Corendon Airlines, Organizes For The Fourth Time TFO (Trainee Fiirst Officer) Project For Second Pilot Candidates!

Corendon Airlines, which is implementing many new applications in the civil aviation industry, is organizing for the fourth time the TFO (Trainee First Officer) project for First Officer candidates - eagerly awaited by pilots without type rating training. After passing the pre-selection stage of this project, candidates will begin their training in September.
Corendon Airlines is busy with preparations for the fourth TFO (Trainee First Officer) project since 2015, intended for First Officer candidates who have not yet had type rating training.
The candidates of this project are flying school graduates, who, after successful completion of the selection procedure, will receive an employment contract as well as type rating training. The selected candidates are offered favourable employment conditions and upon their employment they will be restituted the costs of their type rating training.
It is now the fourth time that Corendon Airlines is organizing this project, which was run with Corendon’s own facilities in the previous two years. Ahmet Özkan, Corendon Airlines’ Manager for Flight Training said: “Corendon Airlines has, within its own organization, all the facilities for training flying school graduates according to international standards. We are pleased and proud that this project gives us the opportunity to train First Officers and that they will stay with our family and work in our sector for many years.”
First Officer Candidates who pass the pre-selection stage of the TFO project will be invited for an interview and simulator test in August. Candidates who successfully complete the entire procedure will start their type rating training in the second week of September and will participate in scheduled flights immediately after that.
If you are interested in being considered as a candidate for this project, please see this link for more information and conditions: