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Offering a fascinating atmosphere with structures that combine old Soviet architecture with modern designs, Astana is home to many interesting historical and touristic facilities. If you, too, are planning to visit this beautiful destination, search Corendon Airlines for flight tickets to Astana and start arranging your trip right away!

Feature / Location

Combining Soviet architecture with modern design / Located in the northeast of Kazakhstan,




Humid continental climate. Really cold in winter; mild and warm weather in summer time

Time Zone



Nursultan Nazarbayev Airport

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Frequently Asked Questions About Astana

Astana is the capital of which country?

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

What is the currency of Astana?

Introduced in late 1993, the national currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge.

How can I get from the airport to the city center?

The distance between the Nursultan Nazarbayev Airport and Independence Square, considered the city center, is approximately 16 kilometers and can be traveled within 25-30 minutes. You can take the hourly shuttles, use public transportation, or hail a cab to reach the city center or the Astana hotels of your choice.

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Astana history

Kazakhstan Astana was once home to the Bozok settlement and a military fortress on the Great Silk Road. The early years of Astana, the period between 1830-1918 to be exact, saw the settlement of Akmoly around the Ishim River, continuing up until World War II. Akmolinsk, the early name of Astana that was granted town status in 1832, served as a transportation route for engineering tools and equipment during the war. The city was under the rule of the Soviet Union from 1918 until 1991, when the USSR ultimately dissolved, and the consequent independence of Kazakhstan was officially granted. The city's original name was then restored in the modified form Akmola. Renamed Astana in 1998, the town was created almost out of nothing in the last 25 years and is both the economic and administrative capital of Kazakhstan as of now. Astana became a large construction site after the country's capital was moved from Almaty to Astana in 1998, and it has taken its place among the most colorful cities in the world today. Drawing attention with its modern and contemporary urban planning, Astana is one of the rapidly developing metropolises of the world. Deriving from the Persian word "astâne," meaning capital city, Astana is on its way to becoming a global and renowned brand in tourism.

Astana cuisine

Astana cuisine contains many flavors similar to Central Asian and Turkish cultures, and meat dishes make up the majority of the local flavors of the city. At the same time, meals made with dough, butter, and dairy products are among the indispensable dishes of Astana cuisine. Some local delicacies you should definitely taste during your trip to Astana are Kazakh Ravioli, Lagman, Talkan, Shorpa, Bavursak, Beshbarmak, Kavurdak, Pelmeni, and Kımız.

Astana geography

Astana is the second largest city in Kazakhstan and was formerly known as Nur-Sultan. In September 2022, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassim Genert Tokayev, approved renaming the capital to Astana. Located in the northeast of Kazakhstan, the city is surrounded by Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in the south, Russia in the north, Mongolia in the east, and the Caspian Sea in the west. Thanks to its strategic geographic position, planning a trip and purchasing a flight ticket to Astana comes in quite handy and convenient - especially for eager tourists situated in Asia and Europe.

Astana population

According to the latest census conducted in 2017, Astana population is more than 1 million. Cossacks make up more than half of the city's population, whereas Ukrainians and Germans are among other ethnic groups living in the city. With its location close to the border of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and its industrial development, Astana has become a center of attraction. It has turned into a region that constantly receives employee migration.

Astana weather

Located on the banks of the Ishim River, Astana has humid continental climate characteristics. The cold Astana weather is felt especially in the winter months, as the city has the distinction of being the second coldest city in the region after Ulan Bator. Since the air temperature drops to -15 degrees in January, living conditions become difficult, and many public transport vehicles go out of service. On the other hand, the temperature between May and September grows quite high, and sunny weather prevails. Due to these climatic conditions, we recommend planning your trip to Astana towards the spring and summer.

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