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Located in Austria, Salzburg is the birthplace of the classical music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and, therefore, is considered a city of music. It is not a very big place and has preserved its historical structure so well that when you visit the city, you find yourself on a journey toward Mozart's youth. In this Salzburg travel guide we have prepared for you, you can find information about Salzburg history, weather, cuisine, and sightseeing attractions worth visiting.

Feature / Location

One of the most important cities for Classical music / At the foot of the Alps on the banks of the Salzach River




Summers are comfortable and rainy from time to time; winters are cold, snowy and partly cloudy

Time Zone



Salzburg Airport


Visit the historical places; discover the beautiful gardes; listen some live classical music

Austria Salzburg is one of the most characteristic cities of Europe with its architecture and atmosphere. It is a green city built at the foot of the Alps, on the banks of the Salzach River. Wandering around the streets of Altstadt Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, witnessing history with its buildings reflecting Baroque architectural features, conquers the tourists' hearts quickly. Salzburg is also only 150 km from Munich, Germany, so while planning your trip to Salzburg, you may want to include Munich in your travel list as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Salzburg

Where can I stay in Salzburg?

First of all, visiting Salzburg for a day-long excursion is always an option so that you can plan your holiday centered on a bigger city such as Vienna or Munich. For those who wish to stay in Salzburg for a few days, there are plenty of Salzburg hotels close to the Old Town region, between the Hauptbahnhof and the University of Salzburg.

What are some of the best places for shopping in Salzburg?

The Getreidegasse, which runs parallel to the river in the city's center, is usually considered the best spot for shopping - especially tourist-wise. Since it is located between the Toy Museum and the house where Mozart was born, it is impossible to miss it during your sightseeing tour. In addition, Alter Markt Square, located in the old bazaar street, is the local market that Salzburg residents have been coming by since ancient times.

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Salzburg History

It is safe to say that very few cities depend so much on their heritage for income, as does modern Salzburg. However, the history which suffuses every breath and step taken in this city's streets and its province's hills is a complex one that merits closer attention. Provincial pride and Catholic tradition lie behind the centuries of conflict and ambivalence that survive as Salzburg's shadow. Despite its representation as quintessentially Austrian, the town is, in fact, only a late addition to the Austrian lands, being acquired by the Habsburgs in 1816 after the Congress of Vienna.

Salzburg Cuisine

Anyone who has visited Austria even once knows that this beautiful country is famous for its cafe culture. Although not as much as Vienna, the capital of cafes, Salzburg has had its share of this culture as well. These cafes pose as a great option to grab a snack at any time of the day. Although there are not many flavors unique to Salzburg, the "Salzburger Nockerl" is an essential one you should try. Refrain from expecting a light dessert coming your way since behind its recipe lies the pasta-heavy Italian dish, ravioli. To create the Salzburger Nockerl, Austrian chefs cook the vanilla and sugar dough in the form of one large ravioli, add whipped cream, and serve it with fresh and delightful raspberry sauce. Another flavor unique to the city is Mozartkugeln, or "Mozart balls." It consists of chocolate-covered almond paste, also known as marzipan. Cafe Fürst first manufactured this dessert in 1884, then other brands followed. Since we are on topic, Cafe Fürst is located on the corner of Residenzplatz, very close to the DomQuartier, and is another tourist-friendly cafe that is worthwhile your time. Speaking of popular cafes and restaurants in Salzburg, Cafe Tomaselli is another suitable place to take a break in Salzburg and have a piece of dessert or a cup of coffee. Cafe Tomaselli claims to be the oldest cafe in Salzburg and is located on the same street as Cafe Fürst, at quite a central point. A traveler's tip: when ordering coffee in one of Salzburg's cafes, make sure to order a "Brauner" instead of familiar tastes such as an Americano or Latte in order to get a taste of what the Austrians traditionally prefer. In addition, let us remind you that in Austria, filter coffee comes with a small amount of milk already in it. Things to do in Salzburg never end, with another must-try taste of Salzburg being beer. Beer has been brewed in Salzburg for more than 600 years, resulting in an array of tradition-rich beers and breweries with a long history. Salzburg is usually considered the beer capital of Austria and with good reason. Eleven breweries in and around the city reflect the impressive variety of opportunities available to beer fans. Salzburg gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the multifaceted world of beer, from "Stiegl" and Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln, to the Weissbierbrauerei, and even those microbreweries that produce beer only for their own guests.

Salzburg Population

Located at the northern tip of the Alps, Salzburg has a population of 150,000. It is the 4th largest city in Austria after Vienna, Graz, and Linz.

Salzburg Weather

In Salzburg, the winter season especially can be quite cold. Even during the summer, the average temperature is around 18 degrees, and the highest temperature you can encounter is no more than 24. Therefore, experts recommend visiting Salzburg sometime between May and September, ideally July and August, for a comfortable journey weatherwise. Salzburg is literally buried in snow in winter, and it rains quite frequently during the other months, including midsummer. When the sun comes out, you definitely come across a splendidly beautiful view thanks to picturesque light rays beaming down its history-rich streets. Local Austrians insistently claim that the best Salzburg weather emerges the first two weeks of September, which means you can try and book your flights to Salzburg during this time of year.

22 C Few Clouds
TODAY Sep 26, Tue
  • Sep 27, Wed 24 Scattered Clouds
  • Sep 28, Thu 23 Overcast Clouds
  • Sep 29, Fri 24 Broken Clouds
  • Sep 30, Sat 19 Overcast Clouds
  • Oct 1, Sun 23 Few Clouds

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