For infants


Baggage rules for infants

What are baggage rules for infants?

Infants have 10kg baggage allowance on all flights. Our cabin attendants supply hot water for powdered baby food. Ready-made baby food is permitted to be carried in the cabin in a total of 10 containers (bottles/feeding bottle) that do not exceed 100 millilitres.

With regard to baby seats and baby carriages

1 pushchair per infant (including a twin pushchair for twins) or 1 baby seat/carriage is accepted free of charge and will be carried in the hold of the aircraft.

Due to safety rules, baby seats and baby carriages are not allowed in the cabin. Baby seats or baby carriages cannot be fixed in the cabin.

It is possible to transport a second baby carriage, or both a baby carriage and a baby seat for a baby free of charge, however, the weight of either one of this equipment shall be deducted from the total baggage allowance of adults.

Travel cots can be carried however, their weight will be deducted from your total baggage allowance.


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