ITU students realize space projects under Corendon sponsorship

The APIS Satellite Research team, established by students of the Instanbul Technical University, has added a new award to its collection from national and international competitions. Thanks to the sponsorship of Corendon, who contribute to waving the Turkish flag in many countries by organizing touristic flights, the team achieved first place in the category “critical design” and ninth place in the “general” category with designs for model satellites in the Türksat Model Satellite Competition.
Under the sponsorship of Corendon, who contribute considerably to Turkish tourism with their modern fleet, the APIS Research team cannot get enough awards! The Team, which achieved first place in the 2016 APSCO Cansat International Competition, received even more awards during the “Second Model Satellite Competition” organized by Türksat from 7 – 9 September 2017.
Altuğ Ertan, spokesman of the team, which is sponsored by Corendon Airlines in support of the education of students in the field of aviation and space technology, declared the aim for the competition: “The task of this year’s competition was to move a satellite up to 500 meters with the help of a drone and to then disconnect, successfully separating the container and the cargo at 400 meters. During the cargo’s descent by parachute to 400 meters, the temperature, heat, pressure and height were measured, indicating the exact position. All data was sent directly to the ground station by means of video transmission.”
Gathering experience in space projects on a low budget
The Model Satellite Competition, organized by Türksat to support the education of students in the field of space technology, offers students the opportunity to gather experience of space projects on a low budget. The competition, which is being held this year for the second time and will be organized annually from now on, gives engineering students the chance to obtain experience with space projects and to contribute to developments taking place in this field in Turkey.
Corendon Airlines’ Chairman of the Board, Yıldıray Karaer, emphasized the importance of education for those students who will give direction to future technology in Turkey.
“We have made great progress in the field of aviation and space technology in Turkey. Teams such as the APIS Research team established by ITU students, who have participated in competitions abroad, have proven how great and quick technological progress can be. This is especially true of space technology when supported in Turkey. We would like to thank all team members and teachers of the APIS Research team sponsored by us” said Karaer.
Talented ITU students race from one success to the next
The APIS Satellite Research Team was established in 2015. This team consists of 26 students from different faculties of the Istanbul Technical University. The APIS Team represented Turkey and participated on behalf of Tübitak in the Cansat International Competition in 2016, organized by APSCO (Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization). Participation in this event was restricted to one entry per country only and the Apis Team succeeded in achieving first place worldwide. In the NASA-organized model satellite competition (AIAA Cansat Competition 2017), the Team under Corendon sponsorship won first place worldwide and thus also in Europe.