Enjoy a holiday in Curaçao - a tropical and exotic paradise

Enjoy a holiday in Curaçao - a tropical and exotic paradise

Fall in love with Curaçao's pearly white sandy beaches, breathtaking diving sites and colourful streetscapes. Opt for a holiday in Curaçao and do what the locals have been doing for generations: relax! Fly to the paradise island of Curaçao in about 9 hours with Corendon and enjoy all the treasures the island has to offer. Bon Bini, or welcome to Curaçao!

Dream holiday in Curaçao

Sun, sea and sand are the main features of the much-loved destination of Curaçao. Curaçao is a popular holiday island in both summer and winter. And rightly so! Curaçao belongs on the list of must-see Caribbean islands. Set foot on an endless white sandy beach and feel the coolness of the deep blue sea with palm trees swaying in the background. The island of Curaçao has a great variety of beaches, with no less than 38 of them in total. Until 2010, Curaçao was part of the Netherlands Antilles, but today the island is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Diving and snorkelling in Curaçao:

Nowhere is the underwater world as beautiful as Curaçao. With about 60 breathtaking diving and snorkelling sites, the island is rightly referred to as a paradise for divers.

Willemstad: the colourful capital of Curaçao

When one thinks of Curaçao, colourful houses spring to mind. The capital Willemstad is famous for being a resort where colonial style meets a variety of Caribbean colours. The centre of Willemstad is divided into two parts by Sint Anna Bay. The Punda district is on the east side and the Otrobanda district is on the west side. The Rif Fort, which is now a shopping centre, is located right by the water. The restaurants serve dishes influenced by the predominantly Dutch and Afro-Caribbean cuisine.

Temperature and weather in Curaçao

The exotic island, which is located in the middle of the tropics, has an average temperature of 28 degrees and a whopping 8 hours of sunshine. The average sea temperature is 27 degrees - all year round! It is never too hot on the island either thanks to the northeast wind. Meaning the weather is always nice in Curaçao - even in winter.

Your flight to Curaçao

This winter, Corendon will be flying nonstop from Amsterdam to Curaçao 5 times a week - starting 3rd November. The flight will take place in a brand new state-of-the-art Airbus A350-900 wide-body aircraft, which is specially designed for long-haul flights and offers great comfort.

We’re flying with a state-of-the-art Airbus A350-900! It has plenty of seats, a total of 432 in fact, and there is more legroom than you might expect. This aircraft is specially equipped for long-haul flights. Its unique air humidity system to name but one thing: the air is freshened every two to three minutes and there is a higher air pressure in the cabin. Meaning you arrive at your destination feeling more rested - no more jetlag! In addition, most of the aircraft's fuselage is made of carbon fibre composite instead of aluminium. This saves weight and thus fuel, making it one of the most economical long-haul aircraft in the world.

Adult-only zone

Are you looking to travel in peace and quiet, and arrive at your destination feeling relaxed? Then choose a seat in the adult-only zone for passengers aged 16 and above. After booking, you can reserve your seat in the adult-only zone at fly.corendon.com (for a fee and subject to availability).

XL seats

These are seats with more legroom (about 96.5 cm) and are only for passengers aged 16 years and above. XL seats are located in the adult-only zone and near the emergency exits in the rest of the aircraft. Reserve your XL seat after booking at fly.corendon.com (for a fee and subject to availability).