Flights to Kos

The Kos vacation region welcomes every year countless numbers of tourists from many places in Europe and the whole world. Plane tickets to Kos are available on the internetsite of Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board and you can book your ticket for cheap prices. Flights from Cologne to Kos Airport KGS will be part of Corendon Airlines network for the new season.

Flights to Kos for a price starting from €47.99

  • Hannover Airport (HAJ)Kos International Airport (KGS)
    Departure Date 04.08.2020

    from €67.99
  • Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)Kos International Airport (KGS)
    Departure Date 21.10.2021

    from €47.99
  • Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)Kos International Airport (KGS)
    Departure Date 20.10.2020

    from €47.99
  • Nuremberg Airport (NUE)Kos International Airport (KGS)
    Departure Date 12.07.2020

    from €57.99


Kos holiday guide

Among Greece holiday destinations Kos is the perfect destination for people who want to enjoy a sea holiday. Kos is part of a group of twelve islands and due to its long sandy beaches it became very popular als summer holiday destination. Tourists looking forward to a sea holiday prefer and choose a summer tour to Kos. Corendon, the Airlines, where holiday fun starts on board, has included the Kos holiday region in its network of flights, because Kos is wellknown for fun on the beaches. It is the perfect place for a sea holiday, far away from daily hectic life here you can enjoy a calm summer holiday. The distance between the populated areas on Kos are reasonably short, therefore to rent a car is advisable so you can organize transportation yourself. A “must” during a Greece holiday are cultural tours and the historic and cultural inheritance of Kos, as well as its infrastructure are very suitable for it. In the historic old center of Kos there are buildings with Ottoman and Venetian architecture. The temple of Asklepios is one of the places of interest on Kos, after Rhode the most popular of the twelve islands. The Mastihari en Agios Stefanos beaches are favoured by tourists due to its crystal clear sea and it is suitable for windsurfing.
Kos holiday hint: Arrange your Kos holiday plans to explore the coastal area of the island. The inner parts are populated and from touristic point of view has not so much to offer.

To find cheap Kos flight tickets

Kos flight tickets are much sought after as soon as the summer season starts. Thanks to Kos flight deals countless tourists come to Kos and visit the Kefalos Beach, the city center and the Neratzia Castle. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers on its internetsite Kos Greece cheap flight tickets. Kos cheap flight tickets are offered each month by Corendon Airlines for the most advantageous prices. When you just started to plan the beach activities, that you want to do during your Kos holiday, such as diving or windsurfing and you have missed the luck of an early reservation, then you can look at the Corendon Airlines internetsite for very advantageous last minute tickets. With a Kos Greece cheap flight ticket from Corendon Airlines and including some travel extra’s, you can enrich your holiday experience, even before your holiday really starts. Corendon Airlines, expert in the field of holiday routes, has added new Kos – Cologne flights to its network, so that tourists can enjoy an unforgettable holiday on one of the most popular Greek holiday destinations.
Kos flight tickets hint: If you want to find the most advantageous price for your holiday, then reserve at least two month ahead a flight ticket on the Corendon Airlines internetsite.The most convenient flight tickets are in general available two month prior to the flight.

Kos airport and transportation

Kos airport KGS is the entrance door to one of the most favourite holiday destinations in Greece: the island of Kos. The 5.900 square meter airport has one terminal, the first introduction point for tourists who fly to Kos. Arranged according to the Kos departure and arrival times KTEL busses await at the Kos airport KGS to take passengers to Kos city center, Mastihari and Kardhamena. There also is transportation to Kefalos available at Kos airport KGS. An other means of transportation on Kos airport KGS is a taxi. The price of a drive from the Kos airport KGS to the city center of Kos is approximately € 35,00. There are four different car rental companies available on Kos airport KGS. Thanks to all these airport transportation options you can start your holiday easy and carefree. Around 2 million tourist a year visit Kos airport KGS. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, flies often to the Kos airport during the whole holiday season. At the airport there are facilities available for the disabled and there are duty free shops and baggage service.
Kos airport hint: Airport transfers between Kos airport KGS and the city center of Kos takes about half an hour. Do not forget that you need to be in the airport at least 1 hour prior to the departure of your flight. 

Kos direct flights

With Kos direct flights tourists from all parts of Europe visit this Greek holiday paradise. With Kos – Cologne flights Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers the opportunity to experience a fantastic holiday for an advantageous price. During the whole holiday season Corendon Airlines operates flights from Kos. Germany – Kos flights can be much more comfortable by booking travel extra’s and tourists can enjoy an unforgettable holiday on fine sandy beaches of Kos. With a direct Kos flight you can immediately visit the center of Kos and discover the Ottoman and Venetian architectural heritance of Kos, or experience authentic village life in Zia.
Kos direct flights hint: With Cologne – Kos flights Corendon Airlines offers during the whole holiday season Cologne citizens the opportunity to discover this holiday paradise in a advantageous and comfortable way. You can find ticket deals on Corendon Airlines internetsite, or by mobile telephone. 

Kos Suggestions

When you are planning a summer vacation in Kos, a discovery route along the sandy beaches of the island should be included. Kefalos, Thermes, Agios Stefanos and Mastihari beaches have fine sandy beaches and in general they are calm and pleasant. During the summer vacation these beaches can be visited on different day. Also nature is worth to explore. The inner part of the island is somewhat higher and steep, while the clear sea water invites you to take a dive. Kos, birthplace of Hipocrate, has a deep rooted history. Since antique times until now it has been populated by different civilizations and cultures, each of them leaving theire traces. Locations worth to visit when you are touring the city of Kos are the antique Agora, the Casa Romana, the Neratzia Castle and the antique temple of Asklepion. From breakfast to dinner, food in Kos is a real feast. Posa cheese, Pitaridia (a kind of lasagna) and the Barbara-sweet should certainly be tasted.
Kos suggestions hint: When you want to make a tour in nature the Linopoti Lake, or the salty Aliki Tigaki Lake 

Kos Accommodation

If you want to keep your holiday in Kos as cheap as possible, then it is advisable to check hotel and flight deals as thoroughly as possible. For a popular destination as Kos during a big part of the year accommodation deals are available. For different groups of tourists, such as families, couples, backpackers and groups of friends, specified accommodation options are available on different locations. Through the years the popularity of Kos has increased. The reason for this is the good infrastructure and the accommodation options. When you are searching for hotel and flight deals, then you will find the most advantageous offers at Corendon Airlines. Per week and even per day there are different offers in Kos accommodation deals. If you want to travel to Kos for a holiday then start at least three month before the departure date to check Kos accommodation deals.
Kos accommodation hint: If you want to experience a perfect holiday on Kos then make a choice from the accommodation options of hotels at the sea coast.

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