Corendon Airlines Support For The Turkish Red Crescent

Corendon Airlines showing it’s sensitivity to social responsibilty projects has attracted attention in setting an example and has broken new ground again. Corendon Airlines organized a blood donation cam Turkish Red Crescent with this campaign.

In this respect, Corendon Airlines has also set an example in other projects such as the “One Million Trees” campaign along with other campaigns in sport, education and aviation.

Corendon Tourism Group, employer of close to 1500 people, continues to be one of the leading names in the international air transportation and tourism sector by contribution in the national economy. Corendon Airlines General Manager Yıldıray KARAER expressed about the Red Crescent Blood donation campaign: “Blood is the most basic need in saving a person’s life. A person’s life comes before anything personal or financial. Our mission with this campaign was to help as many people as possible on a voluntary basis and also promote awareness. The General Headquarters voluntary blood drive has left an unequaled treasure that will live on forever for furture generations.”