Flights to Adana

Adana, one of the most striking cities in Turkey, is an important holiday destination. Due to its history, nature and food culture Adana has a large appeal and flight tickets to this city can be booked on Corendon Airlines’ internet site. Also you can visit and learn about Adana with a direct flight arriving on Şakirpaşa airport. Have a good journey!

Flights to Adana for a price starting from €57.99

  • Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)Adana Sakirpasa Airport (ADA)
    Departure Date 22.09.2020

    from €57.99
  • Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)Adana Sakirpasa Airport (ADA)
    Departure Date 18.08.2020

    from €57.99
  • Hannover Airport (HAJ)Adana Sakirpasa Airport (ADA)
    Departure Date 23.10.2020

    from €57.99
  • Nuremberg Airport (NUE)Adana Sakirpasa Airport (ADA)
    Departure Date 21.09.2020

    from €57.99


Adana Holiday

The history of this city goes back 5000 years. Throughout its entire history Adana was the center of the Çukurova region and nowadays it still holds an important position. Most people associate the word “Adana” with food, but this city has also a deep rooted history and beautiful nature to offer. It is the sixth most important city in Turkey and it is one of the few cities suited for a holiday in any season of the year. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, flies you comfortably and relaxed to Adana to explore this city.
Adana holiday hint: If you want to spend a few days in Adana during a Turkey holiday, then avoid the summer months. It is better to prefer the spring months of April and May, or select the end of the summer for a stay.

Find Cheap Adana Flight Tickets 

On Corendon Airlines’ internet site you can find advantageous priced Adana flight tickets for any desired date. On the site there are for example Adana tickets listed, departing from Münster, enabling you to explore this city in any favoured season in a most economic way. Furthermore, you can have a look on our page where Adana ticket deals are listed. If you want to book a cheap Adana flight ticket, then it is important to book early and benefit from an important price advantage, or you can choose the most suitable last minute Adana flight ticket listed on Corendon Airlines’ site.

Adana Airport and Transportation          

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport was opened in 1937 and is since 1956 used for international flights. In 2015 this airport, for Adana city the entrance door to the world, processed more than 5 million travellers and this ascending line continues. Adana Şakirpaşa Airport is one of the airports in Turkey located very close to the city center. From Adana airport Corendon Airlines operates flights to and from Münster.

Adana Airport Transportation 

The transportation between Adana Şakirpaşa Airport and Adana city center, located at a distance of 3,5 kilometer, is arranged by busses, mini busses and transfer services. Transportation from the airport to the bus station and the train station in the city is easy. As the airport is located close to the city, you even could walk into the city. However, just outside the terminal building are busses 135, 159, 250 and 252 that will drive you to the city. Travellers arriving to Adana Şakirpaşa Airport with national or international flights can benefit 24/7 from the services of car rental companies. At the exits of the national and international terminal buildings are 24/7 taxi’s waiting to transport travellers.
Adana holiday hint: Adana Şakirpaşa Airport is especially important for the entire Çukurova region and cities such as Mersin, Tarsus, Ceyhan, Iskenderun and Osmaniye are therefore easy to access. You can use HAVAŞ busses to travel from Adana Airport to these cities. You also can travel by bus to the train station and continue your trip by train to other districts.

Adana Direct Flights

Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, operates from Münster city, speedy direct flights to Adana for advantageous prices. From Münster, a religious and trade center in Germany, there are once a week flights to Adana. With these flights between Germany and Adana, Corendon Airlines once again adds an important holiday destination to its Turkey flights.

Adana Suggestions

Adana especially stands out for its culture, history and nature and for all these fields of interest different holiday programmes can be planned. As for all cities, also for Adana applies that everyone should visit certain locations and should try delicacies. Things that should not miss during a Adana tour are:

Stone Bridge

The historic Stone Bridge is certainly worth a visit during a Adana holiday. This bridge is the symbol of Adana city. It dates back to Roman time and crosses the river Seyhan. The bridge is designed with 21 arches, of which 7 are underground, so that there are only 14 arches visible at the moment. When you cross the bridge and walk to the other side, enjoying the unique panorama, bear in mind that you cross the oldest bridge in the world, still used nowadays.

Historic Bell Tower 

The historic Bell Tower carries traces of Otoman architecture and it is the tallest bell tower in Turkey. After visiting the bell tower, you can continue to the Kazancılar Çarşı (bazaar), and visit this good example of a closed bazaar.

Great Mosque

The second biggest mosque in the city, the Great Mosque, has traces of Seljuk and Memluk architecture. This mosque is considered to be the masterpiece of the Ramazanoğular, a tribe that has ruled Adana and the region for more than twohundred years and they built the mosque in the 16th century. The mosque is world famous for its ceramic tiles and black/white marble inlays.
If you want to know more about the history of Adana then the Adana Etnographic Museum, the Archeological Museum and Atatürk Residence are worth a visit. For film lovers Adana has a Film Museum. Its history goes back to the forties of the past century, when the “Altın Koza Film Festival” used to be held in Adana. In the museum possessions of artists are on exhibit and therefore the museum is not only important for Adana, but as well as for the entire Turkish film industry. Although Adana has industrialized quickly, the city has succeeded to protect its nature, especially outside the Seyhan barrage.

Food culture

When the word “Adana” is spoken, everyone immediately associates it with “kebab”. It is impossible to resists the kebab-places that you can find on the corner of every street. Another delicacy is Şırdan (snack) and in the summer months Bici Bici (a dessert) is worth to try.
Adana holiday hint: Thanks to Adana’s mediterranean climate it is possible to swim in the sea until the beginning of october. Yumurtalık and Karataş are districts in Adana best suited for a sea holiday. There are historic buildings, that make this district especially suited for a cultural as well as a sea holiday.

Adana Accomodation

Adana is especially suited for holidays throughout the year and it offers accommodation for every budget and to everyone’s preference. When you are searching for accommodation and your choice is budget bound, have a look at Adana hotel and ticketdeals and concentrate on small hotels in the city center. With an early reservation you could realize an important price advantage. From the city center, other locations in Adana are easily accessible and therefore you could benefit from accommodationdeals in this part of the city. Hotels in the districts Yüreğir and Seyhan are easiliy accessible and offer a luxe choice.


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