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Discover One of the Best Preserved Cities in Europe: Graz

Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Austria's second largest city, in 2003 it was named European Capital of Culture and in 2009 City of Design. An impressive city full of history and culture.

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Capital of the Austrian state of Styria / Second largest city in Austria




Summers are warm and pleasant however; the winters are cold and dry.

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Graz Airport


Visit the historical landmarks; relax in the green spaces; enjoy local food

Graz, one of Austria's most important and cultural tourist centres. A mix of beautiful baroque architecture and modern design. The city boasts a laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere. For anyone who hasn't visited the city before we highly recommend that you climb the Schlossberg Hill and see the city's famous clock tower and the beautiful charming city from a height. 

What Is Graz Best Known For?

Graz is known for history, culture, cuisine, fun and a great area to explore nature.

  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


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One of the most famous dishes in Styrian cuisine is Backhendl. Pieces of chicken flavored with spices and breaded then deep fried until golden and crispy. You won't ever taste fried chicken like this as your tastebuds will have an adventure.


A popular salad dish is the scarlet runner bean salad (Käferbohnensalat) and is a must try on your visit to Graz. A very simple dish with scarlet runner beans, that have grown in Austria since the 16th century, that are flavored with vinegar, pumpkin seed oil, onions, salt and pepper.


Another specialty of Styria is Verhackert, a sensational spread made from smoked, finely chopped bacon that is blended with salt and minced garlic. To truly appreciate the flavors it's best to eat this cold with bread as an appetizer.


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Eggenberg Palace

Eggenberg Palace is one of the most important pieces of Baroque architecture in the region. A UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 17th Century by The Princely family of Eggenberg. It was built on top of a medieval family residence and has 365 windows, 31 rooms per floor, 24 lavish state rooms and 4 corner towers. The palace exhibits work by the Dutch masters of the 17th century for you to enjoy. Outside of the palace the beautiful gardens have peacocks that roam free with their splendid colours on display. This is a definite to add to your Graz to do list.

Franciscan Monastery

Take a wander through the Old Town, A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Franciscan Monastery. Cobbled streets take you to the historic city centre home to the most tranquil Monastery, the Franciscan Monastery. This is truly a place to sit and contemplate life in the peaceful surroundings of stunning arches and peaceful courtyards.

The Armoury Museum

One of the last original historic armoury's left in the world. The Armoury Museum was built in 1642. Its exhibits of arms and military equipment date from the 15th to 18th century. Graz was once the centre of defence against attacks from other regions. This is one to add to your Graz to do list if you are interested in military artifacts and history of the area.


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Outside of the city you will find Bärenschützklamm a great adventurous area for hiking, nature, lakes, and waterfalls. For those of you with children due to the nature of the park under 6 are not allowed to enter. Nearly 10km of scenic moderate difficulty hiking trails can be found in Bear Gorge with amazing trails full of off-road paths, wooden ladders and stairs passing waterfalls. Bear Gorge is one of the longest waterfall gorges in Europe. Good Hiking boots and water and a small amount of food is recommended.

Graz Botanical Gardens

Graz boasts a beautiful Botanical Gardens at the Institute of Botany. The garden hosts a wealth of plants from three different climate zones. The gardens belong to the university and are free of charge to enter, we recommend you check the opening hours as the gardens aren't open full days and hours can vary. Great for those interested in Flora and Fauna.

Stadtpark Graz

Beautiful greenery, interesting monuments, stunning fountains and impressive statues await you in the stunning Stadtpark Graz. The colours change throughout the year and make for a beautiful place to spend an afternoon or for an early morning walk. A great chance to relax in the city. A top tip to help interact with the park's inhabitants, the local squirrels is to make sure you take some nuts with you.

Graz Weather

Graz Weather is moderately continental. The best time to visit Graz is between April and September. June, July, August and September have the most pleasant weather during the year with average temperatures from 68°F to 77°F however, it's wise to take an umbrella as there is also a chance of rain. For those of you who prefer the hotter temperatures then August is the best month to travel and although July has warm weather it's also the wettest month and in comparison, January is the driest month but also the coldest.

6 C Few Clouds
TODAY Mar 28, Tue
  • Mar 29, Wed 12 Broken Clouds
  • Mar 30, Thu 16 Overcast Clouds
  • Mar 31, Fri 15 Overcast Clouds
  • Apr 1, Sat 13 Light Rain
  • Apr 2, Sun 6 Light Rain


Destination Airport: Graz Airport (GRZ)  
Hurghada - Graz flight duration   5:25 hours
Heraklion - Graz flight duration  4:00 hours
Rhodes - Graz flight duration  4:05 hours
Gran Canaria - Graz flight duration  4:40 hours
Antalya - Graz flight duration  2:45 hours


Cheap Flight Tickets to Graz

Corendon Airlines offer cheap flight tickets to Graz through the Corendon Airlines Graz flight ticket deals page, on the website or mobile app. When planning your flight, we recommend ensuring you have enough time to fully enjoy the historical city. Being flexible with your dates can assist you in securing the cheapest flight deals to Graz. A tip when booking your flight ticket with Corendon Airlines to Graz is to pre book your flight seats, inflight meal and extra kilos when booking your ticket to get the best prices for your additional services.

Accommodation in Graz

Accommodation in Graz is varied with something to suit every budget and holidaymaker's profile. The preferred location is the city centre especially for those who like to be near to the top attractions and the hustle and bustle of the lively city. The lower budget accommodation options in Graz include hostels in Hauptbanhoff and Rosselmuhlgasse. For those that want reasonable priced accommodation in Graz there are some great hotels around the Graz City Station. Don’t worry for those that are looking for something a little upmarket from Boutique to Luxury the city has a lot to offer. Top tip for all history buffs: why not choose one of the hotels that are housed in some of the city's historical unique buildings. When booking accommodation for peak times especially in August we highly recommend you book in advance.

Airport and Transportation

Graz Airport GRZ is one of the most important airports in Austria with its annual number of passengers approaching one million. Graz Airport, which is 9.3 kilometers away from the city center of Graz, is the number one airport serving the south of Austria. The first flight at Graz Airport took place in 1914. Graz Airport GRZ, which has witnessed many transformation and development works over the years, is today the gateway of the region to the world.

You can travel between Graz Airport and the city centre by bus, train and car rental. Train journeys between the airport and city center take 11 minutes and is the most convenient way to travel between the airport and city centre. There is a bus stop outside of the arrival's hall of the airport and the buses coincide with the departure and arrival times of the flights. Car rental companies can be found at the airport and they are the best way to get the most out of your trip to Graz. Remember that in peak season it's always best to book your car rental in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Graz

How long is the flight from Antalya to Graz?

Approximately 2 hrs. 40 minutes

Are the flights to Graz direct?

Yes, all flights with Corendon Airlines are direct.

How many days should I spend in Graz?

Graz is excellent to visit as a city break but, we would recommend no less than 3 days.

What's the best way to get around Graz?

The best and most convenient way to travel around is by car rental.

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