Other baggage rules


Baggage collection

It is the passenger's responsibility to collect the baggage upon arrival at the airport. Only the passenger whose name is mentioned on the baggage tag can collect the baggage.


Objects cannot be carried in baggage and other information

We recommend that all passengers who have fragile, valuable, or important items/documents do not carry these in their hold luggage and where possible and rules and regulations allow these should be carried in your hand luggage or via a cargo service. Should you choose to put them in your hold luggage we strongly recommend that you take the appropriate insurance that will cover the value of your items.

Corendon Airlines takes no responsibility for loss or damage to baggage.

Corendon Airlines do not allow Umbrellas or walking sticks or other similar items to be packed into your hold luggage, due to the possibility they could damage your own or others baggage.

Corendon Airlines shall not be held liable for loss or damages of protruding parts such as wheels, feet, locks, straps, pull handles, or other items that are attached to baggage; and any items lost as a result of poorly secured luggage.

Corendon Airlines shall not be held liable for the loss of personal belongings left in the airport terminal or onboard the aircraft. Any items left on board by passengers are delivered to the Lost & Found Office at the destination the aircraft has landed into.

Corendon Airlines shall not be held liable for any damaged items within your baggage.

All complaints are to be made to the Customer Relations department of Corendon Airlines and need to be complete in the English or Turkish language https://www.corendonairlines.com/support-center/contact/customer-contact-form

Corendon Airlines base settlements on the weight of the baggage in case of any damaged/lost baggage. Private insurance companies' base settlements on value."


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