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Tangier, located in the far north of Morocco, is a vibrant city inhabited by different nations, such as Carthaginians, Romans, Phoenicians, and Arabs, that have left their mark on it throughout its history. As a result of this cultural mix, today Morocco Tangier has a cosmopolitan and multicultural character that has inspired generations of artists. It is also Morocco's second industrial center after Casablanca and an important tourist city for Morocco with its white sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, and interesting cultural heritage. Its location, history, and accommodation alternatives make Tangier a highly desirable destination for travelers seeking adventure and unforgettable memories. Book one of your next Tangier flights now and see this Moroccan beauty for yourself!

Feature / Location

Morocco's closest city to Europe / On the southern bank of the Strait of Gibraltar


Moroccan Dirham


Summers are warm, humid, mostly clear; winters are long, cool and wet

Time Zone



Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport


Discover the old city; try some local food

Located on the southern bank of the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is Morocco's closest city to Europe, and it is separated from the European continent by the 14-kilometer Strait of Gibraltar. The Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean merge into each other right at this strategic point, and mutual ferry services between Tangier and Spain serve every half hour. So, if you run out of things to do in Tangier, which is unlikely, remember that Spain is just a ferry ride away.

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Tangier City Life

City Life
Tangier City Life Medina
Tangier City Life Medina


Tangier Culture

Tangier Culture Alcazaba
Tangier Culture Alcazaba


Tangier Culture Tangier Walls
Tangier Culture Tangier Walls

Tangier Walls

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tangier

What is the official language spoken in Tangier?

The official languages spoken in the region are Moroccan, Arabic and Berber. French is also incredibly widespread, and many folks speak some English. Spanish is also widely spoken in Tangier due to its proximity and current and historical link to Spain.

Where can I stay in Tangier?

You can stumble upon various and wide ranges of options for accommodation in the city, from small and budget-friendly hostels to luxury Tangier hotels. Regarding price, hotels in Tangier boast a broad range, from 50 Dirhams to 100-150 Euros a night.

What is the currency used in Tangier?

All the banks operate with equal exchange rates and without commission, which provides a smooth experience when changing money during your travels in Morocco. The currency used in Tangier is Dirham. However, in Tangier and the Rif, only two rials make up a Dirham, whereas, in most Moroccan regions, twenty rials are needed to make up a Dirham.

Where can I find affordable flights to Tangier?

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Cologne-Bonn → Tangier
flight ticket: 55.7 EUR
Ibn Battuta International Airport 2 hr 20 min 22 Aug 2024

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Tangier History

Until Tangier gained its independence and joined the Kingdom of Morocco in 1956, for years, it was the unfortunate crossroads of drug smuggling due to its strategic location and port. Today, the Port of Tangier is also frequented by many cruise ships crossing from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. This is an element that increases the touristic importance of the city. As a result, Tangier is in a rapid development and modernization process today. The town is the second largest industrial city in Morocco after Casablanca and has four large industrial zones, two of which are free. Textile, chemical, and medical products are among the basilica products produced in the area. However, the most important economic element of the city is undoubtedly tourism. Therefore, the infrastructure and real estate sectors are also in the making. The Carthaginians first laid the foundations of the city of Tangier in the 5th century BC. It was founded as a Berber and Phoenician city during this period. Even the name of the town comes from the Berber Goddess Tingis. From the time it was founded until it gained its independence from the French in 1956, it hosted many civilizations such as Romans, Mauritanians, Vandals, Arabs, many Moroccan Dynasties, Portuguese, Spaniards, and the British. In 1923, it was declared an international zone under the control of Spain, France, and England. Right after declaring its independence, the city joined the Moroccan Kingdom voluntarily.

Tangier Cuisine

It would be best if you tried couscous (seksu), the first traditional dish that comes to mind when Morocco is mentioned. Couscous made from semolina flour is served with plenty of vegetables and meat. A popular appetizer, Tajines is another traditional lamb dish that is worth giving a shot at. Tajines is prepared in different ways with various vegetables and are cooked in a casserole. Brochette is a traditional kebab, and pastilla is another traditional dish made from pigeon meat, all of which you can easily find on menus when browsing through restaurants in Tangier.

Tangier Weather

The Mediterranean climate dominates Tangier, and it is quite a rainy region compared to the dry climate of North Africa. The Tangier weather is especially favorable for tourism, with thermometers showing 8.5 degrees in the coldest winter periods and 30 degrees in the hottest month, August.

Tangier Population

Tangier's population, as of recent findings, is approximately 1,850,000.

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