Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight Facebook Contest

1.  Organizer

The organizer of the competition is Corendon Airlines (Facebook: CorendonAirlines), company address: Güzeloluk Mah. 1879 Sok no: 148 07200 ANTALYA / Turkey.

Corendon Airlines holds a competition on Facebook from 24.02.2022-27.02.2022 (until 23.59 hours). 

The competition is not affiliated with Facebook and it is not made under the support or sponsorship of Facebook.


2.  Right To Participate

Anyone over the age of 18 who is a registered user with a real user account on the Facebook social network can participate in the competition.

Participation in the contest, in case the contest is won, your name, surname and nickname must be specified.

Corendon Airlines reserves the right to exclude individual participants from the competition if there is a significant justification. 

At this point, in particular, attempted deception and manipulation of the contest or disruption of the contest are considered an important justification.


3.  Joining

Any participant who follows the Corendon Airlines official Facebook account, like, comment what fascinates him/her most about Cappadocia and tag the person they want to travel can win the contest.

Participation in the competition is free.


4.  Award 

16 winners will win a Hot Air Balloon flight ticket for 1. Additional costs will be borne by the winners.


5.  Determination Of Winner

The winner will be determined by a drawing among all participants in the competition in accordance with the participation conditions specified in articles 2 and 3. The winner of the competition will be determined within three working days after the end of participation in the competition. 


6.  Announcement of winner and award

The winner of the competition will be announced on the Facebook page of Corendon Airlines on 28.02.2022. 

The winners will be informed about the prize via direct message (DM). The winner must then forward their contact information (first and last name, e-mail address) to Corendon Airlines via DM. 

If such information is not communicated within three days, Corendon Airlines reserves the right to choose a new winner and re-award the prize.

The prize will only be awarded to the winners. It is not possible for the prize to be exchanged or paid in cash.

The award is valid from March 1 to April 1, 2022.

If the weather conditions are not suitable, the balloon flight may be cancelled. Corendon Airlines is not responsible for this.

Cancellation Status: Wind over 10 Notes, rain and snowfall, heavy fog etc. Flights are canceled by civil aviation in case of weather conditions.


7. End of competition

Corendon Airlines reserves the right to cancel the competition and change the terms and price of the competition. 

Participants declare, accept and undertake in advance that they will not make any objections to this issue.