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Central Europe's historically rich country: Austria

Austria, a continental state in the southern part of Central Europe, includes parts of the Eastern Alps and the Danube basin and borders the Mediterranean region. Located in the core of Europe, Austria has a wide variety of climates, landscapes and vegetation. Due to its geographical position, it has been a crossroads of communication between the major economic and cultural areas of Europe since time immemorial. The official language of Austria is German. The currency of Austria is the euro.

Austria Population

Austria has 8,979,894 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2022). The average population density is 108.8 inhabitants per km² (2022).

Culture in Austria 

There is something magical about inspiration, this elusive entity that escapes when we try to grasp it. It is inspiration that decides whether or not to give us precious moments of creativity. It cannot be forced. However, there are places where inspiration comes more easily than others. Austria is full of such places. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for example, found inspiration in the romantic old town of Salzburg and in the cafés of Vienna. The painter Gustav Klimt was inspired by the magical light show at Lake Attersee, and Sigmund Freud, the “Christopher Columbus of the soul”, used hiking in the Alps to free his mind and make room for the revolutionary discoveries that made him world-famous. The Austria narrated by Elfriede Jelinek won her several awards, including the Nobel Prize for Literature. When it comes to today’s Austrian Music, it comes in many shapes and forms, from Falco to Christina Stürmer. If you want to see a good example of Austrian Architecture, pay a visit to palaces in Salzburg and Vienna. You will not regret it.

Austria Cuisine

Typical Austrian foods are, of course, Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad, roast pork with sauerkraut and dumplings, roast onion with fried potatoes, smoked meat with cabbage and dumplings, Styrian root meat and Blunzengröstl, to name a few.

Desserts include Viennese apple strudel, apricot dumplings, pancakes, Kaiserschmarrn, Buchteln, Nusskipferl, etc. As you can see, Austrian cuisine offers something for everyone. Austrian recipes were shaped by the imperial and royal monarchy of Austria-Hungary. Austrian food has something for everyone. You should give Wiener Schnitzel a try at one of the many restaurants in Austria.

Austria Weather

Austria is located in a temperate climate zone in the Northern Hemisphere. In short, there is a warm to cool temperate climate. As Austria is centrally located in Europe, it falls into the transitional area between the oceanic (Atlantic) and the continental climate.

Most Important Cities in Austria


The Capital of Austria, Vienna is located in the east of the country, in the heart of the Danube Valley. This river, which inspired Johann Strauss to compose his famous waltz, bathes the city and adds a romantic touch, but the Wien (Vienna) river also flows through the Austrian capital to Schönbrunn Palace. There are plenty of Michelin Star restaurants in Vienna.

One of the most well-known activities in Vienna is visiting Vienna Zoo.

If you’re into opera, you should see the Vienna State Opera, but make sure that you book your ticket for the event. You can book your flight to Vienna easily on


Graz is one of the most popular cities in Austria, being the second-largest city in the country.

Although it’s an old city, it offers a lot of attractive places to visit. Being steeped in continental culture, the style of the city gives it a very pleasant atmosphere.

The city has a beautiful and very interesting historic centre, which will help you get to know it better, and its people are very charming, making it a great place to visit and have a good time with friends and family. There are plenty of activities in Graz. You should also give the local restaurants in Graz a try.

You will be able to visit each one of its attractions with no worries, since the city is completely accessible and easy to move around. All the necessary means of transport for moving from one place to another are available, so there is no inconvenience. Your flight to Graz is just a click away on

Frequently asked questions about Austria

1. Are flight prices to Austria high?

You can fly to many destinations in Austria at very reasonable prices, provided that you book in advance. In summer, prices may be slightly more expensive than in winter. 

2. How can I book my flight tickets to Austria?

You can book your tickets easily on

3. What is Austria famous for?

Austria is a country with a variety of different landscapes: many lakes invite you to swim, the Alps are ideal for mountain tours, and in the cities there are museums, cinemas, etc. along with cafes where you can relax from your studies.

4. Where is Austria located?

Austria is a continental country bordered by Germany to the northwest, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the northeast, Hungary to the east, Slovenia to the southeast, Italy to the southwest, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.