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A Poznan holiday means a programme full of street art, local delicacies and classy cafes, where everyone is happy. The Poznan flight tickets sold by Corendon Airlines on its internet site enable tourists to travel for advantageous prices. In this mini-guide we have collected useful information about arrival on Poznan Lawica Airport POZ. When you have booked a Poznan flight ticket, you may want to read this information. Have a pleasant flight! 


Poznan Holiday

From Poznan, one of the largest cities in the West of Poland, travellers can enjoy a Turkey holiday with  economic priced flights operated by Corendon Airlines. Over the last few years Poznan’s star is rising, due to a rich culture and art world as well as many chique enterainment establishments in the city. When you make a holiday programme, it is recommended to take the city’s dynamics and the available entertainment into consideration. A visit to Stary Rynek should not miss in your holiday programme. This old Market Square in the city and the Town House located there, dating back to the 14th century, and Gorka Palace are important historic and cultural buildings. Other locations worth visiting during a city tour are the bohemian Srodka district, known for its Wednesday markets and the St. Margaretha Church. In this district you also will find an annex of the Poznan National Museum. This museum in fact has annexes in four different parts of the city: the Paintings and Sculptures Gallery, Poznan Historic Museum, Instruments Museum and Museum for Visual Arts. North of the old city center is Citadel Park, where you can witness and discover Poznan’s solidarity with nature.
Poznan holiday hint: Tourists, who want to buy a souvernir in Poznan may consider the hand painted bowls and earthenware, produced by the famous Boleslawiec Pottery Factory, since the 14th century.

Find Cheap Poznan Flight Tickets                              

Poznan flight tickets, for sale on Corendon Airlines internet site, offer the opportunity to discover this beautiful city in Poland in an economic way. For travellers, searching for an economic priced Poznan ticketdeal, this is a logic choice. If you are looking for a cheap Poznan flight ticket, then go to Corendon Airlines Poznan destination page, where the flights are listed. The published flights are flights offered by Corendon Airlines throughout the season for prices as sharp and economic as possible. In case you have missed the opportunity of an early booking, you can check last minute ticketdeals. With a Corendon Airlines Poznan flight you can fly in the holiday season economically from Antalya. However, do not forget that the month in which you travel, as well as the weekday of your flight influence the ticketprice. Often weekend tickets are more expensive than workday tickets and the high demand in the holiday season increases the ticketprice. 

Poznan Airport & Transportation                                       

Poznan’s city center is just 5 kilometers away from Poznan Lawica Airport POZ, the entrance gate for Poznan to the world. In the new holiday season Corendon Airlines starts operating flights to Poznan Lawice Airport POZ, one of the oldest airfields in the country. This airport processes 1 million 800 thousand travellers a year and is an important transportation center.

Poznan Lawica POZ Airport Transportation                                                                                    


Poznan Lawica Airport by Bus                                                

On Poznan Airport are busses, operating on a service schedule that is arranged in accordance to the departure and arrival times of air traffic. A bus drive from the airport to the city center lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Poznan Lawica Airport Car Rent                                                

In Poznan Lawica Airport POZ are offices of car rental companies to rent a car from for the stay of your holiday.      

Poznan Direct Flights                                                           

Poznan direct flights are available on Corendon Airlines internet site. Starting in 2019 flights are operated from Antalya to Poznan. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers Poland Poznan flight tickets for very economic prices. Vice versa, in summertime Corendon Airlines organizes sharp priced Turkey flights, offering the opportunity to fly from Poznan to the top holiday destination Antalya in Turkey. Antalya – Poznan flights allow tourists to travel comfortably and economically throughout the holiday season.

Poznan Suggestions                                                                      

In a Poznan holiday programme there should be time to visit characteristic buildings that are of special importance in the city’s culture. One of the Poznan’s symbols is the mechanic chime of Poznan Goats above the Town Hall building in the old Market Square. Exactly at 12.00 hours two goats appear, slamming their horns twelve times, leaving you with an unforgettable impression. In Poznan’s food culture there is a special place for the croissant. If you want to try Poznan’s speciality you should taste St. Martins croissant. This delicacy dates back to the 19th century and is specifically eaten on St. Martins Day by Poznan citizens and tourists. Another activity you should do is the Maltanka train trip. Especially families with children should not miss this 3,8 kilometer long trip with a small train along the nothern shore of Lake Malta.
A visit to the Castle of the Old Empire will give you a lot of information about the history of Poznan. The Enigma code used by Germany in the Second World War was broken and unravelled in this castle. Nowadays there are exhibitions and children can see an animation here. Poznan’s climate is best suited for a visit to Poznan starting from the month of June until the end of August.
Poznan hint: During the summerseason there are jazz concerts given in the Town Hall; an exciting experience for tourists in the evening.

Poznan Accommodation                                                                            

We recommend to compare Poznan hotel and ticketdeals in detail if you want to realize the best possible holiday for yourself. Poznan accommodation deals offer an important advantage to keep the expenses low during your stay in this city, while Poznan accommodation options offer a big diversity, from boutique hotels in the city center to big hotels with all the services you could wish for. If you want to experience the city’s character and enjoy its atmosphere, then you could choose from the accommodation options in Poznan’s city center.
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