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Gdansk is an important port city in Northern Poland, located on the Baltic Sea coast. Poland Gdansk, the 4th largest city of Poland, was under the rule of Prussia for a while, and at certain times, it went through independent periods. One of the Polish cities devastated by the Germans during World War II, Gdansk was restructured after the war and became the dazzling city it is today. 

Feature / Location

Capital and largest city of the Pomeranian Voivodeship


Polish Zloty


In winter, the temperature drops to a maximum of -1; in summer, it remains at 25-30 degrees

Time Zone



Gdansk Airport


See historical places, taste local food, enjoy nightlife

Interestingly, Gdansk's architecture bears traces of French, Dutch, and Italian movements, which is why you can't admire every single building on the streets of Gdansk at once. The buildings' gold-colored decorations and the historic aura of the narrow, ancient streets are just a few details that make Gdansk stand out. Search Corendon Airlines for the most suitable flights to Gdansk now and discover this beautiful city.

What is Gdansk Best Known For?

Since most amber stones wash up on the beaches of Gdansk, it is referred to as the amber capital of the Baltic Sea region.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gdansk

Where can I do some Gdansk shopping to find souvenirs?

Dlugi Targ (Long Market), once home to the city's main market, is now a tourist site where you can buy souvenirs and gifts for loved ones at home. Also known as the Royal Road, this market served as a road of passage to visiting kings in ancient times.

Is Gdansk nightlife popular and worth experiencing?

In addition to the natural beauties of the city, the vibrant nightlife is one of the reasons why tourists choose the region. Gdansk bars, pubs, and nightclubs, usually operating in historical buildings, attract wide tourist attention with their stylish and historical atmosphere.

What is the currency of Gdansk?

The currency in Gdansk, just like the rest of Poland, is the Polish Zloty.

How can I find cheap Gdansk flights?

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For quick reference, staying near the Main Town's waterfront area, which includes the Mariacka District, is suggested if you're only visiting Gdansk for a short time. St. Mary's Basilica, the Golden Gate, the Main Town Hall, Neptune's Fountain, the Crane, and the Royal Route are among the sights that are concentrated here the most. But Gdansk and the surrounding area of Tricity have many other intriguing locations to stay. Overall, the areas of Gdansk that tourists from the Tricity region can find interesting are the District of Mariacka and Main Town, Old Town and Train Station, Olowianka and Granary Islands, Sopot Spa and Resort Town, and Gdynia Seaport and Nature Reserve. You can also find Gdansk hotels, hostels, apartments, and other accommodation options here.

Gdansk Airport & transportation

Following the landing, you enter the terminal building through the baggage claim area. There, you will see an information desk for the Gdansk Tourist Organization, as well as car rental counters and ATMs in front of you. Of course, the easiest way to go to any city is to take a taxi or ride-sharing service. Be cautious if the vehicle offering you a ride does not have a symbol on it. The cab rates will be greater at night and between Saturday at 22:00 and Monday at 06:00, but these are only estimated numbers. Take the escalator to the left as you leave the baggage claim area to reach the airport rail station. The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (abbreviated in Polish as PKM) is the yellow-and-blue commuter rail system that connects Gdask, Sopot, and Gdynia, or the Tri-City area, to the airport. A ticket for the trip can be purchased from the conductor at one of the few ticket machines on the platform (with options for English or German language selection) or at ticket offices. The bus stops are directly across the street as you exit the station. Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia are served by bus routes 210 and 122, respectively.

Gdansk Weather

The climate in Gdansk can be described as quite temperate. In winter, the temperature drops to a maximum of -1; in summer, it remains at 25-30 degrees. The transitions between climates are sharp, and all four seasons can be adequately experienced throughout the year. The best times to travel to the city and enjoy the Gdansk weather is generally advised as spring.

13 C Scattered Clouds
TODAY May 21, Tue
  • May 22, Wed 19 Light Rain
  • May 23, Thu 18 Light Rain
  • May 24, Fri 20 Overcast Clouds
  • May 25, Sat 14 Light Rain

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