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A Zurich holiday means enjoying a bit of river views, Alp mountains panorama’s and strolling along beautiful streets. Zurich is known for years as the financial center of Switzerland. This serious image has become more colourful the last years due to a zest of life. Top class shops, delicious chocolate and artful clockwork are some reasons why Zurich is considered to be a center of luxury, not only in Switzerland but for the whole world. When you want to explore this city with a Zurich flight ticket booked at Corendon Airlines, then first read this mini guide in which we gathered necessary information for you. Have a pleasant flight!

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Zurich Holiday

Life in Zurich, that was for some years the residence of writer James Joyce and that is known as the origin of art movements such as Dadaism and Surrealism, always seems to be one step ahead of other cities. This city doesnot resemble any other city in the world. The reason is the specific history of Switzerland. Zurich is a vibrant city, built on both sides of the river Limmat and with a glorious view to the impressive Alp mountains. It is a city that invites you to go shopping during your Zurich holiday.The hotel standards in this city are the highest in the world. Each evening restaurants offer an unforgettable palette of different tastes to thousands of people, while art exhibitions, music and theater performances succeed one another rapidly, being a joie de vivre for its citizens. Zurich, regarded for many years as a boring financial business town, can be compared to a well qualified professional, who takes off his tailored suit in the evening and goes out to enjoy some quality time. Zurich offers a rich choice in events and it is a beautiful destination, from where Corendon Airlines vice-versa also operates flights for people who want to enjoy a Turkey holiday.
Zurich holiday hint: There are 1200 fountains in Zurich with drinking water. During a city tour of Zurich you could drink from one of these fountains and rest for some time.

Find Cheap Zurich flight ticket 

Zurich flight tickets are available on Corendon Airlines’ internetsite for advantageous prices. For tourists Corendon Airlines offers during the entire holiday season comfortable and economic Zurich ticket deals. With a cheap Zurich flight ticket in your pocket you can discover this vibrant Swiss city in all its facets. There are also advantageous priced last minute Zurich flights, allowing travellers some flexibility in their holiday plans. When you make your flight plan, you can check Corendon Airlines’ internet site for the most convenient dates and choose the best priced flight tickets. If you want to explore the old paved streets of Altstadt in Zurich then benefit from the Zurich flight tickets on Corendon Airlines internet site. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers cheap Zurich flight tickets for a pleasant flight to this city.

Zurich Airport and Transportation

Zurich Airport ZRH, also called Airport Kloten, services the biggest city in Switzerland, Zurich. Zurich is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the airport, that was opened in 1921. Public transportation is arranged according to the Zurich airport departure and arrival times. Each year the airport processes 29 million travellers, an indication that air traffic is rather crowded. In 2003 Zurich airport ZRH had a serious renovation and expansion and in 2011 the B terminal building was opened.

Zurich Airporttransportation


Zurich Airport by Train

On Zurich Airport the train station is located right under Airport Centre. Zurich S-Bahn, InterRegio, InterCity and EuroCity trains pass this station. Each hour 13 different trains stop here and continue to Zurich. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to travel by train from the airport to Zurich.

Zurich Airport by Bus 

Right opposite Airport Centre is the busstop to travel to Glattal.

Zurich Airport by Tram

Zurich Airport ZRH is linked to tram number 10 and number 12. Tram number 10 goes to Zurich Central Station and is an alternative for the train.

Zurich Airport by Car

After you have rented a car at the airport, or when you depart the airport in your own car, just follow A51 highway and you will come to Zurich, or can continue to other nearby cities. 
Zurich airport hint: There is a parking service available on the airport. If you do not want to loose time to look for a parking spot, you can benefit from the Premium parking service, that can also arrange cleaning and servicing your car.

Zurich Direct Flights    

Corendon Airlines operates a flight network to many holiday cities, including Zurich.  Zurich direct flights operated by Corendon Airlines, vice-versa create the opportunity to travel to holiday regions in Turkey. One of the most popular Turkey flights is the Antalya-Zurich connection. This flight, departing from Antalya to Zurich and vice-versa operated by Corendon Airlines is one of the most relaxed and comfortable ways to travel between these two cities. Corendon Airlines’ Switzerland Zurich flights give you the opportunity to discover the destination right away. The most advantageous priced Zurich flights are available on Corendon Airlines’ internet site.

Zurich Suggestions

One of the things that immediately stands out when you prepare a Zurich holiday programme is that the diversity of this city meets many different preferences and interests. Zurich’s city culture owns a centuries long historic heritage, combined with the specific Swiss atmosphere, that takes tourists on a discovery tour of history, art, food culture and entertainment. Your Zurich holiday programme should include time to eat a sausage roll at Zeughauskeller. Also the Zurich botanic garden with extraterrestrial-looking glazed domed greenhouses is worth a visit.  Zurich’s city life can be experienced at Frau Gerolds Garten during the weekend, where you can enjoy a city garden. During a city tour you also should allow a historic pause to see Fraumünster Cathedral with the breathtaking stained glass windows made by Marc Chagall. Zurich’s multi cultural character shows itself in Hiltl restaurant, acclaimed for its food cultural and known as one of the first vegetarian restaurants in the world. This restaurant is worth a visit. It has more than 500 different items on its menu and the bill is priced according to the quantity you eat. The Zurich Opera building with 1100 seats is one of the most important in the world and holds a special place in cultural city life. To attend an opera performance in this grand opera building during your Zurich holiday is a very special experience. If you want to enjoy the landscape outside the city then a boattrip on the Limmat river is a nice opportunity. Zurich has many places of interest to see. A visit to Cabaret Voltaire, birthplace of Dadaism, should not miss on your programme. The best time of the year to visit Zurich is from June to the end of August. In this period the weather conditions are good to enjoy long evenings on terraces of restaurants in Zurich.
Zurich hint: If you want to enjoy Zurich’s city panorama then take the cable railway to Felsenegg.

Zurich Accommodation

When you are planning your Zurich holiday programme, you could check and benefit from hotel and ticket deals. After you choose the date of your flight, you can select an accommodation deal. If you want to experience the authentic and historic character of Zurich, we advise you to stay in Altstadt. Altstadt is one of the accommodation options, located near the spot where river Limmat separates from the Zurich Lake. However, if you prefer another accommodation option then you could stay overnight in one of the most beautiful hotels in Europe, the Dolder Grand Hotel, located on top of Adlisberg. Furthermore Hotel Schweizerhof in Bahnhofstrasse is often selected by tourists for its unforgettable hospitality and experience. The city Zurich, offering each year hospitality to countless tourists and business men, has the largest accommodation options in Switzerland.

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