Flights to Rhodes

Among the Greek holidays Rhodes, with its history, sandy beaches and entertainment attracts most attention. Rhodes flight tickets are very much in demand as soon as the holiday season starts and especially from Europe there is a great interest. Flight tickets for arrival on Rhodes Airport RHO are available on the internetsite of Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun begins on board. Have a nice flight!


Flights to Rhodes for a price starting from €42.99

  • Nuremberg Airport (NUE)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 10.07.2020

    from €57.99
  • Hannover Airport (HAJ)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 23.08.2020

    from €67.99
  • Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 23.10.2020

    from €42.99
  • Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen (FDH)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 15.07.2020

    from €67.99
  • Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 16.07.2020

    from €77.99
  • Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 22.10.2021

    from €47.99
  • Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 20.10.2020

    from €57.99
  • Memmingen Airport (FMM)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 11.07.2020

    from €57.99
  • Linz Airport (LNZ)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 05.09.2021

    from €65.99
  • Graz Airport (GRZ)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 05.09.2021

    from €65.99
  • Rostock–Laage Airport (RLG)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 26.07.2021

    from €97.99
  • Weeze Airport (NRN)Rhodes International Airport (RHO)
    Departure Date 20.08.2021

    from €87.99


Rhodes Holiday

Millions of people, wanting to enjoy a summer holiday, choose the popular Corendon Airlines flightdestination of Rhodes. Among the Greece holiday destinations Rhodes, the largest of 12 islands, is favourite and it offers much to have a pleasant sea holiday. The Rhodes holiday region’s climate is suitable for swimming during a big part of the year. When summer months approach and the stream of Europeans, looking forward to a sea holiday, arrive the beaches change into a festival. Populated places on Rhodes are located close to holiday resorts. If you want to discover the thousands years of history and cultural heritage of the island, then you should rent a car during this Greece holiday.
Rhodes holiday tip: You need at least three days to visit and explore the architectire of many medieval buildings and cultural heritage on the ısland.

Rhodes cheap flight tickets

Rhodes flights tickets are very much sought after at the beginning of the summer months. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers you a simple solution with Rhodes flight deals for a pleasant and economic holiday.  If you want to start your holidays good and if you appreciate flight extra’s for an advantageous price, then you should use the Corendon Airlines Rhodes flight deals. Rhodes cheap flight tickets are available through early reservation. Rhodes Greece cheap airline tickets are available on the Corendon Airlines internetsite, where the cheapest tickets are announced per month. Furthermore there are last minute deals offered by Corendon Airlines for very reasonable prices. With the Cologne flights, included by Corendon Airlines to its flight network, you can fly direct and for an economic price to Rhodes.
Rhodes flight tickets hint: If your travel dates are flexible then you could check on the Corendon Airlines internetsite the cheapest deals of the month. By doing so you can find and book the cheapest Rhodes flight ticket for the month you will go on holiday.

Rhodes Airport and Transportation

Rhodes Airport RHO is the fourth airport of Greece, but it handles most tourists. Rhodes Airport RHO is at a distance of 14 kilometers from the city center and many tourists to Greece arrive here. There are busservices, arranged according to the Rhodes departure and arrival times, for transportation of tourists from the airport to the city center and other locations on the island.The Rhodes Airport RHO is constructed on 60.000 square meters of land and has a capacity to handle annually 5 milion travellers. In 2005 a new terminal building was inaugurated and included to this first arrival point for tourists to the island. Airport transportation, besides busservices, also includes taxi and car rental services. On Rhodes Diagoras Airport tourists can change money at the money exchange offices, as well as arrange baggage formalities, spend time in restaurants, or do some duty-free shopping at salespoints.
Rhodes Airport RHO hint: At Rhodes Airport RHO wifi is available. Arriving tourist can use internetservices and prior to their flight they could take the necessary precautions.

Rhodes direct flights

Rhodes direct flights are available from the start of the holiday season, departing from different points in Europe. With the start of the 2019 season Corendon Airlines will operated fligths from Rhodes. Moreover Rhodes Cologne flights are now included in the Corendon Airlines flight network. Thanks to Germany Rhodes flights operated by Corendon Airlines, your holiday plans can have more diversity and opportunities. This island of the Knights of the Order of Templars is the center of a rich history and cultural heritage, for you to discover when you book a Rhodes direct flight. The Faliraki district is known for watersports and its water parks, while the close by Kathara Bay is full of night life and opportunities to fully enjoy the sea. Rhodes direct flights organized by Corendon Airlines will be operated during the whole season and with the available travel extra’s passengers will enjoy a comfortable flight. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers you the opportunity to discover this holiday paradise in Greece with Germany Rhodes flights.
Rhodes direct flights hint: If you want to fly Corendon Airlines’ Rhodes direct flights and book the most convenient travel dates and price, you can check by mobile the most recent details and then simply book a ticket.

Rhodes Suggestions

A summer holiday on Rhodes means a programme full of adventure and fun. City life on Rhodes, the largest and most crowded of 12 islands, is vibrant.  The island’s history goes back thousands of years and there are many historic and cultural treasures to admire. Besides examples of medieval architecture Rhodes also includes traces of the Ottoman times. Rhodes has to offer a great deal to tourists who enjoy nature. Tsambika, Traganou and the Ladiko beaches are prefered by tourists who want to have a sea holiday, while the walking tracks at the eastside of the island are favoured by sportive tourists. Another aspect worth to discover in the Rhodes city culture are the taverns. They are an important component of the Greek night life, where you can spend many happy hours. Food on Rhodes originates from the Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. In Rhodes cuisine lots of fish and local spices are used in food. Dishes worth tasting are Melekouni, a sweet made of honey, traditional cookies and mezeler. 
Rhodes suggestions hint: Every year many gastronomy-enthusiasts visit Rhodes with daily organized food-tours. These food tours link the Rhodes cuisine to history. Participation in these tours give you the opportunity to experience regional cuisine.

Rhodes Accommodation

If you want to make the best choice for your budget when you are planning your Rhodes holiday, then you should check the hotel and flight deals. You have to start early with the planning and research for your holiday, because then you can keep your holiday expenses limited to a minimum. Rhodes island has  a well developed touristic infrastructure and offers a wide scale of accommodation deals. The accommodation options vary from 5 star hotels to hostels. By booking accommodation deals tourists, who make an early reservation, save on their budget and expenses. On the Corendon Airlines internetsite Rhodes accommodation deals are available to check. The accommodation options are based on the kind of holiday: family holiday, honeymoon-holiday, single traveller-holiday or friends group- holiday. First you could select the accommodation options and then choose from the accommodation deals, arranging your hotel choice according to your budget and transportation possibilities.
Rhodes accommodation hint: if you want to discover old Rhodes and experience the true island feeling then we advise to book a hotel in the city center. After a short while you will start to feel as an local islander.

Rhodes Weather


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