On this page you can find up to date information about your flight to or from Schiphol Airport

On this page you can find up to date information about your flight to or from Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport is limiting the number of travellers due to staff shortages. Measures are needed to keep the situation in order and safe for passengers during the summer period (7 July to 28 August). As a result of this, your flight to/from Schiphol may have changed to an alternative airport.

Click here to find out if the departure airport and date of your flight have changed.


Because we will inform you about the changes in our flights to/from Schiphol Airport, we recommend that you check your SMS and e-mail regularly.

To view all the changes on your flight easily, please go to Manage Your Booking

We would like to remind you that our call centre cannot provide support in this process, therefore we kindly ask you to make all your transactions on our website.


You can find below the frequently asked questions about your changed flight

1. I want to change my flight.

If your flight has changed due to the exceptional circumstances at Schiphol Airport, your free-of-charge Ticket Safe will be applied to your flight (for one-time use only; you can see the Ticket Safe rules here). In case of price difference, you can change your flight by paying the difference.

2. If I cancel my flight, can I get a refund? 

In this case, the return rules of the ticket type you have booked apply. For fare rules please click here.

3. My flight has changed. Are the additional services that I have booked also valid on my new flight?

The additional services you have booked have been notified to your alternative airport.

4. Does Corendon Airlines provide a shuttle service to the alternative airport? 

Since the transfer to the alternative airport is not a responsibility of the airline, Corendon Airlines does not provide a transfer service. For other questions, you can contact Schiphol Airport directly.