Go sun-searching instead of egg-hunting

Go sun-searching instead of egg-hunting

Easter is here - time for a holiday!
Whether with one other person or the entire family, the Easter holidays offer that great opportunity we have all been desperately waiting for: a holiday under the sun. The rising temperatures and that spring feeling just make our feet itch even more!

Off to the south.
No matter whereabouts, spring is especially beautiful in the south! How about an island holiday? Mallorca during the gorgeous almond blossom season, for example, or Madeira, also known as the island of eternal spring. Head to Crete, where the wildflowers and herbs will be in bloom, or to the Canary Islands with their wonderful temperatures and sunshine. Hurghada is the diver's paradise with a fascinating underwater world and has bathing weather as early as in April. Or choose Antalya, where you will experience the awakening of nature at almost summer-like temperatures.

Head to the most beautiful sunny destinations with Corendon Airlines.
With Corendon Airlines, you can fly over Easter to the most beautiful sunny destinations around the Mediterranean, to the Canary Islands, Madeira or Hurghada at low prices. And at last, you’ll be able to lie on the beach at pleasant temperatures and enjoy the spring under the shining sun.

And let's face it! Who would object to doing their egg-hunting on a beach in the south this year instead of in the garden? Just one drawback though: the chocolate may melt...