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Larnaca is situated on the southern coast of Cyprus. It is mainly divided into three parts: an older city center with a historical texture, a territory consisting of a Larnaca hotels and Larnaca restaurants chain along the coast, also known as the 'Phinikoudes,' and its world-renowned commercial port. The district of Larnaca is one of the six districts of Cyprus, while Troodos is the biggest mountain range in the destination that stretches across this southern part of the country.

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The oldest in Cyprus / On the southern coast of Cyprus




Summers are hot, arid and clear; winters are cold, windy and clear

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Larnaca Airport


Enjoy the sun; stroll on the Larnaca Promenada; visit the historical places

Larnaca is one of the most forthcoming cities of the Republic of Cyprus (South Cyprus) with its long coastline on the Mediterranean coast, commercial port, and the international Larnaca airport. The city of Larnaca is a favorite holiday destination for those who want to have a holiday in the Mediterranean. It is brimming with European tourists who prefer sea-sand-sun tourism, especially in summer. Flights to Larnaca from all over Europe - and the world - bring tourist groups to this popular vacation destination.

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Hala Sultan Monastery

Hala Sultan Tekke (an Islamic monastery/tomb) is considered among the first places to visit in Larnaca and is a rare Islamic Architecture work in Southern Cyprus. During the governorship of Damascus, Umm Haram was among the first to arrive on the island of Cyprus. St. Umm Haram died in Cyprus, and the Hala Sultan Monastery was built where she was buried.

Larnaca Archaeological Museum

The ruins of the ancient city of Kition are exhibited in this museum, displaying the historical journey of the town of Larnaca. Larnaca has experienced its share of earthquakes since the Middle Ages, which is why the ports in the region were covered with mud. The remains of the old town are now displayed in the Larnaca Archaeological Museum, established in 1969.


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Larnaca Salt Lake

The Larnaca Salt Lake is the second largest salt lake after Limassol. The Larnaca Salt Lake has salt masses formed by water withdrawal from the lake in the summer months. The lake is home to beautiful flamingos, datively supporting the economy of Southern Cyprus with tourism, as well as salt sales. You can find pleasant walking paths around the lake to enjoy a peaceful day outside.

Larnaca population

With a resident population of more than 150,000, Larnaca is one of the oldest parts of Cyprus with its historical past as well as its touristic present.

Larnaca weather

The Larnaca weather and climate can be described as subtropical Mediterranean due to the pronounced rainy season in winter and virtually rainless summers.

16 C Clear Sky
TODAY Mar 26, Sun
  • Mar 25, Sat 18 Few Clouds
  • Mar 27, Mon 18 Clear Sky
  • Mar 28, Tue 19 Clear Sky
  • Mar 29, Wed 17 Few Clouds
  • Mar 30, Thu 14 Clear Sky

Larnaca history

In the 14th century BC, Larnaca was founded by the Ancient Greeks as Kition, and settlement has continued since then. The city's harbor was filled with mud in the Middle Ages due to the devastating earthquakes it went through and had to be moved to its present location on the shore of Larnaca Bay. Although the ruins of the old city have completely disappeared today, archaeological artifacts can still be found and explored around the site. One of the richest museums on the island, the city's archeology museum is listed among the sightseeing locations to visit around the town. Hala Sultan Tekke carries traces of Turkish and Islamic civilization and symbolizes the multiculturalism Larnaca brings. Throughout its history, Larnaca came under the rule of the Mamluks, Venetians, and Ottomans, respectively, and is still one of the strongest trade and tourism points on the island today.

Larnaca cuisine

Numerous eateries in Larnaca delight both budget travelers and those who prefer a simple home kitchen, as well as fans of gourmet food. One of the most interesting spots to dine is the Monte Carlo restaurant, which consists of two attractive taverns opposite each other. Located near an old castle, the restaurant specializes in the national cuisine. Monte Carlo is very popular with locals, guaranteeing a luxurious dining experience. Varashiotis Seafood Restaurant offers its visitors a wide variety of seafood and fish dishes from unique chefs' recipes. In addition to choosing a local favorite, visitors can enjoy a good glass of homemade wine. Larnaca's local cuisine is a magnificent combination of Arabian, Greek, Turkish, and British gastronomic traditions. Alongside unique oriental desserts, seafood, fresh vegetables, and fruits will interest connoisseurs of cheese and wine. Cypriots borrow the practices of making oriental pizza from Turkish cuisine, most commonly known as "pide" and "lahmacun." These oriental pizzas are baked with a variety of vegetables, local cheese, and charcuterie. Local restaurants' menus definitely include "moussaka" - a dish of mutton prepared with eggplant, potatoes, and other vegetables - a dish specifically well-liked in Greece. Meat lovers will also like "kleftiko" - lamb baked in the oven, which gives it unique flavors thanks to a special cooking method.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Larnaca

Where can I do some Larnaca shopping?

Larnaca attracts shoppers with a variety of craft shops and markets. Small streets leading to the historical city center start from Finikoudes Boulevard. These narrow paths are home to some of the most interesting souvenir and craft shops, where you can find the most popular national items. Ceramics are especially popular with tourists, as well as colorful magnets and handmade home decorations made of seashells.

What are some of the other things to do in Larnaca?

Things to do in Larnaca never end since the city offers a variety of tourist attractions and activities suitable for every need. You can soak up the sun on Larnaca beaches, admire the interior of the Agios Lazaros Church, treat yourself to a diving experience toward Zenobia wreck, and visit the Ottoman-era Larnaca fort.

Where can I find cheap flights to Larnaca?

Corendon Airlines offers the most affordable and comfortable Larnaca flights to provide an unforgettable Cyprus vacation. Click here for cheap and flexible Larnaca flights now.

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