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Explore Paris, The Capital of Love

One of the most popular and romantic capitals of Europe, Paris is one of the top three cities in the world with the highest number of visitors. The city, which was founded on the island of Cité on the Seine river, which is considered the center of the city in the third century BC, has taken its place in world history as one of the centers of civilization until today. Paris welcomes millions of visitors every year with its historical texture, its unique lifestyle, home to art and culture.

Features / Location

Capital of culture, art, taste


Euro (€)


June to August / Average temperature 20 ° C (68 ° F)

Time Zone

GMT +01: 00 London time zone


Charles De Gaulle Airport / CDG, Orly Airport / ORY, Paris Beauvais Airport / BVA


Culture and art tours, gastronomy, shopping

Paris, as the city of lovers, dreams of many people around the world. The architectural texture that carries the traces of millions of years and civilizations, the street musicians that will suddenly appear before you in the streets where you will enjoy getting lost while wandering, the metro where you can meet thousands of different people from the world, museums, squares that exhibit all examples of culture and art, cafes and restaurants where you can explore all world cuisines, as well as French cuisine. The lively nightlife is the beauties of the city that make up all these dreams.

What Is Paris Most Famous For?

The first square city that comes to mind when it comes to Paris is the Eiffel tower built in the 19th century, or maybe a French with a beret and baguette bread under his arm, maybe the lovers watching the Notre Dame Church sitting on one of the bridges on the Seine river. The fascinating beauty of Paris is its versatile beauty that allows everyone who comes to Paris to have a dream, a movie of their own

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paris

How many hours does it take from Turkey to Paris by plane?

Although it depends on your point of origin, Turkey -Paris flight duration of about 4 hours.

In which season should I go to Paris?

You can visit Paris in four seasons, discover the changing face of the city in every season, follow the cultural and artistic activities unique to the months, enjoy the social life in the city and the traces of the seasons in the parks.

How many days should you stay in Paris at least?

To visit Paris in the shortest and fastest way, you should spare at least three or four days. You will never regret having visited this special city more than once in your life, where you can discover a different face every time you visit.

What can i buy in Paris?

You can buy the latest fashion collections of famous ready-to-wear brands from Paris, one of the world fashion capitals, especially during the winter and summer discounts, and you can also find examples of all French and world brands in cosmetic products and perfumes.

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Direct Flights to Paris

Paris direct flights: There are three airports where direct flights to Paris, carrying visitors from all over the world, land and take off. Orly Airport is the south of the city and the closest to the city, but Charles de Gaulle, the most developed and passenger airport, and Beauvais Airport, which has been serving the flights of low cost companies in recent years, are frequently used. With Corendon Airlines flying to Charles de Gaulle Airport, it is possible to find your Paris flight ticket from Antalya

Choosing Your Paris Ticket…

Cheap Paris Flight Tickets

Paris is completely left to visitors, especially in the summer when the French go on vacation and vacate the city. It may not be easy to find cheap flight tickets to Paris, especially during this period however, if you buy your ticket from Corendon Airlines and plan your holiday after June, you can find the cheapest Paris tickets. To find good deals on flights to Paris, you can browse Paris flights departing from Antalya to . From the moment you purchase your Paris flight ticket with Corendon Airlines, you can use your budget for the shopping and tastes you will discover while traveling the city.

From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris

After arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport with Corendon Airlines, you will have many options to reach the center of Paris. The fastest way to reach the city from the airport is the RER B suburban train, which passes through the city center and provides direct transportation between Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airport. Apart from the train, there are also private buses and city buses that have stops at every terminal at the airport and serve certain points in the city center, depending on the region you will go to.

Accommodation in Paris

There are accommodation options for every budget in Paris. In addition to the most luxurious Paris hotels of five stars and above, you can diversify from the tiny rooms in the penthouses of the Parisians who have rented their homes daily in recent years, and you can discover bakeries, cafes and lives reflecting the unique lifestyle of Paris in each neighborhood you stay. Before booking a Paris hotel, we recommend that you check the distance of your hotel from the metro stations and museums and palaces in the city center and make your plans accordingly.

Weather in Paris

Although the four seasons are noticeable in Paris, the number of rainy days is quite high on average. Despite this, it is a city where you can experience both sun and rain during the day. In Paris, in the summer months, air temperatures well above average temperatures have been observed in recent years. In these situations where you can enjoy the sun as if you were on the southern beaches, you can enjoy the long summer nights in the cool gardens of Paris under the skies that darken quite late or sit on the banks of the Seine and watch the river ships passing by.

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