The Wind In Alaçatı Blows For Koruncuklar!

For the Turkish Foundation Protection of Children (Koruncuk) it was this year for the third time that the Koruncuk Surf Festival was organized in Alaçatı on 29th and 30th August 2018. Corendon Tourism Group was head-sponsor of this event, inwhich more than 100 young sporters participated, experiencing colourful and exciting moments on the sea during the festival. On the last day of the event the winners received their awards during the award ceremony presented by Saba Tümer. 
The Koruncuk Surf Festival was organized in Alaçatı for the third time and resulted in some colourful sights. The festival was organized for the Turkish Foundation Protection of Children (Koruncuk), whose goal it is to let children from the pre-school age onwards grow up in loving and caring conditions and prepare them for a full participation in society.
With Corendon Tourism Group as head-sponsor the races were held on 29th and 30th August and young sporters at sea showed some splendid moments, watched by their family members and the audience full of excitement.
More than 100 young sporters, divided into girl and boy category, participated in the races held at the Çağla Kubat Windsurf Academy in Alaçatı. After the exciting races the award ceremony was presented by Saba Tümer. The winners in the age group younger than 13 years were Elif Ercan, girls and Ozan Özay,boys; in the age group younger than 17 years Aylin Özay, girls and Angeli Hacudi, boys were the winner; while in the age group younger than 21 years Nazlı Deniz Örenlı for the girls and Ali Maga for the boys came to the stage to receive their awards.
Races of young sporters give hope to Koruncuklar
Thanks to the 3rd Soruncuk Surf Festival the Urla Children Village project, presently in its last stage of preparations, will be supported. After its establishment in 1992 and opening of the first Istanbul Bolluca Chrildren Village, now the second Koruncuk village in Turkey will be built in Barbaros near the city of Urla on a 15.000 square meter area.
From Alaçatı to Ibiza: special Corendon awards
As head-sponsor of the 3rd Koruncuk Surf Festival the Corendon Tourism Group celebrated the success of the young sporters with very special awards. The first prize winners received a two nights stay in the one and only directly near the sea located hotel in Alaçatı: Premier Solto Hotel by Corendon. Second prize winners were awarded a diner for two in the Premier Solto Hotel by Corendon, while third prize winners received the award of a day long swimming in the hotel`s swimmingpool.
The very special prize, that the Corendon Tourism Group made available for this occasion, caused a lot of excitement during the festival. After lottery this prize, a three day holiday in the Marble Stella Maris Hotel on Ibiza, was won Su Değirmenci and handed over to her on behalf of the Corendon Tourism Group by Hazan Karaer. The Marble Stella Maris Hotel on Ibiza is an interesting investment in the hotel industry done by the Corendon Tourism Group and it is the first Turkish hotel on Ibiza.
The Salcano company, also a sponsor of this festival, awarded category winners with a bicycle. After the award ceremony the young sporters of the Koruncuk Surf Festival accepted lots of congratulations.
Awarded by the Corendon Tourism Group:
Age group younger than 13 years
1. Elif Ercan
2. Mimoza Meroni
3. Zeynep Hacudi
1. Ozan Özay
2. Emre Gürsoy
3. Mert Kaçan
Age group younger than 17 years 
1. Aylin Özay
2. İpek Kaçan
3. Elif Ercan
1. Angeli Hacudi
2. Sarp Önkahraman
3. Berke Özay
Age group younger than 21 years
1. Nazlı Deniz Örenli
2. Aylin Özay
3. İpek Kaçan
1. Ali Maga
2. Sarp Önkahraman
3. Emin Gürsoy