to desert climate and a very special unique flora of green woods and even desert. Therefore, the Canary Islands are one of the ideal Spanish holiday destinations. Each year tourists arrive from Europe and many other parts of the world to spend their holidays here. Thanks to this stream of tourists during many years, the tourism infrastructure of the Canary Island is well developed. Tourists wanting to experience a sea holiday often prefer the Los Gigantes Beach on Tenerife, La Caleta; the Playa de Famara on Lanzarote; Las Maspalomas on Gran Canaria, and the Playa Guayedra. Populated Canary Islands are the 7 big islands of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. Besides these big islands there are some smaller populated Canary Islands that are part of this group of islands. The Canary Islands are the most favourite Spanish holiday destinations and they are included in the broad flight network of Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun begins on board. We very much welcome all tourists on board, who want to spend a great summer holiday in this popular Spanish holiday region.
Canary Islands holiday hint: If you like hot summer weather then a visit to the Canary Islands Tenerife, or Gran Canary is a recommend for you. Of this group of islands, Tenerife and Gran Canary have on average the highest temperatures.

How to find cheap Canary Islands flight tickets 

As soon as the summer season starts the interest in Canary Islands flight tickets increases. Each year large numbers of tourists, having found Canary Islands flight ticket deals suitable for their budget and with fitting departure dates, arrive from all parts of the world to enjoy the wonderful beaches of Tenerife and Gran Canary. The best address to find cheap Canary Islands flight ticket deals is at the expert in the field of holidays: Corendon Airlines. Tourists looking for cheap Spain Canary Islands flight tickets will have a pleasant travel experience with Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board. Thanks to the advantages of an early booking you can keep your holiday costs low, and even if an early booking cannot be realized, then you can book a Corendon Airlines last minute ticket that still ensures you good quality for a reasonable price. The Cologne flights of Corendon Airlines to the Canary Islands are direct and easy. On the Corendon Airlines internetsite you can book Canary Islands flight tickets for the most advantageous price and discover this favourite Spanish holiday paradise.
Canary Island flight ticket hint: Check and compare on the Corendon Airlines internetsite the ticket prices before you start to make your Canary Islands holiday plans. Each month there are reasonable prices available and if you arrange your holiday accordingly you will stay within the limits of your holiday budget without losing on quality service.

Canary Islands Airport and Transportation

Canary Islands Airport LPA is one of Spain’s popular destinations and this entrance door is for many millions of tourists the first acquaintance point.  Canary Islands Airport LPA is also named Gando airport and each year more than 13 million travellers pass here. It is the 6th busiest airport of Spain. It is located 25 km from the Bay of Gando and 19 km from Las Palmas de Gran Canary. 24 Hours a day Canary Islands Airport LPA is open. There are three terminals: Terminal A for European flights, Terminal B for domestic flights and Terminal C for flights between the islands.

Canary Islands Airport transportation

The bus services are arranged according to the Canary Islands departure and arrival times. Besides airport transportation by bus, there are taxi’s and car rental services available at the airport. The cheapest taxi fees in the whole of Spain are paid on the Canary Islands. A taxi ride from the airport to the city center takes just 20 minutes.
Canary Islands Airport LPA hint: In Terminal C, for air traffic between the islands, there is no passport control.

Canary Islands Direct flights

Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun begins on board, operates direct flights to the Canary Islands. As the number 1 airline company to fly to favourite holiday spots, Corendon Airlines offers you the opportunity to book a Canary Islands direct flight and discover this holiday paradise. When you want to fly for the most advantageous price from Germany to the Canary Islands you can visit and check the Corendon Airlines internetsite, or search on your mobile telephone. Cologne – Canary Islands direct flights are available at reasonable prices and still offer the highest quality in service. By adding Corendon Airlines’ travel extra’s to your ticket you can enrich your Canary Islands holiday with extra baggage right and meals on board. A Canary Islands direct flight is the easiest and quickest way to explore this Spanish holiday paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. Corendon Airlines operates flights directly to the Canary Islands from Cologne, an important base for new routes and destinations.
Canary Islands Direct flights hint: If you do not want to loose time and you want to start your holiday as comfortable as possible then you should choose to fly Corendon Airlines Cologne – Canary Islands direct flight.

Canary Islands suggestions

The beautiful sand beaches of the Canary Islands are one of the most suitable locations for a summer holiday and discovery tour. The Canary Islands are visited each year by countless tourists from all over the world and and they are perfect to enjoy an unforgettable holiday with tours in nature and cultural city visits.

Playa del Inglés

Playa del Inglès is on top of the list of places to visit during a summer holiday on the Canary Islands. This holiday resort was hidden until 1960. Since then thanks to investments it has developed in a very short time an excellent tourism infrastructure. Playa del Inglès, located on Gran Canary, is famous for beach football and volleyball. The 3 km long gold coloured sandy beach of Playa del Inglès is the first and best choice for a great sea holiday.


Another popular location for a summer holiday on the Canary Islands is Maspalomas on the south of the Gran Canary island, resembling California a bit. The dunes of Maspalomas are a “must” to see among the nature tours that you can do on the Canary Islands. Many tourists, having their holiday in the winter months, prefer to spend it in this region. Maspalomas with its 56 m high lighthouse, has a different city culture compared to the other Canary Islands and the Caraibean Islands.

Canary Islands Food culture

Canary Islands food culture mainly consists of potatoes and fish. During your stay on Canary Islands you could try a dish of potatoes with mojo sauce, or conejo al samorejoyu, a kind of rabbit ragout, is also worth to taste.

Canary Islands Accommodation

Canary Islands hotel and ticket deals are the best way to discover this holiday paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to keep your holidays on the Canary Islands economic then you should check and compare the accommodation deals. If your holiday dates are not yet known, then you could check and choose first the most convenient prices. In this way you can keep your available budget within the limits. Canary Islands are a very favourite touristic destination and therefore a wide scale of accommodation options can be found. For different categories, such as families, groups of friends, single travellers or (married) couples, different accommodation is available. The advantage of an early booking is that you can benefit from accommodation deals.
Canary Islands accommodation hint: If you stay longer than a week on the Canary Islands for holiday, then you could consider to spend your holiday on different islands to upgrade your holiday.


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