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Discover the charming Moroccan port town: Al Hoceima

The vibrant hills, the stunning Rif mountains, and the spectacular clear blue Mediterranean beaches make Al Hoceima one of Morocco's most beautiful and attractive spots. Since it offers unmatched natural scenery and a variety of amazing attractions, Al Hoceima has gained giant popularity as a tourist destination over the past few years. Make sure to book one of the Al Hoceima flights in order to explore this up-and-coming and modern location.

Feature / Location

A port town with great beaches / Northern coast of Morocco


Moroccan Dirham


Summers are short, hot, arid; winters are long, cool, windy

Time Zone



Al Hoceima Cherif El Idrissi Airport


Relax on the beaches; enjoy local food

Al Hoceima is a small city with great beaches and delicious local cuisine. This Moroccan port town is a popular destination for locals as well as international visitors exploring the Moroccan coast. Most travelers choose this spot for the alluring Al Hoceima beaches, inviting Al Hoceima restaurants by the coast, and luxury Al Hoceima hotels. The city is quite close to the Rif mountains, with awe-inspiring vistas, impressive gorges, and stunning wildlife.

Places to See in Al Hoceima

The ideal destination for relaxing holidays in a beautiful seaside resort city, Al Hoceima is a small treasure on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. The Riffian town will charm you with its rich past, well-preserved historic buildings, and white and blue landscape. Since it is located on the northern edge of the Rif mountains, facing the Mediterranean Sea, it perfectly combines sea and mountain activities. Much of what makes Al Hoceima popular is its local lifestyle, apart from its impressive mountain ranges and sandy beaches. Make sure to take advantage of busy downtown squares, local markets, and street food stalls. Going hiking in the Rif mountains, visiting the Towers of Alcala, exploring the sea beds at Plage Isri, and walking around the Al Hocemia National Park are only a few of the activities you can embark upon throughout your journey. You can also try various water sports at Tharra Youssef and enjoy the panoramic sea views from Morro Viejo. Although things to do in Al Hocemia never end, you will ultimately find yourself lured by the city's beautiful and inviting beaches at some point during your stay. The city's beaches are mostly sandy and get quite busy during the summer months. The beaches in the outskirts of the city center are usually less crowded and are perfect for a peaceful and quiet sunbathing session—many count Al Hoceima's beaches among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. You can drive about ten minutes outside the city to find almost private white sand beaches that seem untouched. In the heart of the town lays the Quemado beach, which is far less unspoiled than the other beaches, though it can be quite crowded in the summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Al Hoceima

What is the official language spoken in Al Hoceima?

The official languages used in Al Hocemia are Standard Arabic and Moroccan Berber. With the rise of tourism, English is becoming more and more standard each year as a second international language.

What is the currency used in Al Hoceima?

As with most of the Moroccan cities, the currency used in Al Hoceima is the Dirham (MAD).

What are the most popular attractions in Al Hoceima?

Located in the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima area of Morocco, the city has many popular attractions, including Quemado Beach, and Corniche Morro Viejo, making it well worth a visit.

Where can I find affordable flights to Al Hoceima?

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Al Hoceima flight ticket

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Rotterdam → Al Hoceima
flight ticket: 79.99 EUR
Cherif Al Idrissi Airport 2 hr 0 min 20 Aug 2024

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Al Hoceima History

Al Hoceima Morocco is a modern seaside resort founded by the Spanish as Villa Sanjuro, and it is known for its quiet, relaxing, and hassle-free nature. After the Rif Wars in the early 20th century, the town was built as a garrison, and rebel Abd Al Krim operated nearby. After gaining independence, the town's name was changed to Al Hoceima, but Spanish influence remains strong in business, architecture, and language. The Spanish colonized the city for more than four decades. Today, you can still get a hint of the European architectural influence throughout the town's landscape.

Al Hoceima Cuisine

It would be best if you didn't leave Al Hoceima without trying their delicious fresh fish. Spanish and Moroccan flavors and techniques have influenced local cuisine, and this mixture of approaches means plenty of local dishes are waiting for you at Al Hoceima restaurants. We suggest that you give a go to both traditional Moroccan dishes, as well as Spanish classics like paella. Some local delicacies to try in Al Hoceima include tagine (fish, meat, or vegetable stew), harira (legume and tomato soup), maakouda (fried potato pancakes), saykouk (soup made with couscous and fermented milk), harcha (sweet semolina pan-fried bread), roasted anchovies served with smoked tomatoes and peppers, marinated chicken skewers with spices and herbs, and grilled fish and seafood.

Al Hoceima Weather

In Al Hoceima, the average temperature of the warmest month, August, is 24.9 °C, and the average temperature of the coldest month, January, is 12.7 °C. Taking a closer look at Al Hoceima weather, we can state that the summers are short, warm, muggy, arid, and mostly clear, while the winters are long, cool, windy, and partly cloudy. The best time of the year to visit Al Hoceima is from Mid September to April when the city's streets and beaches are not as busy as during peak seasons.

Al Hoceima Population

Al Hoceima is a province in the region of Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Morocco, and its population is 118.463.

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