Flights to Maastricht

Maastricht, one of the oldest cities in Holland, is located close to Belgium and Germany. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers you the opportunity to discover this historic city, when you arrive with a Maastricht flight ticket on Maastricht/Aachen airport MST. Maastricht, capital of the province of Limburg, counts 1667 pieces of national heritage and after Amsterdam it is the second largest city in the Netherlands. With its universities, lively, creative cultural art world and deeprooted history Maastricht is included in the Corendon Airlines flight network.



Maastricht holiday

Maastricht, located in the south of the Netherlands, is, for tourists who want to enjoy a Turkey holiday, linked to Turkey holiday destinations by regular Corendon Airlines flights. In Roman times Maastricht was known as a settlement and nowadays with its food culture, art, culture and shopping centers it offers a rich choice of opportunities. For many people Maastricht, located on both sides of the river Maas, is the most beautiful town in Holland. Vrijthof is the heart of the city and every tourist should visit this square with the St. Servaas Church and St. Johns Cathedral, dating back to the year 1000 with their striking architectural details. Throughout the year there are many festivals and during carnaval celebrations things happen on this square that reminds of Mardi Gras. If you want to see the cultural heritage of Holland, developed by trade, then a visit to the townhall of Maastricht and to Markt square is a good choice. On Wednesdays and Fridays there is a market held on the square and it always is crowded in the shops, cafes and restaurants around the square. The cityhall dates from the 17th century and it is one of the few examples of baroque architecture in the Netherlands. Maatstricht is a good starting point if you want to enjoy a Turkey holiday. Corendon Airlines operates regular flights from Maastricht to Turkey holiday destinations and therefore not only from Holland, but also from Belgium and Germany tourists visit to Maastricht.
Maastricht holiday hint: In European modern history the city of Maastricht has  special value, because the agreement on the European currency, the Euro, was signed in Maastricht.

Find cheap Maastricht flight tickets

Maastricht flight tickets offered by Corendon Airlines are the most economic way to travel. Booking a cheap Maastricht flight ticket at Corendon you can visit the Bonnefantenmuseum for visual art, or you can descent down into the Caves of Zonneberg made by hand, or see Helpoort, the city gate to Maastricht. A cheap Maastricht flight ticket also enables you to enjoy the city parks, Markt square and Vrijthof. If an early reservation is not possible, then a last minute Maastricht flight ticket may be the solution to travel for an advantageous price. On the Maastricht destinations page you will find ticketdeals.

Maastricht Airport and Transportation

Maastricht/Aachen airport MST opens this region to the world and this airport is used by the Dutch city of Maastricht as well as by the German city of Aachen. Each year 150 thousand travellers pass through Maastricht/Aachen airport MST and from Antalya and Izmir Corendon Airlines operates flights to this airport. Maastricht/Aachen airport MST is located at a distance of 9 kilometers from Maastricht and it is 28 kilometers away from Aachen. Bus services from the airport to Maastricht city are scheduled according to the arrival and departure times of air traffic.

Maastricht/Aachen Airport transportation

Bus number 30 drives between the airport and Maastricht city and brings you to the Central Station in Maastricht. You can travel by car from Maastricht airport to the city center using highway A2. On Maastricht/Aachen airport there are car rental services and taxi services. At the airport are three different car rental companies available to rent a car from.
Maastricht/aachen airport hint: This airport is the second largest airport in Holland for cargo transportation.

Maastricht Direct Flights

On Corendpn Airlines internet site are Maastricht direct flight tickets available. Maastricht direct flights are operated during the holiday season, enabling tourists to participate in the exciting carnaval celebrations in this city. Thanks to Holland Maastricht flights you can discover architectural buildings in this historic town and stroll along the sides of the river Maas. From Maastricht operated Turkey flights offer the unique opportunity to spend a summer holiday in different destinations and enjoy sea, sun and sandy beaches. Starting in 2019 Izmir – Maastricht flights will be operated to discover popular Aegean holiday destinations. On the other hand in Maastricht tourists have the opportunity to experience the rich culture when they pay a visit to Centre Céramique and to the Natuurhistorisch Museum. Corendon Airlines Maastricht flights enable people to shop in famous department stores in the Grote en Kleine Straat.

Maastricht Suggestions

Maastricht is a compact city and on foot, or by bicycle you can go everywhere. If you want to see all places of interest during a city tour on foot then St. Servaasbrug is a good startpoint. From here there is a beautiful view over both shores of the city along the river. Next you walk into Stokstraat, the crowdiest spot in the old innercity. The oldest and only city gate in the Netherlands, Helpoort, is located here. Do not forget to pay a visit to Kapoenstraat and Vrijthof Museum. If you want to know more about culture and history of this city then you should walk to the old Markt square, dating from the 17th century. In Maastricht’s food culture “patat”, (french fries) stands out. At Reitz known since 1909 on Markt square you can taste this snack. Another wellknown local delicacy is “Knien in ‘t Zoer”, made of rabbit meat. A pause in Maastricht, the largest city in the province Limburg, is a good moment to try a slice of “Limburgse Vlaai”, a pie stuffed with fruits. You will not easily forget the taste of this pie, stuffed with cherries, or peaches, or strawberries. In the Jekerkwartier in Maastricht, sometimes referred to as the “gastonomic capital” are surprisingly good restaurants, an ideal spot to go and dine out. When you want to shop you should go to Rechtstraat, full of boutiques and stores. On Saturdays there is a fleamarket in Stationsstraat, where you may find special objects. Stadspark is one of the beautiful parks in the city where you can spend some time relaxing on the shore of the river Maas. Here you can see the walls dating from the Middle Ages and at the same time view 20 century built villa’s and statues. Another location worthwhile visiting is the Natuurhistorisch Museum with a collection of fossils from ancient times.
The climate in Maastricht is in the months July to September best suited for a holiday. In this period the weather is warm and there is light until late in the evening, so you can enjoy the streets of Maastricht for a long time.
Maastricht hint: The European Union was established in 1992 with the signing of the Maastricht Agreement. Alexander Dumas based the character of d’Artagnan in his book “The three musketeers” on the Frenchman Charles Batz de Castelmore who died in Maastricht.

Maastricht Accommodations

For a budget friendly travel you can check Maastricht hotel and ticketdeals. Maastricht accommodation deals offer convenient choices for each budget and for every tourist profile. People who like to explore historic locations in the city should choose hotels around Vrijthof with a lot of transportation facilities. If you intend to explore the vicinity, then Nijswiller castle near the village of Nijswiller offers authentic accommodation and it is a fine choice. An alternative worth considering is Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht, an old gotic monastry renovated into a 60 rooms hotel.

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