Corendon Airlines Become Fly to Future  Sponsor of Altınordu Football Club

Corendon Airlines Become Fly to Future Sponsor of Altınordu Football Club

Corendon Airlines, among the most imporant airlines of Europe and Turkey with 4 million passengers to 45 countries and 145 airports, became “Fly to Future” sponsor of Altınordu Football Club, making a difference with their motto “Good Individual - Good Citizen - Good Football Player”. 


Signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement, which has a great importance for Turkish football, was organized at Altınordu Football Club’s Metin Oktay Campus, hosted by Altınordu Football Club President Seyit Mehmet Özkan. 


Corendon Airlines President of the Board of Director Yıldıray Karaer, making a statement at the signing ceremony, followed by a great number of press members expressed his opinions with the following words:


“We will contribute to Altınordu Football Club’s vision to invest in the future”


“As Corendon Airlines, we are making a difference thanks to our innovative vision, philosophy of high-quality service, flight destination variety and plans oriented towards the future. We proudly represent our country abroad as a Turkish company.


Moreover, we are one of the greatest supporters of Turkish sports within the framework of our vision of creating social values. We provide sponsorship contributions to respectable and long-established sports clubs in our country. 


To be the sponsor of Altınordu Football Club, which made a difference under the leadership of Seyit Mehmet Özkan, which is training real professional football players from the kids of these lands, makes us really happy as a company making a difference in its own field. 


Like Altınordu Football Club, we also believe that big accomplishments can be achieved if we trust Turkish youth, and we are cooperating with Altınordu Football Club in this respect. We are sure that our sponsorship will make a great contribution to Altınordu Football Club’s vision of investing into the future as well as Turkish football.


“We will also support U12 İzmir Cup organized by Altınordu Football Club”


Within the scope of our “Fly to Future” sponsorship which we wish to last for a long time, we will be on the uniforms of Altınordu Football Club with our logo, support our youth trained in advanced football to participate in the international youth tournaments, respond to their accommodation needs, and will organize tournaments together.



Besides, we will support U12 İzmir Cup, which gathers kids coming from rather distant regions of the world around football and entertainment, and which has a rather respectable place in youth tournaments, and ensure this organization to be more colorful. 


We would like to thank especially Seyit Mehmet Özkan and everyone who contributed to the realization of this sponsorship with Altınordu Football Club, which is shown as an example club throughout the world.


“We are beginning the journey for the future with Corendon Airlines”


Emphasizing that “Altınordu is an organization with a slogan (Good Individual, Good Citizen, Good Football Player) and starting its journey to give hope to the kids of these lands for the future”, Altınordu Football Club President Seyit Mehmet Özkan stated that “And the essential condition to be good is continuity and to work together with good friends. Petrol Ofisi was our first good friend, our fellow traveler.  Just after them, we acquired two valuable friends such as Axa Sigorta and KİP. And now, we are beginning the journey for the future with Corendon Airlines. Honestly, it really make us happy to know and see that we are not alone.”


“It is important to walk together”


Indicating that he does not like the word “sponsorship” and considers valuable enterprises such as Corendon Airlines as companies “We walk together”, Özkan expressed that: “These enterprises are not simply logos attached on the jerseys. We cooperate in order to carry the kids of these lands into the future. In this respect, every signature we append is so valuable. Corendon Airlines and Altınordu are rather alike. It really made us happy to see Corendon Airlines with us as they were born on these lands and turn towards Europe and really appraise sports.  While Altınordu and Corendon Airlines cooperation is allowing the Altınordu youth to go to Europe, which is the real stage of football, it will also take the biggest youth tournament of Europe, International U12 İzmir Cup, one step further. We would like to thank especially Mr Yıldıray Karaer and everyone who worked for this cooperation, and we can’t wait to fly to future together.”


Press conference held at Altınordu Football Club Metin Oktay Campus ended with the signing ceremony and the photo-shoot. 


Providing sponsorship contribution to many sports branches such as cycling, basketball, football, volleyball, handball, korfball, ice hockey, baseball and ice-skating, will continue to support Turkish sports throughout 2020.