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Eastern Europe's trendy tourism destination: Poland 

Poland is located in Eastern Europe, bordering Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Lithuania and Ukraine to the east, and the Baltic Sea and Russia (the Kaliningrad enclave) to the north. The official language of Poland is Polish. Poland is a country with a very diverse terrain. To the south are the Sudeten and Carpathian mountain ranges, as well as the plateau areas. The Sudetes is one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe. The Carpathians, on the other hand, are younger mountains, and located in the centre of this mountain range are the Tatra Mountains, the only alpine massif in the whole of Poland. The central part of Poland is made up of large plains. In the northern lake basins of Pomerania and Masuria, hundreds of lakes are hidden among picturesque hills and beautiful forests, while even further north are the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea. The capital of Poland is Warsaw.

Poland population

Poland is the fifth most populous country in the European Union with 38,028,000 inhabitants.

Poland weather

Poland's climate is humid and continental, i.e. a mixture of oceanic and continental. Winters are cold with an average temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, and summers are mild with an average of 19 degrees Celsius.

Poland culture

Poland offers a great mix of Eastern and Western cultures, encompassing folk traditions of different peoples. This abundance is present in small towns and large cities, giving the effect of an impressive and exceptional collage. There is something here for everyone. Polish culture has been spreading lately among the student population, and there is a lot to choose from. Contemporary Polish art is becoming more and more popular around the world and is widely recognised in Europe. Polish Films regularly receive awards at international festivals, and Polish food means more than just Polish sausage. 

Polish cuisine

Gastronomy in Poland has an important role in daily life. In Polish cuisine, it is important to use a wide range of ingredients. Most Polish foods are rich in meat and spices, as well as pasta. Pierogi is one of the most notable Polish dishes.

Most important cities in Poland


Warsaw is the capital of Poland, and the main cultural institutions and events are located here. Of course, there are also many cinemas, concert halls, theatres, international restaurants and so on. There are many events during the summer, and if you don't find something in Warsaw, you will probably find it nearby. If you are into science, you should visit the Copernicus Museum. There are many activities in Warsaw for everybody. Try local foods during your trip to Warsaw, for example. There are many restaurants in Warsaw that can match your taste. You can book your flight to Warsaw easily on corendonairlines.com. 


Katowice is the capital of the Katowice Voivodeship in Silesia, southern Poland, between the Kłodnica and Rawa rivers, which are tributaries of the Oder and Vistula. It lies 50 km north of the Beskids and 100 km southeast of the Sudeten Mountains.

With its 2.7 million inhabitants including the metropolitan area, Katowice is a major centre of science, culture, industry, business and transport and the main city of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region. A young city, it has had a tramway, electricity, an international railway station and newspapers since the 19th century and is linked with the fame of the composer Johann Strauss. Activities in Katowice will not leave you at a loose end. It’s one of the best cities in Poland to consider for a good Poland holiday. You can book your flight to Katowice at affordable prices on corendonairlines.com.

Frequently asked questions about Poland

1. Are flight prices to Poland high?

You can fly to many destinations in Poland at very reasonable prices, provided that you book in advance. In summer, prices may be slightly more expensive than in winter. 

2. How can I book my flight tickets to Poland ?

You can book your tickets to Poland easily on corendonairlines.com.

3. What is Poland famous for?

In addition to beautiful natural landscapes, Poland boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For example, Warsaw's historic centre was completely destroyed in World War II and then meticulously rebuilt, maintaining its essence as an ancient city.

4. Where is Poland located?

Poland is located in Eastern Europe, bordering Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Lithuania and Ukraine to the east, and the Baltic Sea and Russia (the Kaliningrad enclave) to the north.