During the flight

There might be a few things that need your attention during the flight. You can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers here.

Baggage operations


Flight times reported in the flight schedule are not an integral part of the transport contract. It can vary between the date of publication and the date of booking or travel. Corendon Airlines will inform you about the current scheduled flight time before accepting your reservation request.

Unless the exact flight time is specified when making the reservation, Corendon Airlines is obliged not to start the flight at a predetermined departure time, but to carry out the transportation on the day specified on the reservation.

As soon as the flight times become exact, you will be informed by Corendon Airlines. Corendon Airlines will endeavour to keep changes in flight hours at a minimum level and keep you informed of changes as early as possible. Announced flight times may be subject to reasonable changes due to flight operation reasons.

Corendon Airlines is authorised to change the aircraft, to transfer the transportation business to the third party in whole or in part, provided that it remains responsible in the future for the booked transportation.

If we need to make a change to the aircraft/airline you are travelling with, we will inform you of the change and the new airline carrier as soon as possible, this may include whilst you are boarding the aircraft.

Smoking is not permitted on any flight including the use of E-cigarettes.

According to the regulation (SHY_IPC) on administrative fines to be imposed by by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation published in the Official Gazette on 29.01.2013, it is the information regarding fines to be applied to the passengers who violate certain rules on our flights as of 01.01.2014.

Unruly passengers are those who may act in such a way to endanger the safety/security of the aircraft, other passengers and crew members. Examples of unruly passengers are those passengers showing such behaviour that is disruptive, abusive, indicates intoxication of alcohol or other substances, harassment to crew or other passengers, violating smoking restrictions, disobeying safety and security regulations including all related instructions given by the crew.

In the event that the non-compliant passenger continues to commit one of the violations determined in this Regulation despite repeated warnings, further security measures (including restraint) will be taken concerning the passenger as defined in national / international laws and procedures by the approval of National Civil Aviation Authority.

Additionally, if the unruly passenger continues to maintain this unlawful behaviour, a fine shall be imposed on him in accordance with the regulations.

Apron is an aviation term. The areas designated for airplanes at airports are called aprons.

After airplanes take the parking positions in aprons, various operations such as refuelling, passenger drop-off and pick-up etc. are performed.

There are also some points to be considered in aprons.

  1. Smoking is prohibited in the apron.
  2. Care should be taken to ensure that no substances that can ignite or spark are available.
  3. Employees should pay attention to walking around the apron by wearing a reflective vest.

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