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Discover Nantes, a bustling artistic French city

Beach, Cuisine, Culture, Nature

The bustling French city is located on the waterside on the Loire River. In 2004 Time magazine described Nantes as the most liveable city in Europe and in 2013 it was voted the Green European Capital.

Feature / Location

Nantes is situated at the head of the estuary of the Loire River


Euro / Euro (€)


Suboceanic Climate with mild rainy winters and warm summers

Time Zone

CET Central European Standard Time/ GMT +1


Nantes Atlantique Airport


Noirmoutier Island , Château de Saumur

Nantes is a lovely city with a population of over 300,000 located in western France. The city is vibrant and full of life where history meets the modern day. An artistic city that is located on the Loire River that boasts many cultural attractions, a fun atmosphere and stunning scenery.

What Is Nantes Best Known For?

Nantes is best known for its artistic atmosphere boasting many cultural attractions including museums, art galleries and castles.

  • Beach
  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


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Grande Plage - Saint-Nazaire

Saint Nazaires Grande Plage Beach, 2miles in length and separated into two by a bronze statue where there are rocks at low tide. The sand is white fine sand perfect for sunbathing, beach activities and with a warm sea in the summer makes it a perfect place to spend the day. The part of the beach next to the harbour is called Little Traict Beach and the western part grand Traict Beach. For those with younger children we recommend Little Traict Beach with its children's play area. Please note in the height of the summer the town and beach can be busy.

Kerlédé Beach - Saint-Nazaire

Kerlédé Beach is situated along the rocky coast from the lighthouse of Villes Martin. The secluded beach is a sandy beach that is surrounded by a creek and a rocky coastline. To reach the beach you need to park your car at the fort in Villes Martin and walk the coastal path. Ideal for those couple or groups of friends who want to get away from the crowded main town beaches.

Villès-Martin Beach - Saint-Nazaire

Villès Martin Beach is a beautiful wide golden sandy beach. The beach is disabled friendly with easy access to those with reduced mobility and has lifeguards in the busier summer months. The beach is located in the centre of town and is generally busy throughout the summer months so arriving early to the beach to get a good spot is a must.


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Nantes is very proud of its variety of local produce. They have a high quality of growers, market gardeners, fishermen, breeders as well as cheese and wine makers. Thanks to this the restaurants utilize this excellent network to make their menus. Vegetables, Seafood, fish, Loire Fish and cheese are all staples of any main menu and house in Nantes. Belingot and Rigolette sweets, butterscotch caramels, sweet bread, Nantes cake, Chocolates and fruit cordial all make up the sweets of Nantes and this is all washed down with a glass of Muscadet wine sur Lie. If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy the local cuisine and some local evening entertainment then try The Bouffay District or Kervegan street both renowned for their great restaurants and bars but, also for their beautiful historical buildings.


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Château des Ducs de Bretagne

A beautifully large castle in the centre of Nantes built in 1207, Château des Ducs de Bretagne. It was the home of the Duke of Brittany for over three hundred years. A historical monument which is now the Nantes history museum with a large variety of artefacts of the heritage of the region. Typical exquisite French architecture, at night the castle is especially beautiful once illuminated. A must to add to your Nantes things to do list.

Les Machines de l’Ile

Les Machines de l’Ile known as the machines of the isle of Nantes are impressive and unique structures that are found dotted around the city, created by two artists François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice. They aim to show the city in a creative metropole of dream and fantasy. A firm favourite of the structures is the grand Éléphant which was also the first machine in the city. There are now several others which include a Sea Snake and a Manta Ray. The structures purposely show visible mechanisms which illustrates both Leonardo di Vinci's mechanical universe and the invented worlds of Jules Verne.

Nantes Cathedral

The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul of Nantes the cathedral construction took over 500 years. The cathedral is sometimes known as the Notre Dame of Brittany. The cathedral exterior is stunning with a white gothic façade surrounded by 2 massive towers with terraces that overlook the city. Stained glass windows are a highlight of this beautiful building. Inside of the Cathedral you will find a stunning great pipe organ, the tomb of Francis II, the last Duke of Brittany and a Romanesque crypt that holds the treasures of the cathedral. Nantes Cathedral is a must to add to your Nantes things to do list.


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Jardin des Plantes

The largest and prettiest Botanical Garden in Nantes, Jardin des Plantes was founded in the 18th century. The garden has flourished throughout the years with seeds brought to the city by ships returning from their worldwide journeys. Jardin des Plantes spans over 7,000 hectares and boasts more than 5000 of the 500 varieties of flowers. The fourth largest botanical gardens in France. The garden provides an oasis away from the cities hustle and bustle and allows you to unwind and be at one with nature. A must to add to your Nantes things to do list

Jardin Japonais

Jardin Japonais is an idyllic place to relax, unwind and find some peace. A small delightful park that’s located next to a charming canal in the Quai Henri Barbusse district. The park has imitated an oriental landscape complete with colourful cherry trees which come into full bloom and make for a majestic sight in springtime. A great place to spend an afternoon especially when the weather is warmer surrounded by rock gardens, waterfalls and exotic plants.

Versailles Island

Versailles island is 1.7 hectares of an artificial island that now resembles a Japanese Garden. In the heart of the island there is a traditional Japanese tea house that exhibits the fauna and flora of the river and the island is designed with rock shapes, waterfalls and vegetation. The island has been designed to create a typical Zen atmosphere. A must to add to your Nantes things to do list

Weather in Nantes

Nantes weather is a Suboceanic Climate with mild rainy winters and warm summers. The best time to visit for good weather is during June, July, August and September. The coldest month is January and the wettest month is December. For those who worship the sun then August is the best month to travel and also guaranteed to be dry.

6 C Overcast Clouds
TODAY Apr 11, Sun
  • Apr 12, Mon 11 Few Clouds
  • Apr 13, Tue 11 Clear Sky
  • Apr 14, Wed 11 Broken Clouds
  • Apr 15, Thu 11 Clear Sky
  • Apr 16, Fri 3 Clear Sky

Cities with direct flights to Nantes

Corendon Airlines connects you with direct flights to Nantes from Izmir, Turkey. Flights Direct to Nantes run throughout the summer months April - October once a week with Corendon Airlines. Nantes holidays are becoming more popular and this great route Izmir to Nantes helps make travelling to Nantes much easier.

Plan your whole trip to Nantes

Cheap flight tickets to Nantes

Corendon Airlines offer cheap flight tickets to Nantes through the Corendon Airlines Nantes flight ticket deals page, on the website or mobile app. When planning your flight, we recommend ensuring you have enough time to fully enjoy this bustling artistic French city. Being flexible with your dates can assist you in securing the cheapest flight deals to Nantes. A tip when booking your flight ticket with Corendon Airlines to Nantes is to pre book your flight seats, inflight meal and extra kilos when booking your ticket to get the best prices for your additional services.

Accommodation in Nantes

Nantes hotels range from budget to luxury. The best place to stay is around the city centre to ensure you are within walking distance of most of the major attractions. There are hotels located further out from the city centre and for those that would really like to immerse themselves in the culture of the region then why not try the romantic Chateau de la Sebiniere, located in the Nantes vineyards a small ivy clad Chateau set in its own garden and park. Hotels further out from the city centre can be better value for money however, the cost to then reach the attractions you would like to visit may outweigh any savings.

Airport and Transportation

Nantes airport, known as Nantes Atlantique Airport. Nantes airport is the third largest airport in the west of France located 10km southwest of Nantes city centre. The airport has only one terminal that serves both International and Domestic flights with many facilities available to passengers. To travel to the city centre you have three options; Bus, Taxi or Car rental. The bus runs every day from outside of Hall 2 and takes 20 minutes to arrive at Nantes railway station. The bus runs every 20 minutes Mon - Sat and every 30 minutes Sun and Public Holidays. The taxi rank is located outside of Hall 1 and takes 20 minutes to reach the city centre, we highly recommend that you only take a taxi from the official taxi cabs to ensure you aren't overcharged, the official company is Allo Taxis and run a 24-hr service. Car Rental is a very easy and convenient way to both get from the airport and to give yourself independence throughout your visit. Car Rental companies are located opposite the airport facilities close to the parking lots. The Car rental companies are reputable well-known companies. We highly recommend you pre arrange car hire before you arrive to ensure you are not disappointed and where you can usually secure the best deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nantes

What is the flight time from Izmir to Nantes?

The flight takes approximately 4 hrs.

What's the best time to visit Nantes?

The best time to visit Nantes is between June and September when the weather is at its best.

What's the hottest month to visit Nantes?

The hottest and driest month is August.

What's the best way to get around?

The best way to get around is by renting a car. This gives you complete independence on your visit.

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